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Bundle - (bwndel) :: These luxury apartments may cost a bundle but certainly the path to finding God was never easier

Contact - (cysylltu) :: Patch test this test is used to find the allergen causing eczema or contact dermatitis

Draft - (drafft) :: Talk of reviving the military draft to supply enough troops for the war on terror is just that talk


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Yes - (ie) :: Of course yes certainly it was a chance to be associated with the games

Yesterday - (ddoe) :: This is a problem that has always bugged parents even since I was in school which is not today or yesterday

Yet - (eto) :: We do not care enough about our teachers and yet we entrust them with our future our youth

You - (chi) :: you got injured

Young - (ifanc) :: young tree


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Debacle - (chwalfa) :: What can I say after the debacles meltdowns by both Boston and Chicago in this weeks championship series

Debility - (wendid) :: And yet 40 percent of us will die after a period of protracted debility and feeble dementia stretching on average for some seven to 10 years


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Berserk (berserk) :: I was there at his first fashion show and people went berserk

Libido (libido) :: Sade championed a polymorphous view of erotic impulses in which heterosexuality was only one of many possible expressions of libidinal impulses just one fragment of the sexual spectrum available to human needs

Memory (cof) :: They dont even have the hard drive space and memory that regular laptops have

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Verb :: codi, tyfu, yn codi, deffro, dringo, dod oddi ar, gael ei eni, gwanwyn, yn dod i'r amlwg, gwrthryfel, dod o, tarddu, bridio, mynd i fyny, , effro, Dod I fyny, yn codi i fyny, esgyn, ymddangos, mater, yn cael ei ddatgelu, datgelu, datblygu, ehangu, blodeuo, lledaeniad
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