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epa, epaod, hepa, hepaodactioactiem, actia, actia’, actiaf, actiai, actiais, actiaist, actian, actiant, actiasai, actiasant, actiodd, actiasem, actiasent, actiasid, actiasit, actiasoch, actiasom, actiaswn, actid, actiech, actied, actiom, actien, actient, actier, acties, actiest, actiet, actiff, actio, actioch, acti, actiasech, action, actiont, actir, actith, actiwch, actiwn, actiwyd, actiwyf, actiych, hactiem, hactia, hactia’, hactiaf, hactiai, hactiais, hactiaist, hactian, hactiant, hactiasai, hactiasant, hactiodd, hactiasem, hactiasent, hactiasid, hactiasit, hactiasoch, hactiasom, hactiaswn, hactid, hactiech, hactied, hactiom, hactien, hactient, hactier, hacties, hactiest, hactiet, hactiff, hactio, hactioch, hacti, hactiasech, haction, hactiont, hactir, hactith, hactiwch, hactiwn, hactiwyd, hactiwyf, hactiych
Ape :
- Apeapedapelikeepaodaping

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Noun(1) any of various primates with short tails or no tail at all(2) someone who copies the words or behavior of another(3) person who resembles a nonhuman primate
Verb(1) imitate uncritically and in every aspect(2) represent in or produce a caricature of

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(1) Prejudice, according to such an account of it, is the ape of reason(2) cunning is but the ape of wisdom(3) If unskilfully and casually treated, it will be but the ape of nature.(4) In fact, Huxley argued, a human differs much less from an ape, such as a chimpanzee or gorilla, than an ape does from a baboon.(5) If so why is she drooling over this ape of a man who is so Neanderthal, he can't string more than two words together.(6) Humans share more than 98 percent of their DNA with chimpanzees, making the ape the closest living relative to Homo sapiens.(7) I think the reason that they top the whole Douglas franchise is that they're aping adventure flicks of the '30s, and fairly well, at that.(8) Most experts believe the unusual band of apes are giant chimpanzees that display gorilla-like behavior.(9) Nearly 25 species of apes , monkeys, lemurs, and other primates are imperilled and may soon disappear.(10) Like humans, apes and monkeys have to live in complex social groupings in which guile is needed to get ahead or simply to survive.(11) When he first started trying to make music, he aped American hip-hop and went nowhere.(12) You seem to be wary of anthropomorphising apes .(13) Like other primates, these apes exhibit humanlike qualities - from careful parenting to the use of tools.(14) It reminds of an incident when my normally ape-like father revealed a hitherto unforeseen wit while we were in America.(15) The million or so who voted for the party last year aren't all knuckle-dragging racist apes .(16) While many current outfits have aped the sound and mastered the beat, the space that the original funk outfits offered has often been lacking.
Related Words
(1) great ape ::
Ape mawr
1. primate ::
2. anthropoid ::
4. imitate ::
5. caricature ::
Different Forms
ape, aped, apelike, apes, aping
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