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cytuno, gydsynio, cydgordio, cydsynied, cyd-weld, chyd-fynd, chydsynied, chydsynio, chyd-weld, cyd-fynd, gydsynied, gyd-weld, nghyd-fynd, nghydgordio, nghydsynied, nghydsynio, nghyd-weld, nghytuno, gyd-fyndcytuno, gytuno, chytuno, cydgordia, cydgordiasem, cydgordia’, cydgordiaf, cydgordiai, cydgordiais, cydgordiaist, cydgordian, cydgordiant, cydgordiasai, cydgordiasant, cydgordiasech, cydgordient, cydgordiasent, cydgordiasid, cydgordiasit, cydgordiasoch, cydgordiasom, cydgordiaswn, cydgordid, cydgordiech, cydgordied, cydgordiem, cydgordien, cydgordier, cytunasech, cydwelo, cydgordies, cydgordiest, cydgordiet, cydgordiff, cydgordio, cydgordioch, cydgordiodd, cydgordiom, cydgordion, cydgordiont, cydgordir, cydgordith, cydgordiwch, cydgordiwn, cydgordiwyd, cydgordiwyf, cydgordiych, cydwela, cydwela’, cydwelaf, cydwelai, cydwelais, cydwelen, cydwelant, cydwelasai, cydwelasech, cydwelasem, cydwelasent, cydwelasid, cydwelasit, cydwelaswn, cydwelech, cydweled, cydweloch, cydwelan, cydwelent, cydweler, cydweles, cydwelest, cydwelet, cydweli, cydwelid, cydweliff, cydwelir, cydwelith, cytunon, cydwelych, cydwelom, cydwelon, cydwelont, cydwelsant, cydwelsoch, cydwelsom, cydwelson, cydwelwch, cydwelwn, cydwelwyd, cydwelaist, cydwelodd, cytuna, cytuna’, cytunaf, cytunai, cytunais, cytunaist, cytunan, cytunant, cytunasai, cytunasant, cydwelwyf, cytuner, cytunasent, cytunasid, cytunasit, cytunasoch, cytunasom, cytunaswn, cytunech, cytuned, cytunem, cytunen, cytunom, cytunasem, cytunes, cytunest, cytunet, cytuni, cytunid, cytuniff, cytunir, cytunith, cytunoch, cytunodd, cytunent, chydgordiais, cytunont, cytunwch, cytunwn, cytunwyd, cytunwyf, cytunych, chydgordi, chydgordia, chydgordia’, chydgordiaf, cydgordi, chydgordiych, chydgordiaist, chydgordian, chydgordiant, chydgordiasai, chydgordiasant, chydgordiasech, chydgordiasem, chydgordiasent, chydgordiasid, chydgordiasit, chydgordiai, chydgordiff, chydgordiaswn, chydgordid, chydgordiech, chydgordied, chydgordiem, chydgordien, chydgordient, chydgordier, chydgordies, chydgordiest, chydgordiwyf, chydgordiasom, chydgordio, chydgordioch, chydgordiodd, chydgordiom, chydgordion, chydgordiont, chydgordir, chydgordith, chydgordiwch, chydgordiwn, chydgordiwyd, chydwelasent, chydwela, chydwela’, chydwelaf, chydwelai, chydwelais, chydwelaist, chydwelan, chydwelant, chydwelasai, chydwelasech, chydgordiasoch, chydgordiet, chydwelasid, chydwelasit, chydwelaswn, chydwelech, chydweled, chydwelem, chydwelen, chydwelent, chydweler, chydweles, chydwelasem, chydwelsant, chydwelet, chydweli, chydwelid, chydweliff, chydwelir, chydwelith, chydwelo, chydweloch, chydwelodd, chydwelom, chydwelon, chytunai, chytunasoch, chydwelsoch, chydwelsom, chydwelson, chydwelwch, chydwelwn, chydwelwyd, chydwelwyf, chydwelych, chytuna, chytuna’, chytunaf, chytuni, chytunais, chytunaist, chytunan, chytunant, chytunasai, chytunasant, chytunasech, chytunasem, chytunasent, chytunasid, chytunasit, chydwelont, chytunasom, chytunaswn, chytunech, chytuned, chytunem, chytunen, chytunent, chytuner, chytunes, chytunest, gydgordiodd, chytunwyd, chytunid, chytuniff, chytunir, chytunith, chytunoch, chytunodd, chytunom, chytunon, chytunont, chytunwch, gydgordiasai, gydgordiech, chytunwyf, chytunych, gydgordi, gydgordia, gydgordia’, gydgordiaf, gydgordiai, gydgordiais, gydgordiaist, gydgordian, chytunwn, gydgordiant, chytunet, gydgordiasant, gydgordiasech, gydgordiasem, gydgordiasent, gydgordiasid, gydgordiasit, gydgordiasoch, gydgordiasom, gydgordiaswn, gydgordid, gytunaist, gydgordied, gydgordiem, gydgordien, gydgordient, gydgordier, gydgordies, gydgordiest, gydgordiet, gydgordiff, gydgordio, gydgordioch, gydwelaf, gydgordiom, gydgordion, gydgordiont, gydgordir, gydgordith, gydgordiwch, gydgordiwn, gydgordiwyd, gydgordiwyf, gydgordiych, gydwela, gydwelasit, gydwelid, gydwelai, gydwelais, gydwelaist, gydwelan, gydwelant, gydwelasai, gydwelasech, gydwelasem, gydwelasent, gydwelasid, gydwela’, chydwelest, gydwelaswn, gydwelech, gydweled, gydwelem, gydwelen, gydwelent, gydweler, gydweles, gydwelest, gydwelet, gydweli, gytuned, gydweliff, gydwelir, gydwelith, gydwelo, gydweloch, gydwelodd, gydwelom, gydwelon, gydwelont, gydwelsant, gydwelsoch, gytunan, gydwelwch, gydwelwn, gydwelwyd, gydwelwyf, gydwelych, gytuna, gytuna’, gytunaf, gytunai, gytunais, gytunech, gydwelson, gytunant, gytunasai, gytunasant, gytunasech, gytunasem, gytunasent, gytunasid, gytunasit, gytunasoch, gytunasom, gytunaswn, gytunith, gytunem, gytunen, gytunent, gytuner, gytunes, gytunest, gytunet, gytuni, gytunid, gytuniff, gydwelsom, cydwelem, gytunoch, gytunodd, gytunom, gytunon, gytunont, gytunwch, gytunwn, gytunwyd, gytunwyf, gytunych, gytunir
Agree :
- cytunocytunwydcytunoyn cytuno

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Verb(1) be in accord; be in agreement(2) consent or assent to a condition, or agree to do something(3) be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics(4) go together(5) show grammatical agreement(6) be agreeable or suitable(7) achieve harmony of opinion, feeling, or purpose

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(1) they couldn't agree whether he was guilty or not(2) the cheques and invoices must agree(3) The meeting is a negotiation, to bring these different goals together and to agree them.(4) I'm not sure I agree with abortion(5) the writer made the verb agree with the subject(6) I completely agree with your recent editorial(7) After all, does anyone go to a blog for a discussion of issues that most people agree on?(8) I don't agree with random drugs testing in schools(9) I agree that consumers are always right(10) your body language does not agree with what you are saying(11) Strikes have been put off until the end of February to give negotiators a chance to agree a deal.(12) she's eaten something which did not agree with her(13) Not only that, but it can vehemently divide people who otherwise agree on most issues.(14) After negotiation, we agree a set of terms under which the autopsy will be performed.(15) she won't agree to do this(16) This is the underlying issue which campaigners agree must be tackled in years to come.
Related Words
1. concur ::
2. consent to ::
caniatâd i
4. settle on ::
setlo ar
5. concord ::
6. accord ::
7. gibe ::
1. differ ::
yn wahanol
2. disagree ::
Different Forms
agree, agreed, agreeing, agrees
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