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Christening - (bedydd) :: a christening robe

Ground - (ddaear) :: In spring you kill the vetch by simply cutting it close to the ground and then lay it in place on the beds

Playground - (maes chwarae) :: The brilliant playgrounds enjoyed by pupils at Burlington Infants School are enough to make you want to be three again

Minor - (mân) :: Against this kind of background the Northern Ireland situation is of much more minor importance


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Blind - (dall) :: Its steady amiable temperament makes it a dependable guide dog for the blind

Block - (bloc) :: We now have a box actually bag recycling scheme in our block for textiles paper cardboard glass and tins

Blood - (gwaed) :: This increased pressure compresses the arteries and veins decreasing blood flow to the muscles

Blow - (ergyd) :: Im ready to blow town


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Usurp (trawsfeddiannu) :: By transmitting the virus willingly one is usurping on others rights to life and happiness

Unaccomplished (unaccomplished) :: Nor was it that I felt that they are unaccomplished musicians

Larceny (ladrata) :: Twentynine others were arrested for outstanding warrants on charges of burglary larceny and malicious wounding

Exegesis (esboniadaeth) :: Thus it is more like a volume of patristic exegesis of Scripture than a modern work of history or theology

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Verb :: treiddio, fynd i mewn, mewnblaniad yn, morthwyl yn, rhoi, , mynd i mewn i, yn dod i mewn, ymyrryd, pasio, edau, ymdreiddio, meddiannu, gwasgaredig, ffon, rhedeg trwy, ewch allan, dod allan, dyfeisio, ennyn, deillio, wneud lle, esbonio, clir, sain
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