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Signal - (signal) :: they could signal displeasure by refusing to cooperate

Refresh - (adnewyddu) :: If you need to refresh your memory just read the previous chapter

Buzz - (buzz) :: The buzz of an alarm clock sounded through the room

Troubleshoot - (troubleshoot) :: A team of troubleshooters has been called into a York estate where nuisance youths have forced the community centre to shut up shop at night


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Fixed - (sefydlog) :: During this period fixed rate mortgages have increased by nearly half a point to 597

Flame - (fflam) :: It had an intricate silver flame painted onto the body and it almost seemed to be shaped like a flame

Flash - (fflach) :: We have had cars flash their lights and in the case of one van driver sound his horn just because we were keeping within the speed limit

Flat - (fflat) :: the tyre was flat


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Quagmire - (gors) :: One facet of this tragedy is the absence of visionary leadership capable of leading humanity out of its quagmire

Quaint - (hen ffasiwn) :: It was not until the next night in a quaint old bar in Amsterdam that the wonder of the whole trip hit me

Quandary - (cyfyng gyngor) :: I find myself in a quandary of sorts and wonder if you have any advice or insights you may be able to offer a youngish aspiring writer of fiction for the screen


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Legislature (deddfwrfa) :: Members of Congress and state legislatures cast thousands of votes on hundreds of bills each year

Elegy (farwnad) :: The biography then turns to extrafamilial influences including Surreys friendship with Henry Fitzroy the Earl of Richmond for whom he would invent the English sonnet in his Windsor elegies

Small (bach) :: He finished this speech in a small tone of voice that instantly mellowed my anger

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