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herwgydio, herwgydiasit, herwgydia, herwgydiasid, herwgydiasent, herwgydiasem, herwgydiasech, herwgydiasant, herwgydiasai, herwgydiant, herwgydian, herwgydiaist, herwgydiais, herwgydiai, herwgydiaf, herwgydia’, lathruddan, herwgydiom, herwgydiasom, herwgydiaswn, herwgydid, herwgydiech, herwgydied, herwgydiem, herwgydien, herwgydient, herwgydier, herwgydies, herwgydiest, herwgydiet, herwgydiff, herwgydioch, herwgydiodd, lathruddent, herwgydion, herwgydiont, herwgydir, herwgydith, herwgydiwch, herwgydiwn, herwgydiwyd, herwgydiwyf, herwgydiych, lathrudda, lathrudda’, lathruddaf, lathruddai, lathruddais, lathruddaist, lathrudden, lathruddant, lathruddasai, lathruddasant, lathruddasech, lathruddasem, lathruddasent, lathruddasid, lathruddasit, lathruddasoch, lathruddasom, lathruddaswn, lathruddech, lathrudded, lathruddem, herwgydi, llathruddasech, lathruddes, lathruddest, lathruddet, lathruddi, lathruddid, lathruddiff, lathruddir, lathruddith, lathruddo, lathruddoch, lathruddodd, lathruddom, lathruddon, lathruddont, llathruddasent, lathrudder, llathruddasant, llathruddasai, llathruddant, llathruddan, llathruddaist, lathruddwch, llathruddai, llathruddaf, llathrudda’, llathrudda, lathruddych, lathruddwyf, lathruddwyd, lathruddwn, llathruddais, llathruddid, llathruddasid, llathruddasit, llathruddasoch, llathruddasom, llathruddaswn, llathruddech, llathrudded, llathruddem, llathrudden, llathruddent, llathrudder, llathruddes, llathruddest, llathruddet, llathruddasem, herwgydiasoch, llathruddiff, llathruddir, llathruddith, llathruddo, llathruddoch, llathruddodd, llathruddom, llathruddon, llathruddont, llathruddwch, llathruddwn, llathruddwyd, llathruddwyf, llathruddych, llathruddiherwgydio, llathruddo
Abduct :
- abductcipiogipioabductorabducts

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Verb(1) take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom(2) pull away from the body

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(1) In the shoulder girdle, the serratus anterior and pectoralis minor muscles contract to abduct the scapula on the up phase.(2) A failed attempt to abduct a legislator's son came to light yesterday, sending shock waves though the legislature's staff.(3) The gluteus medius and minimus abduct and rotate the hip internally.(4) Even if it was a mistake to abduct her children following the trial, the children should not be punished for her mistake.(5) Traffickers also kidnap and abduct their victims.(6) The superior rectus and inferior rectus muscles abduct the eye.(7) It has been alleged that the person who attempted to abduct the girl was a serving member of the force.(8) Families who want to marry off their daughters without paying a dowry often hire criminals to abduct eligible boys and force them into wedlock, the paper said.(9) The dorsal interossei abduct the toes from this axis.(10) A new law took effect last year that makes it illegal to abduct young girls and force them into marriage.(11) Young men with poor marriage prospects might attempt to abduct a woman and force her into marriage.(12) During one such break-in, they find themselves forced to abduct him and take him into the mountains.(13) They said that children who tried to escape were usually captured by other abducted children.(14) A woman who alleged she was abducted and raped is no longer helping detectives investigating the attack.(15) To prove loyalty to the cause, abducted children are often forced to kill family members or each other.(16) The arrest was a seizure by seven armed men dressed in civilian clothes who abducted him in an unlicensed car.
Related Words
1. kidnap ::
2. carry off ::
cario i ffwrdd
3. seize ::
4. capture ::
6. make off with ::
gwneud i ffwrdd gyda
7. spirit away ::
ysbryd i ffwrdd
8. snatch ::
9. shanghai ::
Different Forms
abduct, abducted, abducting, abductor, abductors, abducts
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