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afanc, afancod, hafanc, hafancod, lostlydan, lostlydanod, llostlydan, llostlydanod
Beaver :
- afancbeaveredyn brysurbeavers

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Noun(1) the soft brown fur of the beaver(2) a native or resident of Oregon(3) a full beard(4) a man's hat with a tall crown; usually covered with silk or with beaver fur(5) a movable piece of armor on a medieval helmet used to protect the lower face(6) a hat made with the fur of a beaver (or similar material(7) large semiaquatic rodent with webbed hind feet and a broad flat tail; construct complex dams and underwater lodges
Verb(1) work hard on something

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(1) Sorry there's no proper post from me today as I've been a busy little beaver (2) The first exploration of Canada's interior was for the purpose of finding beaver pelts to satisfy the obsession with fur coats by the European elite.(3) The ghost wears the beaver , or visor, of the helmet raised.(4) He handed the Huronian Native the promised items and received the soft beaver pelts, placing them with the rest from that day.(5) Exceptions to this rule are dark sheared faux furs, such as black sheared beaver and longhaired Mongolian lamb; cut these with the pile running upward.(6) There were six different furs to choose from including brown and grey Persian lamb, and beaver .(7) Her coffin was lovingly wrapped in muskrat, beaver and fox furs and lowered into the ground by her family.(8) From the early French fur traders of the 17th century to the early trading posts established by the Hudson's Bay Company, fur, and more specifically beaver pelts, were a source of income and fortune for early settlers.(9) The bear, wolf, coyote, fisher, wolverine, otter, and lynx prey upon the beaver who is, nevertheless, a powerful antagonist when at bay.(10) Although the beaver 's industrious habits, wholesome diet, and generally meritorious lifestyle have endeared it to many human beings, the fact remains that beavers are also prized for their flesh, and are eaten.(11) The greatest reward went to the post master who received one shilling for each score of beaver or an amount of furs of the same value.(12) Busy beaver President Clinton has been working hard in his final days.(13) I have been a busy little beaver this week in Canberra, oh yes.(14) In the slap of waves against the rocky shore one can imagine hearing phantom brigades moving across the lakes, paddling in close line astern, their canoes piled high with beaver pelts destined for Bond Street and the rue de Rivoli.(15) It was once extremely abundant throughout most of the continent but went into decline as early as 1638, mainly because the great insulating qualities of beaver fur made it the best material for hat manufacture.(16) The biggest difference was that New Netherland and its port town were together principally a trading colony, buying beaver and other fur skins from the Indians to sell at a profit in Europe.
Related Words
(1) eager beaver ::
afanc yn awyddus
1. beaver fur ::
afanc ffwr
2. beaver away ::
afanc i ffwrdd
Different Forms
beaver, beavered, beavering, beavers
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