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Yield - (cynnyrch) :: Chapelcross is Britains only producer of tritium a radioactive gas which is essential for boosting the explosive yield of nuclear bombs

Breeze - (awel) :: The weather for this ASR patrol was 75 degrees and sunny with a 10 knot breeze from the southwest

Dune - (twyni) :: It is generally agreed that the linear dunes in the Namib Sand Sea have extended from south to north

Farm - (fferm) :: a fish farm

God - (duw) ::


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Born - (eni) :: Dame Elizabeth was born to American parents and left London for Los Angeles when she was seven

Borrow - (benthyg) :: designers consistently borrow from the styles of preceding generations

Boss - (bos) :: While a fragmented helmet had been unusually wrought from one piece of iron the shield boss and sword pommel can only be paralleled by Swedish finds

Both - (ddau) :: Dickens and Joyce both were excellent writers

Bother - (trafferthu) :: In fact by the next election this should all be so automated that I wont even have to bother to show up


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Moribund - (marwaidd) :: A previous study showed that death followed the selected moribund symptoms by 1 day or less

Mundane - (cyffredin) :: The next day was as boring mundane unexciting humdrum dull tedious uneventful and monotonous as usual

Muse - (awen) :: It is difficult to make the transition from a muse to an artist


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Inherent (cynhenid) :: While these patterns are not inherent or permanent they are certainly not easy to do away with

Drench (drensh) :: They have two concentrated drenches for the control of Fluke amp worms in cattle

Pouch (pouch) :: I unzipped the side pouch on the bag and pulled out a new clip and loaded it

Buckler (Buckler) :: Inexcusably perhaps the entire vital element of seizures grappling disarms and use of the second hand or even daggers and bucklers is almost wholly ignored as if it never existed

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Noun :: , adfywiad, diogelwch, cynnal a chadw, animeiddio, hel atgofion, atgof, coffa
Meaning :: adfywiad, atgyfodiad, adnewyddu, , alien, ailenedigaeth
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