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mynychu, fynychu, gweini, ngweini, weinifynychodd, fynychasent, fynychen, fynycha’, fynychai, fynychais, fynychaist, fynychan, fynychant, fynychasai, fynychasant, fynychasech, fynychasem, gweinyddaf, fynychasid, fynychasit, fynychasoch, fynychasom, fynychaswn, fynychech, fynychem, fynychent, fynychoch, fynychom, fynyches, fynychest, fynychet, fynychi, fynychid, fynychiff, fynychir, fynychith, fynycho, gweinydda’, fynycher, fynychon, fynychont, fynychwch, fynychwn, fynychwyd, fynychwyf, fynychych, gweinydda, gweinyddasent, gweinyddasid, gweinyddai, gweinyddais, gweinyddaist, gweinyddan, gweinyddant, gweinyddasai, gweinyddasant, gweinyddasech, gweinyddasem, mynycha, fynycha, gweinyddasit, gweinyddasoch, gweinyddasom, gweinyddaswn, gweinyddech, gweinydded, gweinyddem, gweinydden, gweinyddent, gweinyddoch, gweinyddodd, gweinyddes, gweinyddest, gweinyddet, gweinyddi, gweinyddid, gweinyddiff, gweinyddir, gweinyddith, gweinyddo, weinydden, gweinydder, gweinyddom, gweinyddon, gweinyddont, gweinyddwch, gweinyddwn, gweinyddwyd, gweinyddwyf, gweinyddych, mynychasem, mynychasent, mynychaf, mynychai, mynychais, mynychaist, mynychan, mynychant, mynychasai, mynychasant, mynychasech, weinydda, weinydda’, mynychasid, mynychasit, mynychasoch, mynychasom, mynychaswn, mynychech, mynyched, mynychem, mynycher, mynychoch, mynyches, mynychest, mynychet, mynychi, mynychid, mynychiff, mynychir, mynychith, mynycho, mynychen, mynychodd, mynychom, mynychon, mynychont, mynychwch, mynychwn, mynychwyd, mynychwyf, mynychych, weinyddasech, weinyddych, weinyddasent, weinyddaf, weinyddai, weinyddais, weinyddaist, weinyddan, weinyddant, weinyddasai, weinyddasant, weinyddwyf, weinyddasem, mynycha’, weinyddasid, weinyddasit, weinyddasoch, weinyddasom, weinyddaswn, weinyddech, weinydded, weinyddith, mynychent, weinyddoch, weinydder, weinyddes, weinyddest, weinyddet, weinyddi, weinyddid, weinyddiff, weinyddir, weinyddem, weinyddo, weinyddent, weinyddodd, weinyddom, weinyddon, weinyddont, weinyddwch, weinyddwn, weinyddwyd
Attend :
- mynychuMynychoddmynychwrmynychwrmynychu

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Verb(1) be present at (meetings, church services, university(2) take charge of or deal with(3) to accompany as a circumstance or follow as a result(4) work for or be a servant to(5) give heed (to

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(1) He also has a strong distrust of organised religion, and does not regularly attend church.(2) the severely wounded had two medics to attend to their wounds(3) Children between the ages of five and fifteen are required by law to attend school.(4) As it happened, Einstein was unable to attend the ceremony in Stockholm.(5) she was unable to attend the wedding(6) All interested adults, parents and young people are invited to attend this meeting.(7) All former players and their partners are invited to attend the event, which will feature live music.(8) All those listed as prizewinners are asked to attend the presentation ceremony.(9) On the day we returned to work, we were all forced to attend meetings.(10) he muttered that he had business to attend to(11) Prince Andrew has been invited to attend the ceremony and there will also be a surprise celebrity guest.(12) People are invited to attend a meeting at the town hall on November 10 at 7.30 to discuss the issue.(13) her family were not invited to attend(14) People do not attend chapel and church as much as they used to, so the traditions are slowly dying out.(15) However, on my road to recovery I was required to attend private hospital day clinic.(16) Mr Jones was unable to attend the meeting of creditors as he is in hospital undergoing tests and awaiting heart surgery.
Related Words
(1) attend to ::
yn bresennol i
1. be present at ::
yn bresennol yn
2. pay attention to ::
talu sylw i
3. care for ::
gofalu am
4. deal with ::
delio â
5. escort ::
6. be accompanied by ::
fod yng nghwmni
7. serve ::
8. go to ::
mynd i
9. see ::
10. hang ::
1. ignore ::
Different Forms
attend, attended, attendee, attendees, attender, attenders, attending, attends
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