English to Welsh Meaning :: beaten

guro, curo, gurodd, baeddych, baedded, baeddasem, baedda’, baeddaf, baeddai, baeddais, baeddaist, baeddan, baeddant, baeddasai, baeddasant, baeddasech, colbi, baeddasent, baeddasid, baeddasit, baeddasoch, baeddasom, baeddaswn, baeddech, baeddo, baeddith, colbid, baeddent, baedder, baeddes, baeddest, baeddet, baeddi, baeddid, baeddiff, baeddir, baeddwyf, baedden, baeddoch, baeddodd, baeddom, baeddon, baeddont, baeddwch, baeddwn, baeddwyd, colbiasai, colbiych, colbiasech, colbia, colbia’, colbiaf, colbiai, colbiais, colbiaist, colbian, colbiant, colbiwyf, colbiasant, chura’, colbiasem, colbiasent, colbiasid, colbiasit, colbiasoch, colbiasom, colbiaswn, curent, colbioch, colbiodd, colbiem, colbien, colbient, colbier, colbies, colbiest, colbiet, colbiff, colbio, baeddem, colbied, colbiom, colbion, colbiont, colbir, colbith, colbiwch, colbiwn, colbiwyd, curasech, curasem, cura’, curaf, curai, curais, curaist, curan, curant, curasai, curasant, cholbi, cholbia, curasent, curasid, curasit, curasoch, curasom, curaswn, curech, cured, curem, curen, dyrnen, curer, cures, curest, curet, curi, curid, curiff, curir, curith, cholbiom, curodd, curom, curon, curont, curwch, curwn, curwyd, curwyf, curych, cholbiasech, cholbiasem, cholbia’, cholbiaf, cholbiai, cholbiais, cholbiaist, cholbian, cholbiant, cholbiasai, cholbiasant, chura, cura, cholbiasent, cholbiasid, cholbiasit, cholbiasoch, cholbiasom, cholbiaswn, cholbid, cholbiech, cholbiem, cholbien, cholbient, cholbier, cholbies, cholbiest, cholbiet, cholbiff, cholbio, cholbioch, cholbiodd, cholbied, cholbion, cholbiont, cholbir, cholbith, cholbiwch, cholbiwn, cholbiwyd, cholbiwyf, cholbiych, churasant, churych, dyrna, churasent, churaf, churai, churais, churaist, churan, churant, churasai, churwyf, churasech, churasem, dyrna’, churasid, churasit, churasoch, churasom, churaswn, churech, chured, churith, faeddem, churoch, churer, chures, churest, churet, churi, churid, churiff, churir, churem, churo, churent, churodd, churom, churon, churont, churwch, churwn, churwyd, dyrnasech, dyrnych, dyrnasent, dyrnaf, dyrnai, dyrnais, dyrnaist, dyrnan, dyrnant, dyrnasai, dyrnasant, dyrnwyf, dyrnasem, ffusta, dyrnasid, dyrnasit, dyrnasoch, dyrnasom, dyrnaswn, dyrnech, dyrned, dyrnem, dyrnith, churen, dyrnoch, dyrner, dyrnes, dyrnest, dyrnet, dyrni, dyrnid, dyrniff, dyrnir, faedded, dyrno, dyrnent, dyrnodd, dyrnom, dyrnon, dyrnont, dyrnwch, dyrnwn, dyrnwyd, ddyrnasant, ddyrnych, ddyrnasem, ddyrna’, ddyrnaf, ddyrnai, ddyrnais, ddyrnaist, ddyrnan, ddyrnant, ddyrnasai, ddyrnwyf, ddyrnasech, faedda, ddyrnasent, ddyrnasid, ddyrnasit, ddyrnasoch, ddyrnasom, ddyrnaswn, ddyrnech, ddyrned, ddyrnith, ddyrno, ddyrnent, ddyrner, ddyrnes, ddyrnest, ddyrnet, ddyrni, ddyrnid, ddyrniff, ddyrnir, ddyrnem, ddyrnen, ddyrnoch, ddyrnodd, ddyrnom, ddyrnon, ddyrnont, ddyrnwch, ddyrnwn, ddyrnwyd, faeddasant, baedda, faeddasem, faedda’, faeddaf, faeddai, faeddais, faeddaist, faeddan, faeddant, faeddasai, faeddwyf, faeddasech, ddyrna, faeddasent, faeddasid, faeddasit, faeddasoch, faeddasom, faeddaswn, faeddech, faeddith, faeddo, faeddent, faedder, faeddes, faeddest, faeddet, faeddi, faeddid, faeddiff, faeddir, colbiech, faedden, faeddoch, faeddodd, faeddom, faeddon, faeddont, faeddwch, faeddwn, faeddwyd, ffustasech, ffustasem, ffusta’, ffustaf, ffustai, ffustais, ffustaist, ffustan, ffustant, ffustasai, ffustasant, ffustych, golbi, ffustasent, ffustasid, ffustasit, ffustasoch, ffustasom, ffustaswn, ffustech, ffusted, ffustem, ffusten, ffustent, ffuster, ffustes, ffustest, ffustet, ffusti, ffustid, ffustiff, ffustir, ffustith, golbiodd, ffustoch, ffustodd, ffustom, ffuston, ffustont, ffustwch, ffustwn, ffustwyd, ffustwyf, golbiasant, golbiasech, golbia, golbia’, golbiaf, golbiai, golbiais, golbiaist, golbian, golbiant, golbiasai, golbiych, hwaldia, golbiasem, golbiasent, golbiasid, golbiasit, golbiasoch, golbiasom, golbiaswn, golbid, golbiech, golbied, golbiem, golbien, golbient, golbier, golbies, golbiest, golbiet, golbiff, golbio, golbioch, ffusto, golbiom, golbion, golbiont, golbir, golbith, golbiwch, golbiwn, golbiwyd, golbiwyf, gurasent, guraf, gurai, gurais, guraist, guran, gurant, gurasai, gurasant, gurasech, hwada, gura’, gurasid, gurasit, gurasoch, gurasom, guraswn, gurech, gured, gurem, guren, hwadoch, guroch, gurer, gurent, gures, gurest, guret, guri, gurid, guriff, gurir, gurith, hwadent, gurom, guron, guront, gurwch, gurwn, gurwyd, gurwyf, gurych, gurasem, gura, hwada’, hwadaf, hwadai, hwadais, hwadaist, hwadan, hwadant, hwadasai, hwadasant, hwadasech, hwadasem, hwadasent, hwadasid, hwadasit, hwadasoch, hwadasom, hwadaswn, hwadech, hwaded, hwadem, hwadodd, hwader, hwades, hwadest, hwadet, hwadid, hwadiff, hwadir, hwadith, hwado, hwaden, wado, hwadom, hwadon, hwadont, hwadwch, hwadwn, hwadwyd, hwadwyf, hwadych, hwaldi, hwaldiasant, maedda, hwaldiasem, hwaldia’, hwaldiaf, hwaldiai, hwaldiais, hwaldiaist, hwaldian, hwaldiant, hwaldiasai, hwaldiych, hwaldiasech, maedda’, hwaldiasent, hwaldiasid, hwaldiasit, hwaldiasoch, hwaldiasom, hwaldiaswn, hwaldid, hwaldiech, hwaldiodd, hwaldiom, hwaldien, hwaldient, hwaldier, hwaldies, hwaldiest, hwaldiet, hwaldiff, hwaldio, hwaldioch, hwaldied, hwaldiem, hwaldion, hwaldiont, hwaldir, hwaldith, hwaldiwch, hwaldiwn, hwaldiwyd, hwaldiwyf, maeddasem, maeddasent, maeddaf, maeddai, maeddais, maeddaist, maeddan, maeddant, maeddasai, maeddasant, maeddasech, maeddych, faeddych, maeddasid, maeddasit, maeddasoch, maeddasom, maeddaswn, maeddech, maedded, maeddem, maedden, maeddo, maeddoch, maedder, maeddes, maeddest, maeddet, maeddi, maeddid, maeddiff, maeddir, maeddith, waldiech, maeddent, maeddodd, maeddom, maeddon, maeddont, maeddwch, maeddwn, maeddwyd, maeddwyf, wadasech, wadasem, wada’, wadaf, wadai, wadais, wadaist, wadan, wadant, wadasai, wadasant, wadych, waldi, wadasent, wadasid, wadasit, wadasoch, wadasom, wadaswn, wadech, waded, wadem, waden, wadent, wader, wades, wadest, wadet, wadi, wadid, wadiff, wadir, wadith, waldiodd, wadoch, wadodd, wadom, wadon, wadont, wadwch, wadwn, wadwyd, wadwyf, waldiasant, waldiasech, waldia, waldia’, waldiaf, waldiai, waldiais, waldiaist, waldian, waldiant, waldiasai, waldiych, wada, waldiasem, waldiasent, waldiasid, waldiasit, waldiasoch, waldiasom, waldiaswn, waldid, waldied, waldiem, waldien, waldient, waldier, waldies, waldiest, waldiet, waldiff, waldio, waldioch, curoch, waldiom, waldion, waldiont, waldir, waldith, waldiwch, waldiwn, waldiwyd, waldiwyf
Beaten :
- guro

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Verb(1) come out better in a competition, race, or conflict(2) give a beating to; subject to a beating, either as a punishment or as an act of aggression(3) hit repeatedly(4) move rhythmically(5) shape by beating(6) make a rhythmic sound(7) glare or strike with great intensity(8) move with a thrashing motion(9) sail with much tacking or with difficulty(10) stir vigorously(11) strike (a part of one's own body(12) be superior(13) avoid paying(14) make a sound like a clock or a timer(15) move with a flapping motion(16) indicate by beating, as with the fingers or drumsticks
Adjective(1) formed or made thin by hammering(2) much trodden and worn smooth or bare

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(1) She attributes all this to her refusal to travel the beaten path.(2) At Potsdam, Patricia was a beaten finalist in the 100m and 200m races and unfortunately just missed out on the bronze medal, by one tenth of a second.(3) Fold the chocolate mixture into the egg and sugar then carefully fold in the beaten egg whites with a metal spoon.(4) Like they did yesterday when I saw a wonderful old beaten copper tray in a junk shop.(5) Thoroughly deserving defeat, the beaten finalists for the past three years will not be able to go one better this time around.(6) This score brought the beaten county finalists to within five points of Harps.(7) Brush with beaten egg white and scatter with granulated sugar.(8) Now tip the white sauce into the beaten egg white and fold in carefully, either using a silver spoon or not using a silver spoon.(9) The volume was plated with a thin layer of beaten gold, and a row of high-quality garnets traced up its spine.(10) Off any beaten path in Newfoundland are such remnants, gone but not necessarily forgotten.(11) Ironically, Lonely Planet was founded to avoid exactly this sort of conjunction where everyone travels along the beaten path.(12) Finally, dip the meat covered egg in beaten egg before coating in breadcrumbs and plunging into the deep fat fryer until golden brown.(13) Seriously off the beaten path, getting to Petrela requires a sturdy Jeep or Landcruiser.(14) Use of a dissecting microscope to examine the colony will reveal that the surface of the colony has a beaten copper appearance.(15) They love nothing better than to see a strong man break down and act like a beaten dog, a loser, because they're all so weak themselves.(16) Although Karanja was a beaten favourite on that occasion, he lost no marks in defeat and there is every reason to believe that, with that outing under his belt, he can go one better here.
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4. trodden ::
5. hit ::
7. hammer ::
8. pulsate ::
9. flap ::
10. whisk ::
11. tread ::
12. defeat ::
13. surpass ::
14. work over ::
gweithio dros
15. scramble ::
16. tick ::
17. crush ::
18. nonplus ::
19. pound ::
20. outsmart ::
21. bunk ::
22. exhaust ::
23. quiver ::
cawell saethau
24. drum ::
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