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Acid - (asid) :: The bitterness and acid in his voice reassured me Peter was still in there but he was very very upset

Drive - (gyrru) :: As soon as he saw the gate in front of him he put the car into drive and started driving toward it

Gladden - (GLADDEN) :: Whittling something down to its essentials gladdens my editors heart

Loudmouth - (loudmouth) :: I have a lot of loudmouths working for me so I get feedback


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Personally - (yn bersonol) :: they had made conclusions without getting to know me personally

Persuade - (perswadio) :: Once again I have concluded that the evidence does not persuade me that this event occurred

Pet - (anifeiliaid anwes) :: In her words anyone who has owned and loved a pet would agree that in terms of emotional trauma watching the death of a pet is akin to losing a close relative

Phase - (cam) :: phase two of the development is in progress


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Perspicacious - (yn graff) :: If only our parents could have been perspicacious enough to see our talent and force us into showbiz

Pertain - (perthyn) :: Who can tell what sort of situation might be pertaining when it comes to that

Pertinent - (berthnasol) :: That Ill concede makes it at least slightly pertinent to the subject matter

Peruse - (ddarllen) :: But Michelle is no stranger to regular perusers of the pages of Britains redtops


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Aggressive (ymosodol) :: Facing the most aggressive and competitive media in the world spin is vital

Eternal (tragwyddol) :: McGeechan to his eternal credit I must say insists that you cannot blame the players but the current squad cant be exempted from criticism

Congenital (cynhenid) :: Some cases are due to congenital syndromes and others may be related to drug use such as steroids or marijuana

Nutria (nutria) :: Nutria fur never really caught on and after a few escaped into the Louisiana swamp they bred like crazy and are now ravaging wetlands around the country

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