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sicrhau, diogelu, ddiogelu, niogeludiogelasai, diogeloch, diogelasoch, diogelasit, diogelasid, diogelasent, diogelasem, diogelasech, diogelasant, diogelo, diogelant, diogelan, diogelaist, diogelais, diogelai, diogelaf, diogela’, ddiogelan, diogelith, diogelir, diogeliff, diogelid, diogeli, diogelet, diogelasom, diogeles, diogeler, diogelent, diogelen, diogelem, diogeled, diogelech, diogelaswn, diogela, diogelodd, diogelom, diogelon, diogelont, diogelwch, diogelwn, diogelwyd, diogelwyf, diogelych, ddiogela, ddiogela’, ddiogelaf, ddiogelai, ddiogelais, ddiogelaist, diogelest, ddiogelant, ddiogelasai, ddiogelasant, ddiogelasech, ddiogelasem, ddiogelasent, ddiogelasid, ddiogelasit, ddiogelasoch, ddiogelasom, ddiogelaswn, ddiogelech, ddiogeled, ddiogelem, ddiogelen, ddiogelir, sicrhaith, ddiogelont, ddiogelon, ddiogelom, ddiogelodd, ddiogeloch, ddiogelo, ddiogelith, sicrhaiff, ddiogeliff, ddiogelid, ddiogeli, ddiogelet, ddiogelest, ddiogeles, ddiogeler, sicrhasom, sicrhâi, sicrhaf, sicrhaet, sicrhaer, sicrhaent, sicrhaen, ddiogelwch, sicrhaed, sicrhaech, sicrha’, sicrha, ddiogelych, ddiogelwyf, ddiogelwyd, ddiogelwn, ddiogelent, sicrhân, sicrhânt, sicrhao, sicrhaoch, sicrhaodd, sicrhaom, sicrhaont, sicrhasai, sicrhasant, sicrhasech, sicrhasem, sicrhasent, sicrhasid, sicrhasit, sicrhasoch, sicrhaem, sicrhaswn, sicrhawn, sicrhawyd, sicrhawyf, sicrheais, sicrheaist, sicrhei, sicrheid, sicrheies, sicrheiest, sicrheir, sicrheuoch, sicrheuon, sicrhewch, sicrheych
Assure :
- sicrhausicryn sicrhausicrhau

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Verb(1) make certain of(2) inform positively and with certainty and confidence(3) assure somebody of the truth of something with the intention of giving the listener confidence(4) be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something(5) cause to feel sure; give reassurance to(6) make a promise or commitment

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(1) I assure you that you'll have a great night(2) to assure a house(3) he's safe and sound, I assure you(4) I assure her one more time that I do not mean to hurt her in any way.(5) However, I assure you that the Hogbetsotso festival is a genuine Ghanaian event.(6) The armour you created offers very good protection and it seems you've definitely managed to assure perfect mobility - this has been our main problem so far.(7) we guarantee to assure your life(8) I'm not promising we'll win it, but I can assure all the supporters that we're determined to give it our best shot.(9) this is done to assure confidentiality(10) I assure you this will take a lot of practice and as you all know, practice makes perfect.(11) While I did like Brent and his company, I did not like his constant need to assure and reassure me that Markus was a swell guy.(12) what else can I say to assure you?(13) The Wimbledon MP said he had assured himself that everything had been done in the borough to prepare for every eventuality.(14) And assure yourself that you are committing to the best product, not just the one that pays the salesman good commission.(15) He said that he would not lead them in prayer until they had assured him of their loyalty.(16) The corollary is that it is not moderation, but total victory, that assures survival.
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(1) assure ::
1. reassure ::
tawelu meddwl
2. ensure ::
3. tell ::
4. promise ::
5. control ::
6. secure ::
1. distress ::
2. torment ::
3. torture ::
4. trouble ::
Different Forms
assure, assured, assureds, assures, assuring
English to Welsh Dictionary: assure

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