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Houseboat - (cwch preswyl) :: But we also want people who own houseboats to look at their own boats

Mariner - (morwr) :: A major government project intended to rescue mariners in the 21st century may be in some need of rescue itself

Spur - (sbardun) :: One difficulty is that improvements in technology spur improvements in armaments

Alight - (dân) :: I remember this painting setting me alight with inspiration 30 years ago

Car - (car) :: he was in the lift when the car stuck


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Guest - (gwestai) :: They invited a guest speaker a member of a nearby police departments SWAT team

Guide - (arwain) :: But the indexes serve as a rough guide to the appalling reality of the rising household expenses of the majority of English people in the Tudor period

Guilty - (yn euog) :: She subsequently pleaded guilty to and he was found guilty of possession of cannabis resin with intent to supply

Gun - (gwn) :: Then with a loud explosion the gun fired and smoke filled the tunnel


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Thwart - (rwystro) :: However thanks to smuggling piracy and trade with the New World England was able to thwart Napoleons plan

Tirade - (areithio llawn) :: She was used to Marias rants and tirades having picked her up from every session ever since she got a drivers license

Titter - (piffian chwerthin) :: I do like to giggle with the gigglers and titterers but moving off is always as much as a pleasure as arriving


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Standard (safonol) :: these are the standard texts for this course

Disable (analluogi) :: Recognizing this common structure as a structure of needdeprivation and capacity disablement thus brings to light a genuine commonality in the lives of the oppressed

Immaculate (berffaith) :: Their townhouse is immaculate with white walls and gleaming appliances in the small kitchen

Fortress (gaer) :: Modern day builders are building modern day fortresses to protect us from our fellow countrymen

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