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Fuzz - (Fuzz) :: Electronic fuzz oscillates in the background as Matters sways in and out of a lilting tune lines like We played hide and seek in waterfalls sharing the same melodic cadence as the album title

Parting - (rhaniad) :: In the film Olivers attempt to get Fagin to pray is overwhelmed by the emotional intensity of Fagins sense of parting from the young orphan he took in

Shear - (cneifio) :: And wool prices are so low it no longer pays to shear the sheep

Bob - (Bob) :: It may be worth a few bob in years to come but that was not the reason I bought it

Fuzzy - (fuzzy) :: By the looks of her fuzzy hair and her tired eyes it appears as though Stephanie fell asleep in the hospital


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Sting - (Sting) :: She found the poison sting still in his body and from the odour she knew that he had come to the child in the form of a scorpion

Stir - (tro) :: She did not feel even the slightest stir of love for him

Stock - (stoc) :: Rather than dumping its stock of surplus Jeeps into Manila Bay the American authorities released them to civilians

Stomach - (stumog) :: I cant stomach the selfrighteous attitude of some managers

Stone - (carreg) :: The temperature and the pace were so extreme that a passenger lost over half a stone in weight in the 40minute race


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Ineffable - (tu hwnt i eiriau) :: This philosophy replaces the ineffable mystery of God with the ineffable mystery of consciousness


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Dandelion (dant y llew) :: There are some plants we would rather did not flourish such as dandelions or Japanese knotweed

Homonym (homonym) :: Official codes of nomenclature continue to enforce this rule one name one species although rooting out synonyms and homonyms is a constant struggle

Lissome (lissome) :: It was personality made specific in sound and the music had a lissomeness and fluidity that jazz has mostly lost

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