English to Welsh Meaning :: arrange

drefnu, trefnu, threfnu, dosbarthu, ddosbarthu, gosod, ngosod, nhrefnu, nosbarthudrefnir, dosbartha’, dosbarthech, dosbarthaf, dosbarthai, dosbarthais, dosbarthaist, dosbarthan, dosbarthant, dosbarthasai, dosbarthed, dosbarthasech, dosbarthasem, dosbarthasent, dosbarthasid, dosbarthasit, dosbarthasoch, dosbarthasom, dosbarthaswn, dosbarthem, dosbarthiff, ddosbarthwch, dosbarthen, dosbarthent, dosbarther, dosbarthes, dosbarthest, dosbarthet, dosbarthi, drefnodd, dosbarthid, dosbarthir, dosbarthith, dosbartho, dosbarthoch, dosbarthodd, dosbarthom, dosbarthon, dosbarthont, drefnaist, dosbarthwn, dosbarthwyd, dosbarthwyf, dosbarthych, drefna, drefna’, drefnaf, drefnai, drefnasit, drefner, drefnan, drefnant, drefnasai, drefnasant, drefnasech, drefnasem, drefnasent, drefnasid, drefnes, drefnasoch, drefnasom, drefnaswn, drefnech, drefned, drefnem, drefnen, drefnent, dosbarthwch, dosbarthasant, drefnest, drefnet, drefni, drefnid, drefniff, drefnith, drefno, drefnoch, ddosbartha’, drefnom, drefnon, drefnont, drefnwch, drefnwn, drefnwyd, drefnwyf, drefnych, ddosbarthasech, ddosbarthed, ddosbarthaf, ddosbarthai, ddosbarthais, ddosbarthaist, ddosbarthan, ddosbarthant, ddosbarthasai, ddosbarthasant, ddosbarthem, ddosbarthasem, ddosbarthasent, ddosbarthasid, ddosbarthasit, ddosbarthasoch, ddosbarthasom, ddosbarthaswn, ddosbarthech, gosoden, ddosbartha, ddosbarthen, ddosbarthent, ddosbarther, ddosbarthes, ddosbarthest, ddosbarthet, ddosbarthi, ddosbarthid, ddosbarthwn, ddosbarthir, ddosbarthith, ddosbartho, ddosbarthoch, ddosbarthodd, ddosbarthom, ddosbarthon, ddosbarthont, gosodaf, gosodasem, ddosbarthwyd, ddosbarthwyf, ddosbarthych, esyd, gesyd, gosod, gosoda, gosoda’, gosodasent, gosodai, gosodais, gosodaist, gosodan, gosodant, gosodasai, gosodasant, gosodasech, ddosbarthiff, trefnir, gosodasid, gosodasit, gosodasoch, gosodasom, gosodaswn, gosodech, gosoded, dosbartha, gosodo, gosoder, gosodes, gosodest, gosodet, gosodi, gosodid, gosodiff, gosodwyd, gosodith, gosodent, gosodoch, gosododd, gosodom, gosodon, gosodont, gosodwch, gosodwn, gosodir, osodant, gosodych, osod, osoda, osoda’, osodaf, osodai, osodais, trefnasem, osodan, osodasoch, osodasai, osodasant, osodasech, osodasem, osodasent, osodasid, osodasit, osodaist, osodet, osodaswn, osodech, osoded, osodem, osoden, osodent, osoder, osodom, osodest, osodasom, osodi, osodid, osodiff, osodir, osodith, osodo, osodoch, osodes, trefnaf, osodon, osodont, osodwch, osodwn, osodwyd, osodwyf, osodych, osododd, trefna’, gosodwyf, trefnai, trefnais, trefnaist, trefnan, trefnant, trefnasai, trefnasant, trefna, trefnen, trefnasent, trefnasid, trefnasit, trefnasoch, trefnasom, trefnaswn, trefnech, trefniff, trefnem, gosodem, trefnent, trefner, trefnes, trefnest, trefnet, trefni, trefnid, trefned, trefnwyd, trefnith, trefno, trefnoch, trefnodd, trefnom, trefnon, trefnont, trefnasech, trefnwn, threfnest, trefnwyf, trefnych, threfna, threfna’, threfnaf, threfnai, threfnais, trefnwch, threfnasom, threfnant, threfnasai, threfnasant, threfnasech, threfnasem, threfnasent, threfnasid, threfnes, threfnasoch, threfnan, threfnaswn, threfnech, threfned, threfnem, threfnen, threfnent, threfner, threfnasit, threfnom, threfnet, threfni, threfnid, threfniff, threfnir, threfnith, threfno, threfnaist, threfnodd, drefnais, threfnon, threfnont, threfnwch, threfnwn, threfnwyd, threfnwyf, threfnych, threfnoch
Arrange :
- trefnutrefnutrefnutrefnu

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Verb(1) put into a proper or systematic order(2) make arrangements for(3) plan, organize, and carry out (an event(4) set (printed matter(5) arrange attractively(6) adapt for performance in a different way(7) arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events

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(1) Pour the custard batter into the prepared ramekins and arrange some crepe squares on top.(2) Alternative accommodation will be available for those who need it - please contact us in advance to arrange it.(3) Hardwick airfield is on private property, so you need to arrange your visit in advance.(4) Carlow Tourism arrange host family accommodation for a number of language schools who organise for foreign students to travel to Carlow during the year.(5) An airline which no longer operates has no obligation to arrange return flights or accommodation for its passengers.(6) Kerry County Council, meanwhile, has been urged to arrange block insurance to provide public liability cover for ponymen operating in the Gap.(7) The second important detail is to arrange accommodation in advance.(8) Bring your own scuba gear, or have Joan arrange rental equipment in advance.(9) They also run their own executive committee, produce their own business plan and arrange fund-raising events.(10) The three doctors will prioritise cases and arrange pre-operative appointments to ensure that the surgery will take place next month.(11) they hoped to arrange a meeting(12) They are just prepared to arrange transport for us to get back home.(13) People intending to come are asked to call Mrs Nicholson in advance so that the organisers can arrange appropriate catering.(14) In the evening, the organisers hope to arrange a dinner and cabaret at West Lavington Manor, when some of the performers from the afternoon concert will be singing.(15) We're hoping to re arrange the event for later in the spring should water levels in the beck return to normal.(16) Sorry, but I cannot accept bids from outside of the UK, not unless you are prepared to arrange collection yourself and are fully aware of the costs involved.
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1. order ::
2. organize ::
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4. stage ::
5. set ::
6. fix up ::
8. format ::
9. coiffe ::
1. derange ::
2. disarrange ::
3. disarray ::
4. disorder ::
5. rumple ::
6. upset ::
Different Forms
arrange, arranged, arranges, arranging
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

I can arrange that, you realize?

I can ARRANGE that, you realize?

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 8

10,000 euros can arrange it, 10,000 euros.\0

10,000 euros can ARRANGE it, 10,000 euros.

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 11

I want you
to arrange a marriage for me.

I want you to ARRANGE a marriage for me.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 2

No, we must arrange better terms
with the Iron Bank.

No, we must ARRANGE better terms with the Iron Bank.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 4

Helping me to arrange this meeting

Helping me to ARRANGE this meeting

Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 7

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