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Minivan - (minivan) :: The Dodge brand was focused on trucks Jeep on SUVs and Chrysler on passenger vehicles including minivans

Rickshaw - (rickshaw) :: This will mean that no twostroke motorcycles rickshaws or delivery vans will be allowed to ply the roads of the metropolis

Shunt - (siyntio) :: Preliminary results appear promising fewer babies who have had surgery require shunts to drain fluid from their brains

Redcap - (redcap) :: After the redcaps sudden visit that sunny afternoon we knew why

Biplane - (ddwbl) :: The clumsy wirebraced cloth and wood biplanes that had characterized the early days of aviation quickly fell by the side of the runway as manufacturers began to build aircraft which could cash in on the sudden mania for high speed


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Beside - (wrth ochr) :: You only give respect to people who respect others beside themselves

Best - (gorau) :: In the ancient world gold was preferred as the best metal for making jewellery

Better - (gwell) :: Who controls the purse strings and what the people in the companies aim at will hopefully be the only change and for the better


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Patron - (noddwr) :: These achievements should be shared with our sponsors patrons and supporters

Patronize - (nawddoglyd) :: Is my sympathy condescending and patronizing

Paucity - (brinder) :: He bemoans the shortage of trained music teachers and a paucity of school music lessons


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Inland (mewndirol) :: Returning to Australia and discovering the inland in a series of visits as a journalist he idealised the virtues of the bushman

Grievance (cwyno) :: On the other hand if police are involved or a license is revoked the teacher will probably file a grievance with his union

Reflection (myfyrio) :: If she succeeds of course it will be a direct reflection of my influence and work

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