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Blush - (gochi) :: They smiled warmly at each other and a faint blush appeared on her cheeks

Brisk - (cyflym) :: She walked out of the ruin into the brisk breeze outside

Fluster - (fluster) :: Casey snapped out of her little daydream and answered in a fluster

Furious - (gynddeiriog) :: We were about to ask for a table for dinner but furious at being treated so rudely we just walked out

Propriety - (priodoldeb) :: One may verify and seek to replicate a published result another may exploit the reported methods materials and results in order to further proprietary research


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Soon - (cyn bo hir) :: Sometimes the people that you want to say things to are snatched away from the world too soon

Sore - (dolur) :: He was angry now sore as a skunk and with enough whisky inside him to keep Jim Beam going for ten years or so

Sorry - (Mae'n ddrwg) :: He let his eyes take in the sorry sight of the man and felt his anger recede a little

Sort - (didoli) :: Im not that sort of girl

Soul - (enaid) :: their interpretation lacked soul


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Nettle - (danadl poethion) :: Perhaps it nettled me so much because it was so close to the truth

Nexus - (cysylltiad) :: And here one of the things that we really focus on is sort of the nexus of the past and the present and how the past has come back basically to destroy the present because of what happened then

Noisome - (echryslon) :: Yes water would allow people to wash their hands and flush much of this noisomeness away

Nomadic - (crwydrol) ::


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Whoever (pwy bynnag) :: Try to have a good day today wherever you are whatever you do whoever is near if no one is near

Elevate (dyrchafu) :: The individuals are elevated to the position of subjects of history but in the process the historical specificity of their experience is to some extent sacrificed

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