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gwelyent, gwelya’, gwelyaf, gwelyai, gwelyais, gwelyaist, gwelyan, gwelyant, gwelyasai, gwelyasant, gwelyasech, gwelyo, gwelyasent, gwelyasid, gwelyasit, gwelyasoch, gwelyasom, gwelyaswn, gwelyech, gwelyed, gwelyem, gwelyen, gwelyoch, gwelyer, gwelyes, gwelyest, gwelyet, gwelyi, gwelyid, gwelyiff, gwelyir, gwelyith, gwelya, gwelyasem, gwelyodd, gwelyom, gwelyon, gwelyont, gwelywch, gwelywn, gwelywyd, gwelywyf, gwelyych, welyent, welya’, welyaf, welyai, welyais, welyaist, welyan, welyant, welyasai, welyasant, welyasech, welyo, welyasent, welyasid, welyasit, welyasoch, welyasom, welyaswn, welyech, welyed, welyem, welyen, welyoch, welyer, welyes, welyest, welyet, welyi, welyid, welyiff, welyir, welyith, welya, welyasem, welyodd, welyom, welyon, welyont, welywch, welywn, welywyd, welywyf, welyych
Bedding :
dillad gwely
- dillad gwely

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Noun(1) coverings that are used on a bed(2) material used to provide a bed for animals
Verb(1) furnish with a bed(2) place (plants(3) put to bed(4) have sexual intercourse with(5) prepare for sleep

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(1) Change their bedding often, and keep their feeder and waterer clean and filled.(2) For days he had slept beneath his ample bedding , as his mind churned and twisted, in trying to fit itself around what had become of it, and what he had seen.(3) Glass bedding is not required and makes the whole job much easier.(4) However, excavations showed no obvious bedding .(5) She flopped back into the pillows, with Isobel snatching up the teacup just before it sloshed onto the bedding .(6) Meila was adamant that he stayed fearing for his vulnerability, she prepared bedding for him to sleep on the floor.(7) a bedding course of sand(8) She heard his movements in the bedding and brought her eyes up to meet his.(9) She pushed back the bedding and got out of bed, walking to the large pane window that showed the city along the horizon.(10) In the picture, a large, cylindrical structure cuts vertically across the bedding of the sedimentary rock.(11) She took a hold of some of the bedding as she pushed her depression aside and got out of the bed.(12) Back in the old days when wood was all we had for stocks, glass bedding did wonders by providing a consistent place for the action to sit.(13) The big spring jobs, sowing, pricking out and planting out bedding and vegetables, pruning early flowering shrubs and getting the lawn into shape, are all finished.(14) I never liked to be in the room when the maids came into replace the bedding .(15) Conn put the parchment down as he heard the woman stirring on the bedding .(16) Her long black hair was streamed out across the bedding , her beautiful face peaceful, the hint of a smile touching her mouth.
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dillad gwely
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4. lie with ::
gorwedd gyda
5. hit the sack ::
daro y sach
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