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archwilio, harchwilio, archwilia’, archwiliasant, archwiliaf, archwiliai, archwiliais, archwiliaist, archwilian, archwiliant, archwiliasai, archwilied, archwiliasech, archwiliasem, archwiliasent, archwiliasid, archwiliasit, archwiliasoch, archwiliasom, archwiliaswn, archwilid, archwiliech, archwiliem, archwilion, archwilien, archwilient, archwilier, archwilies, archwiliest, archwiliet, archwiliff, archwilioch, archwili, archwiliom, archwilia, archwiliont, archwilir, archwilith, archwiliwch, archwiliwn, archwiliwyd, archwiliwyf, archwiliych, archwiliodd, harchwiliasem, harchwilia’, harchwiliaf, harchwiliai, harchwiliais, harchwiliaist, harchwilian, harchwiliant, harchwiliasai, harchwiliasant, harchwilied, harchwilia, harchwiliasent, harchwiliasid, harchwiliasit, harchwiliasoch, harchwiliasom, harchwiliaswn, harchwilid, harchwiliech, harchwiliasech, harchwilion, harchwilien, harchwilient, harchwilier, harchwilies, harchwiliest, harchwiliet, harchwiliff, harchwilioch, harchwili, harchwiliom, harchwiliem, harchwiliont, harchwilir, harchwilith, harchwiliwch, harchwiliwn, harchwiliwyd, harchwiliwyf, harchwiliych, harchwilioddarchwilioarchwiliad, harchwiliad, archwiliadau, harchwiliadau
Audit :
- archwiliadharchwilioarchwilioarchwiliadau

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Noun(1) an inspection of the accounting procedures and records by a trained accountant or CPA(2) a methodical examination or review of a condition or situation
Verb(1) examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification(2) attend academic courses without getting credit

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(1) The decision to cut back followed an audit by independent consultants.(2) a complete audit of flora and fauna at the site(3) This is part of a project that commenced just two years ago where the committee commissioned an audit of wildlife, flora and fauna.(4) The member states were persuaded that an independent audit body was warranted, given the emergence of an EU budget with supranational characteristics.(5) In the case where a company is exempt from an audit , the accountant will still prepare the company's accounts to comply with accounting standards and statutory formats.(6) The association said public accountants would only audit their financial reports if they complied with auditing standards.(7) An important lesson in all medicine, but particularly illustrated in screening programmes, is the continued need to review and audit .(8) Having a secret ballot means that there will be no way to audit the results and we will have to trust a system that has known security weaknesses to tell us who won.(9) The trust agreed to train staff, review drug policy and audit clinical and nursing records.(10) The last chapter is on clinical audit and learning from systematic case reviews assessed against explicit criteria.(11) An initial meeting should occur during the planning stage of the audit to discuss new accounting, auditing or regulatory issues affecting the organization.(12) The can also write a novel, tackle advanced math problems, go on hikes, or even audit classes in college.(13) Start by completing an audit of the existing lighting systems, assessing both the condition and the performance of all components in the system.(14) On a rainy morning in December last year, my son, a certified public accountant, went out to audit the accounts of a corporation when he suddenly slipped and fractured his right thigh.(15) The truth is that there is no way to audit these systems to see if they are really performing.(16) To comply with these new mandates, you must be able to provide a complete audit trail of user activity across all these systems.
Related Words
(1) internal audit ::
archwilio mewnol
1. inspection ::
2. examination ::
3. verification ::
4. scrutiny ::
5. probe ::
7. assessment ::
8. appraisal ::
9. evaluation ::
10. review ::
11. analysis ::
12. going-over ::
13. once-over ::
14. inspect ::
15. examine ::
16. survey ::
17. go through ::
mynd trwy
18. scrutinize ::
19. check ::
20. probe ::
21. vet ::
22. investigate ::
23. inquire into ::
ymchwilio i
24. assess ::
25. verify ::
26. appraise ::
27. evaluate ::
28. review ::
29. analyze ::
30. study ::
Different Forms
audit, audited, auditing, audits
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