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gwerthfawrogi, werthfawrogi, gwerthfawrogaf, gwerthfawrogasech, gwerthfawrogai, gwerthfawrogais, gwerthfawrogaist, gwerthfawrogan, gwerthfawrogant, gwerthfawrogasai, gwerthfawrogasant, gwerthfawrogen, gwerthfawrogasem, gwerthfawrogasent, gwerthfawrogasid, gwerthfawrogasit, gwerthfawrogasoch, gwerthfawrogasom, gwerthfawrogaswn, gwerthfawrogech, gwerthfawroged, gwerthfawrogem, gwerthfawrogent, gwerthfawrogodd, gwerthfawroger, gwerthfawroges, gwerthfawrogest, gwerthfawroget, gwerthfawrogid, gwerthfawrogiff, gwerthfawrogir, gwerthfawrogith, gwerthfawroga, gwerthfawrogoch, gwerthfawroga’, gwerthfawrogom, gwerthfawrogon, gwerthfawrogont, gwerthfawrogwch, gwerthfawrogwn, gwerthfawrogwyd, gwerthfawrogwyf, gwerthfawrogych, gwerthfawrogo, werthfawrogasent, werthfawrogaf, werthfawrogai, werthfawrogais, werthfawrogaist, werthfawrogan, werthfawrogant, werthfawrogasai, werthfawrogasant, werthfawrogasech, werthfawrogen, werthfawroga’, werthfawrogasid, werthfawrogasit, werthfawrogasoch, werthfawrogasom, werthfawrogaswn, werthfawrogech, werthfawroged, werthfawrogem, werthfawrogasem, werthfawrogodd, werthfawroger, werthfawroges, werthfawrogest, werthfawroget, werthfawrogid, werthfawrogiff, werthfawrogir, werthfawrogith, werthfawroga, werthfawrogoch, werthfawrogent, werthfawrogom, werthfawrogon, werthfawrogont, werthfawrogwch, werthfawrogwn, werthfawrogwyd, werthfawrogwyf, werthfawrogych, werthfawrogogwerthfawrogi, ngwerthfawrogi
Appreciate :
- gwerthfawrogiGwerthfawrogirgwerthfawrogigwerthfawrogi

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Verb(1) recognize with gratitude; be grateful for(2) be fully aware of; realize fully(3) hold dear(4) gain in value(5) increase the value of

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(1) It's time to look at properties that can save time and appreciate in value.(2) I would appreciate any relevant information as this is a very worrying time for me.(3) they don't appreciate my work(4) I'd appreciate any information you could give me(5) We are setting a trap for New Zealanders who do not fully appreciate the way this legislation works.(6) Tullow gardaÔö£┬í have been informed of the incident and would appreciate any information.(7) Anyone who drives along this road on a regular basis as I do, will fully understand and appreciate what I mean.(8) Those with an eye for profit will be buying new packaged items likely to appreciate in value.(9) they failed to appreciate the pressure he was under(10) Others love working outdoors and appreciate the fact that they are not sitting at a desk all day.(11) Now I am back in my world and I love it and appreciate it in a way that I never could before.(12) Furthermore you can expect an original work to appreciate in value whereas a print is far less likely to.(13) Why can't we all appreciate each other's good qualities and realize we've all got room for improvement as well?(14) So what happens when those shares start to appreciate in value?(15) we'd appreciate your coming(16) I appreciate it that you enjoy my story and take the time to tell me your honest opinion!
Related Words
1. be grateful for ::
yn ddiolchgar am
2. value ::
3. recognize ::
4. increase ::
5. prize ::
6. take account ::
cymryd i ystyriaeth
7. apprize ::
1. contract ::
2. decrease ::
3. diminish ::
4. dwindle ::
yn lleihau
5. lessen ::
6. recede ::
7. wane ::
Different Forms
appreciate, appreciated, appreciates, appreciating
English to Welsh Dictionary: appreciate

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