English to Welsh Meaning :: aim

nod, haneliadau, aneliadau, annel, bryd, brydiau, bwrpas, bwrpasau, diben, dibenion, ddiben, ddibenion, ergyd, ergydion, fryd, frydiau, aneliad, hannel, hergyd, hergydion, mhwrpas, mhwrpasau, mryd, mrydiau, niben, nibenion, pwrpas, pwrpasau, phwrpas, phwrpasau, haneliadanelu, amcanu, cynnig, ergydio, nghynnig, hamcanu, hanelu, hergydioamcanasent, amcanaf, amcanai, amcanais, amcanaist, amcanan, amcanant, amcanasai, amcanasant, amcanasech, amcanent, amcana’, amcanasid, amcanasit, amcanasoch, amcanasom, amcanaswn, amcanech, amcaned, amcanem, amcanen, amcanasem, amcanom, amcaner, amcanes, amcanest, amcanet, amcani, amcaniff, amcanith, amcano, amcanoch, anelwyd, aneled, amcanon, amcanont, amcanwch, amcanwn, amcanwyd, amcanwyf, amcenais, amcenaist, amceni, amcanodd, anelech, amcenir, amcenwch, amcenych, anela, anela’, anelaf, anelai, anelais, anelaist, anelan, aneliff, anelasai, anelasant, anelasech, anelasem, anelasent, anelasid, anelasit, anelasoch, anelasom, anelaswn, anelir, anelem, anelen, anelent, aneler, aneles, anelest, anelet, aneli, anelid, amcenid, chynigian, anelith, anelo, aneloch, anelodd, anelom, anelon, anelont, anelwch, anelwn, cynigiasai, anelych, cynigi, cynigia, cynigia’, cynigiaf, cynigiai, cynigiais, cynigiaist, cynigian, cynigid, anelwyf, cynigiasant, cynigiasech, cynigiasem, cynigiasent, cynigiasid, cynigiasit, cynigiasoch, cynigiasom, cynigiaswn, cynigiant, cynigio, cynigiech, cynigied, cynigiem, cynigien, cynigient, cynigier, cynigies, cynigiest, cynigiet, amcana, chynigid, cynigioch, cynigiodd, cynigiom, cynigion, cynigiont, cynigir, cynigith, cynigiwch, cynigiwn, cynigiff, chynigiaswn, cynigiwyf, cynigiych, cynnig, chynigi, chynigia, chynigia’, chynigiaf, chynigiai, chynigiais, chynigiaist, chynigiff, chynigiant, chynigiasai, chynigiasant, chynigiasech, chynigiasem, chynigiasent, chynigiasid, chynigiasit, chynigiasoch, chynigiasom, chynigio, chynigiech, chynigied, chynigiem, chynigien, chynigient, chynigier, chynigies, chynigiest, chynigiet, cynigiwyd, anelant, chynigioch, chynigiodd, chynigiom, chynigiont, chynigir, chynigith, chynigiwch, chynigiwn, chynigiwyd, ergydiasai, chynnig, ergydi, ergydia, ergydia’, ergydiaf, ergydiai, ergydiais, ergydiaist, ergydian, ergydid, chynigiych, ergydiasant, ergydiasech, ergydiasem, ergydiasent, ergydiasid, ergydiasit, ergydiasoch, ergydiasom, ergydiaswn, ergydiant, ergydio, ergydiech, ergydied, ergydiem, ergydien, ergydient, ergydier, ergydies, ergydiest, ergydiet, gynigiych, gynigiech, ergydioch, ergydiodd, ergydiom, ergydion, ergydiont, ergydir, ergydith, ergydiwch, ergydiwn, ergydiff, gynigid, ergydiwyf, ergydiych, gynigi, gynigia, gynigia’, gynigiaf, gynigiai, gynigiais, gynigiaist, gynigian, gynigio, gynigiasai, gynigiasant, gynigiasech, gynigiasem, gynigiasent, gynigiasid, gynigiasit, gynigiasoch, gynigiasom, gynigiaswn, gynigioch, gynigied, gynigiem, gynigien, gynigient, gynigier, gynigies, gynigiest, gynigiet, gynigiff, ergydiwyd, hanelaist, gynigiodd, gynigiom, gynigiont, gynigir, gynigith, gynigiwch, gynigiwn, gynigiwyd, gynigiwyf, hamcanasech, hamcana, hamcana’, hamcanaf, hamcanai, hamcanais, hamcanaist, hamcanan, hamcanant, hamcanasai, hamcanem, gynnig, hamcanasem, hamcanasent, hamcanasid, hamcanasit, hamcanasoch, hamcanasom, hamcanaswn, hamcanech, hamcaned, hamcanasant, hamcanoch, hamcanen, hamcanent, hamcaner, hamcanes, hamcanest, hamcanet, hamcani, hamcaniff, hamcanith, chynigiwyf, hanelaswn, hamcanodd, hamcanom, hamcanon, hamcanont, hamcanwch, hamcanwn, hamcanwyd, hamcanwyf, hamcenais, hamcano, hanelasom, hamceni, hamcenid, hamcenir, hamcenwch, hamcenych, hanela, hanela’, hanelaf, hanelai, hanelais, hanelo, hanelan, hanelant, hanelasai, hanelasant, hanelasech, hanelasem, hanelasent, hanelasid, hanelasit, hanelasoch, haneloch, hanelech, haneled, hanelem, hanelen, hanelent, haneler, haneles, hanelest, hanelet, hamcenaist, gynigiant, hanelodd, hanelom, hanelon, hanelont, hanelwch, hanelwn, hanelwyd, hanelwyf, hanelych
Aim :
- nodanelirAimeegan aneluddiamcan

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Noun(1) an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions(2) the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable(3) the action of directing something at an object(4) the direction or path along which something moves or along which it lies
Verb(1) point or cause to go (blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment(2) propose or intend(3) move into a desired direction of discourse(4) specifically design a product, event, or activity for a certain public(5) intend (something(6) direct (a remark(7) have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal

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(1) the aim of the workshop is to improve morale(2) If forced to fight, aim blows towards the neck and the groin.(3) Because actually your intention includes whatever you aim at achieving.(4) In his own work he's now studying large Venezuelan bombardiers to learn how the insects aim their weapons and to understand more about the glands involved.(5) Naturally we can take steps to preserve the Earth; we can aim at sustainability and undertake biological conservation, should we wish, but we have to be prepared to pay for it.(6) Its best-known uses have been in physics and engineering, on such problems as how to aim bombs more accurately.(7) Rather than choosing between an ensemble of key performance criteria, manufacturers should aim at achieving them all.(8) To hit such a difficult target takes steadiness of aim and cool judgment for the birds are over the guns and away in the distance in an instant, some flying at speeds of up to 70 mph.(9) I did have the compulsion, though to aim the camera towards the side of the room where the beds were.(10) his aim was perfect(11) The aim can be perfect, while a poor stroke causes the cueball to diverge off the intended path.(12) They showed us how to load the weapon and aim at the target.(13) his aim was perfect, and the guard's body collapsed backward(14) At its range of 150 kms the army is in no position to obtain the tactical picture to aim the missile.(15) our primary aim is to achieve financial discipline(16) aim for the middle of the target
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