English to Welsh Meaning :: accumulate

grynhoi, crynhoi, crynhô, crynhoesant, crynhoa, crynhoaf, crynhoai, crynhoais, crynhoaist, crynhoant, crynhôch, crynhodd, crynhoir, crynhoed, crynhoem, crynhoent, crynhoeoch, crynhoeon, crynhoer, crynhoesai, crynhoesem, crynhoesech, chrynhoaist, crynhoesent, crynhoesid, crynhoesit, crynhoesoch, crynhoesom, crynhoeswn, crynhoet, crynhof, crynhoech, crynhoia, crynhoia’, crynhoian, crynhoid, crynhoien, crynhoies, crynhoiest, crynhoiodd, crynhowyd, crynhowyf, crynhois, crynhoist, crynhoiwch, crynhoiwn, crynhôm, crynhônt, crynhowch, crynhown, crynho, chrynhoeswn, crynhoych, chrynho, chrynhô, chrynhoa, chrynhoaf, chrynhoai, chrynhoais, chrynhoer, chrynhôch, chrynhodd, chrynhoech, chrynhoed, chrynhoem, chrynhoent, chrynhoeoch, chrynhoeon, chrynhoesai, chrynhoant, chrynhoesant, chrynhoesech, chrynhoesem, chrynhoesent, chrynhoesid, chrynhoesit, chrynhoesoch, grynhoeoch, chrynhoet, chrynhof, chrynhoi, chrynhoï, chrynhoia, chrynhoia’, chrynhoian, chrynhoid, chrynhoien, chrynhoies, chrynhoiest, chrynhoiodd, chrynhoir, chrynhois, chrynhoist, chrynhoiwch, chrynhoiwn, chrynhôm, grynhoai, grynhoaf, chrynhown, chrynhowyd, chrynhowyf, chrynhoych, grynho, grynhô, grynhoa, chrynhowch, chrynhônt, grynhoais, grynhoaist, grynhoant, grynhôch, grynhodd, grynhoech, grynhoed, grynhoem, grynhoent, grynhoesid, chrynhoesom, grynhoeon, grynhoer, grynhoesai, grynhoesant, grynhoesech, grynhoesem, grynhoesent, grynhoych, grynhoesit, grynhoesoch, grynhoesom, grynhoeswn, grynhoet, grynhof, grynhoï, grynhoia, grynhoist, grynhoiwch, grynhoian, grynhoid, grynhoien, grynhoies, grynhoiest, grynhoiodd, grynhoir, grynhois, crynhoï, grynhoia’, grynhoiwn, grynhôm, grynhônt, grynhowch, grynhown, grynhowyd, grynhowyfcrynhoi, nghrynhoi
Accumulate :
- cronnicronedigcronnicronni

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Verb(1) get or gather together(2) collect or gather

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(1) Toxins accumulate faster, and viruses and bacteria grow more quickly, in a body that is not adequately warmed.(2) Some of the original slips are now being used in preparing new entries, as the words they illustrate finally accumulate enough evidence for inclusion.(3) These toxins accumulate in the fat of fish, the source of fish oil.(4) Everyone on the show has a high income, and most of them have had that high income for long enough to accumulate a good deal of wealth.(5) They rarely earn enough to accumulate significant wealth, but want to minimise financial insecurity, so are a good market for insurance products.(6) her goal was to accumulate a huge fortune(7) Cool Blue Method's recent goal is to accumulate a little cash by planting trees, a feat which only twin brothers Josh and Ben are attempting at the moment.(8) He set up an international investment fund that started to accumulate a large fortune.(9) As a result they accumulate in the tissues of living beings such as fish, meat and in turn to the dairy products.(10) And so as any mindful woman might in this accommodating world, I was able to accumulate a fortune.(11) investigators have yet to accumulate enough evidence(12) This particular period seems to be the exact timing when the seed starts to accumulate a huge amount of starch in the endosperm.(13) When the rate of absorption exceeds the rate of elimination, toxins accumulate in the body.(14) Fluid in the lymph vessels can become sluggish, which can cause toxins to accumulate .(15) Gaidarski said that prosecutors should investigate how hospitals managed to accumulate such huge debts.(16) If inhaled continuously these toxins accumulate in the body leading to serious health problems.
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1. gather ::
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3. diminish ::
4. dwindle ::
yn lleihau
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6. recede ::
7. wane ::
Different Forms
accumulate, accumulated, accumulates, accumulating
English to Welsh Dictionary: accumulate

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