English to Welsh Meaning :: air

aer, awyr, alaw, alawon, haer, halaw, halawon, hawyrwyntyllu, aerio, awyru, caledu, crasu, chaledu, chrasu, eirio, galedu, grasu, gwyntyllu, nghaledu, nghrasu, ngwyntyllu, hawyruaerith, aeriasai, aeria, aeria’, aeriaf, aeriai, aeriais, aeriaist, aerian, aeriant, aerir, aeriasant, aeriasech, aeriasem, aeriasent, aeriasid, aeriasit, aeriasoch, aeriasom, aeriest, aeriet, aerid, aeriech, aeried, aeriem, aerien, aerient, aerier, aeries, awyrent, aeriaswn, aeriff, aerio, aerioch, aeriodd, aeriom, aerion, aeriont, crased, awyrai, aeriwch, aeriwn, aeriwyd, aeriwyf, aeriych, awyra, awyra’, awyraf, awyrir, awyrais, awyraist, awyran, awyrant, awyrasai, awyrasant, awyrasech, awyrasem, awyren, awyrasid, awyrasit, awyrasoch, awyrasom, awyraswn, awyrech, awyred, awyrem, crâs, awyrasent, awyrer, awyres, awyrest, awyret, awyri, awyrid, awyriff, awyrwyd, awyrwyf, awyro, awyroch, awyrodd, awyrom, awyron, awyront, awyrwch, awyrwn, caledest, caledet, awyrych, caleda, caleda’, caledaf, caledai, caledais, caledaist, caledasom, caledasai, caledasant, caledasech, caledasem, caledasent, caledasid, caledasit, caledasoch, caledan, caledant, caledech, caleded, caledem, caleden, caledent, caleder, caledes, caledodd, crasech, caledom, caledi, caledid, calediff, caledir, caledith, caledo, caledoch, crasaswn, awyrith, caledon, caledont, caledwch, caledwn, caledwyd, caledwyf, caledych, crasasai, crasasech, crasa’, crasaf, crasai, crasais, crasaist, crasan, crasant, chraswn, crasasant, crasa, crasasem, crasasent, crasasid, crasasit, crasasoch, crasasom, chaledasid, crasid, crasem, crasen, crasent, craser, crases, crasest, craset, crasi, chaledasent, crasiff, crasir, crasith, craso, crasoch, crasodd, crasom, crason, chaledai, chaledais, craswch, craswn, craswyd, craswyf, crasych, chaleda, chaleda’, chaledaf, chrâs, crasont, chaledaist, chaledan, chaledant, chaledasai, chaledasant, chaledasech, chaledasem, aeri, chaleder, chaledasit, chaledasoch, chaledasom, chaledaswn, chaledech, chaleded, chaledem, chaledent, chrasasai, chaledes, chaledest, chaledet, chaledid, chalediff, chaledir, chaledith, chaledo, chaledych, chaledodd, chaledom, chaledon, chaledont, chaledwch, chaledwn, chaledwyd, chaledwyf, eiriem, chaledoch, chrasa, chrasa’, chrasai, chrasais, chrasaist, chrasan, chrasant, chrasech, chrasem, chrasasech, chrasasem, chrasasent, chrasasid, chrasasit, chrasasoch, chrasasom, chrasaswn, eiriai, eiriais, chrasen, chrasent, chraser, chrases, chrasest, chraset, chrasi, chraswch, chrasir, chrasith, chraso, chrasoch, chrasodd, chrasom, chrason, chrasont, chrasid, chrasiff, chraswyd, chraswyf, chrasych, eiri, eiria, eiria’, eiriaf, eiriasent, eiriwyf, eiriasid, eiriaist, eirian, eiriant, eiriasai, eiriasant, eiriasech, eiriasem, eiriwyd, chrasasant, eiriasit, eiriasoch, eiriasom, eiriaswn, eirid, eiriech, eiried, eirioch, eiriom, eirient, eirier, eiries, eiriest, eiriet, eiriff, eirio, caledaswn, eiriodd, eirien, eirion, eiriont, eirir, eirith, eiriwch, eiriwn, galedwch, galedasai, galeda, galeda’, galedaf, galedai, galedais, galedaist, galedan, galedant, galedont, galedasant, galedasech, galedasem, galedasent, galedasid, galedasit, galedasoch, galedasom, galedid, galediff, galedech, galeded, galedem, galedent, galeder, galedes, galedest, galedet, grases, galedaswn, galedir, galedith, galedo, galedoch, galedodd, galedom, galedon, haeriem, grasais, galedwn, galedwyd, galedwyf, galedych, grâs, grasa, grasa’, grasai, graso, grasaist, grasan, grasant, grasasai, grasasant, grasasech, grasasem, grasasent, graser, grasasit, grasasoch, grasasom, grasaswn, grasech, grasem, grasen, grasent, haeria’, grasasid, grasest, graset, grasi, grasid, grasiff, grasir, grasith, grasych, gwyntylla, grasodd, grasom, grason, grasont, graswch, graswn, graswyd, graswyf, gwyntylli, gwyntyllid, gwyntylla’, gwyntyllaf, gwyntyllai, gwyntyllais, gwyntyllaist, gwyntyllan, gwyntyllant, gwyntyllech, gwyntyllasech, gwyntyllasem, gwyntyllasent, gwyntyllasid, gwyntyllasit, gwyntyllasoch, gwyntyllasom, gwyntyllaswn, gwyntyllasai, gwyntyllasant, gwyntyllem, gwyntyllen, gwyntyllent, gwyntyller, gwyntylles, gwyntyllest, gwyntyllet, gwyntyllon, haeried, gwyntyllont, gwyntylliff, gwyntyllir, gwyntyllith, gwyntyllo, gwyntylloch, gwyntyllodd, gwyntyllom, haeriech, grasoch, gwyntyllwch, gwyntyllwn, gwyntyllwyd, gwyntyllwyf, gwyntyllych, haeri, haeria, haeriasech, haeriasent, haeriai, haeriais, haeriaist, haerian, haeriant, haeriasai, haeriasant, heiriwyd, haeriasem, haeriaf, haeriasid, haeriasit, haeriasoch, haeriasom, haeriaswn, haerid, hawyrasom, haerioch, haerien, haerient, haerier, haeries, haeriest, haeriet, haeriff, haerio, hawyrasoch, haeriodd, haeriom, haerion, haeriont, haerir, haerith, haeriwch, haeriwn, hawyran, hawyrant, haeriwyf, haeriych, hawyra, hawyra’, hawyraf, hawyrai, hawyrais, hawyraist, heiria’, haeriwyd, hawyrasai, hawyrasant, hawyrasech, hawyrasem, hawyrasent, hawyrasid, hawyrasit, eiriych, hawyret, hawyraswn, hawyrech, hawyred, hawyrem, hawyrent, hawyrer, hawyres, hawyrest, heiriasant, hawyri, hawyrid, hawyriff, hawyrir, hawyrith, hawyro, hawyroch, hawyrodd, heiria, hawyron, hawyront, hawyrwch, hawyrwn, hawyrwyd, hawyrwyf, hawyrych, heiri, wyntyller, hawyrom, heiriaf, heiriai, heiriais, heiriaist, heirian, heiriant, heiriasai, heiriech, heiried, heiriasem, heiriasent, heiriasid, heiriasit, heiriasoch, heiriasom, heiriaswn, heirid, wyntyllaist, wyntyllan, heiriem, heirien, heirient, heirier, heiries, heiriest, heiriet, heiriwn, heirioch, heiriodd, heiriom, heirion, heiriont, heirir, heirith, heiriwch, heiriff, heirio, heiriwyf, heiriych, wyntylla, wyntylla’, wyntyllaf, wyntyllai, wyntyllais, wyntyllasit, wyntyllych, wyntyllasoch, wyntyllant, wyntyllasai, wyntyllasant, wyntyllasech, wyntyllasem, wyntyllasent, wyntyllasid, wyntyllwyf, heiriasech, wyntyllasom, wyntyllaswn, wyntyllech, wyntylled, wyntyllem, wyntyllen, wyntyllent, wyntyllo, wyntyllodd, wyntyllest, wyntyllet, wyntylli, wyntyllid, wyntylliff, wyntyllir, wyntyllith, gwyntylled, wyntylloch, wyntylles, wyntyllom, wyntyllon, wyntyllont, wyntyllwch, wyntyllwn, wyntyllwyd
Air :
- aergwyntylludarlledualawonllong awyr

Show English Meaning

Noun(1) a mixture of gases (especially oxygen(2) the region above the ground(3) a distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person or thing(4) a slight wind (usually refreshing(5) the mass of air surrounding the Earth(6) once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe (Empedocles(7) a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence(8) medium for radio and television broadcasting(9) travel via aircraft
Verb(1) expose to fresh air(2) be broadcast(3) broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television(4) make public(5) expose to warm or heated air, so as to dry(6) expose to cool or cold air so as to cool or freshen

Show Examples

(1) This success led to an order directing all military airfields to have an air ambulance.(2) The questions even became a shade less hostile as his new air of poise impressed the panel.(3) Rather, the American industrial and technological scene is endowed with an air of epic grandeur.(4) When in doubt, it doesn't hurt to err on the safe side and add air or nitrogen to your tires.(5) We never closed the curtains and were consistently surrounded by light and air .(6) At the time no one realized that this was the aircraft which would win the air war over the Pacific.(7) Beat the butter into the chocolate and cream, trying not to get any air into the mixture.(8) The air sizzled as oxygen was greedily consumed by the roiling ball of fire.(9) It added an air of eeriness and unreality to the situation that made Joe feel sick to the pit of his stomach.(10) Nimitz knew that the battle that would ensue would involve aircraft and air supremacy.(11) The quest for offensive power did its part to make the loss of air superiority permanent.(12) Suppose the world population is housed, educated and fed and wants air travel on tap?(13) The air above this sea ice is deprived of heat and moisture from the ocean.(14) the programme's a platform to air grievances(15) Neither buildings nor people can escape the logic of the elements of fire and air .(16) When an opportunity arises for people to air their views, it is a shame not to take it.
Related Words
1. sky ::
2. breeze ::
3. expression ::
5. tune ::
6. atmosphere ::
7. gentle wind ::
gwynt ysgafn
8. air travel ::
teithio awyr
9. airwave ::
10. strain ::
11. express ::
12. ventilate ::
13. broadcast ::
14. vent ::
15. air out ::
aer allan
16. bare ::
Different Forms
air, aired, airing, airings, airs, airship, airships
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<font color=#00FF00>♪ The Big Bang Theory 7x16 ♪</font>
<font color=#00FFFF>The Table Polarization</font>
Original Air Date on February 27, 2014

♪ The Big Bang Theory 7x16 ♪ The Table Polarization Original Air Date on February 27, 2014

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 16

Recognize your cough.
Take that mask off,
you know. Get some air.

Recognize your cough. Take that mask off, you know. Get some AIR.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 8

<font color=#00FF00>The Big Bang Theory 5x07</font>
<font color=#00FFFF>The Good Guy Fluctuation</font>
Original Air Date on October 27, 2011

The Big Bang Theory 5x07 The Good Guy Fluctuation Original Air Date on October 27, 2011

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 7

<font color=#00FF00>♪ The Big Bang Theory 7x11 ♪</font>
<font color=#00FFFF>The Cooper Extraction</font>
Original Air Date on December 12, 2013

♪ The Big Bang Theory 7x11 ♪ The Cooper Extraction Original Air Date on December 12, 2013

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 11

Not always. Unless your date drives a van
with an air mattress. Then always.

Not always. Unless your date drives a van with an AIR mattress. Then always.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 8

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