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syfrdanu, synnusyfrdanent, syfrdana’, syfrdanaf, syfrdanai, syfrdanais, syfrdanaist, syfrdanan, syfrdanant, syfrdanasai, syfrdanasant, syfrdanasech, syfrdano, syfrdanasent, syfrdanasid, syfrdanasit, syfrdanasoch, syfrdanasom, syfrdanaswn, syfrdanech, syfrdaned, syfrdanem, syfrdanen, syfrdanoch, syfrdaner, syfrdanes, syfrdanest, syfrdanet, syfrdani, syfrdanid, syfrdaniff, syfrdanir, syfrdanith, syfrdana, syfrdanasem, syfrdanodd, syfrdanom, syfrdanon, syfrdanont, syfrdanwch, syfrdanwn, syfrdanwyd, syfrdanwyf, syfrdanych, synnent, synasant, synasech, synasem, synasent, synasid, synasit, synasoch, synasom, synaswn, synna, synno, synnaf, synnai, synnais, synnaist, synnan, synnant, synnech, synned, synnem, synnen, synnoch, synner, synnes, synnest, synnet, synni, synnid, synniff, synnir, synnith, synasai, synna’, synnodd, synnom, synnon, synnont, synnwch, synnwn, synnwyd, synnwyf, synnych
Astonish :
- astonishsyfrdanuastonishesrhyfeddolsyndod

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Verb(1) affect with wonder

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(1) It has never failed to astonish me how we pale-faced Scots continue to swallow the propaganda that down here in deepest England the weather is somehow better.(2) you never fail to astonish me(3) It came as no surprise to me, and probably will not astonish anyone else, that today I felt the after-effects of yesterday's long drive to and from Nottingham.(4) Elaine, who now lives in London, said that she was astonished to get the part.(5) Hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren make astonishingly complicated journeys on public transport.(6) But I've met an awful lot of wine experts, and some of those are quite astonishingly knowledgeable.(7) It astonishes me how easily and often we're dismissed as racists, particularly in intellectual circles.(8) Since I left, one of the things which astonishes me is the change in attitudes.(9) Regardless of any other opinion on the matter, it astonishes me that the European Union has managed to get this far without a constitution.(10) In the past two weeks the world has been changing astonishingly quickly beneath our feet and commentators are running to keep up.(11) We were astonished at how well preserved the castle was inside, in comparison to our first view from outside.(12) The high-pressure sales tactics the men used in Manchester were astonishingly successful.(13) As I read the article, I was astonished by what a misfit of a school it seemed to be.(14) You are astonished to discover the man can do cartwheels, handstands and back flips.(15) Next day I was astonished to see Jackson coming out of the George Hotel.(16) And astonishingly , despite all that has happened since, many people today are still not quite sure.
Related Words
1. amaze ::
2. astound ::
3. stagger ::
4. surprise ::
5. startle ::
6. stun ::
7. confound ::
8. dumbfound ::
9. strike dumb ::
streic fud
10. boggle ::
11. stupefy ::
12. daze ::
13. shock ::
14. take aback ::
cymryd synnu
15. leave open-mouthed ::
gadael geg-agored
16. leave aghast ::
gadael syfrdan
17. flabbergast ::
18. blow away ::
chwythu i ffwrdd
19. bowl over ::
powlen dros
20. floor ::
Different Forms
astonish, astonished, astonishes, astonishing, astonishment
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