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ymddwyn, bihafio, hymarweddu, hymddwyn, mihafio, ymarweddubihafiant, bihafiodd, bihafiasit, bihafiasid, bihafiasent, bihafiasem, bihafiasech, bihafiasant, bihafiasai, bihafiasom, bihafian, bihafiaist, bihafiais, bihafiai, bihafiaf, bihafia’, bihafia, fihafiais, bihafiaswn, bihafid, bihafiech, bihafied, bihafiem, bihafien, bihafient, bihafier, bihafies, bihafiest, bihafiet, bihafiff, bihafio, bihafioch, bihafiasoch, bihafi, bihafiom, bihafion, bihafiont, bihafir, bihafith, bihafiwch, bihafiwn, bihafiwyd, bihafiwyf, bihafiych, fihafi, fihafia, fihafia’, fihafiaf, fihafiai, ymddygasent, fihafiaist, fihafian, fihafiant, fihafiasai, fihafiasant, fihafiasech, fihafiasem, fihafiasent, fihafiasid, fihafiasit, fihafiasoch, fihafiasom, fihafiaswn, fihafid, fihafiech, ymddygasech, fihafien, fihafient, fihafier, fihafies, fihafiest, fihafiet, fihafiff, fihafio, fihafioch, fihafiodd, fihafiom, fihafion, fihafiont, fihafir, ymddygasem, fihafiem, ymddygasant, ymddygasai, ymddygant, ymddygan, ymddygaist, ymddygais, fihafith, ymddygaf, ymddyga’, ymddwg, fihafiych, fihafiwyf, fihafiwyd, fihafiwn, fihafiwch, ymddygid, ymddygasid, ymddygasit, ymddygasoch, ymddygasom, ymddygaswn, ymddygech, ymddyged, ymddygem, ymddygen, ymddygent, ymddyger, ymddyges, ymddygest, ymddyget, fihafied, ymddygai, ymddygiff, ymddygir, ymddygith, ymddygo, ymddygoch, ymddygodd, ymddygom, ymddygon, ymddygont, ymddygwch, ymddygwn, ymddygwyd, ymddygwyf, ymddygych, ymddygi
Behave :
yn ymddwyn
- yn ymddwynymddwynymddwynymddwyn

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Verb(1) behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself(2) behave in a certain manner(3) behave well or properly

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(1) Phenomena that we previously thought of as waves can sometimes behave like particles.(2) they were expected to behave themselves(3) For if we better understand what we are, we might better understand why we behave as we do.(4) All the males in the social group behave as if they are the father, helping to guard and provision the cubs.(5) it is not acceptable for a student to behave like that towards a teacher(6) you can go as long as you behave(7) Investigators also look at how fires behave and how people are affected by them as well as why people start them.(8) I think that they are now about seven or eight, and seem to behave as normal children would.(9) Since this is very hard to effect, a crystal with totally filled bands will behave as an insulator.(10) He said his client admitted he had done wrong and would behave differently if he had his time again.(11) you should behave affectionately toward the patient(12) If someone close by the cash machine is behaving suspiciously or makes you feel uncomfortable, go to another machine.(13) He wound his window down and asked, ÔÇÿAre you behaving yourself ?ÔÇÖ(14) It said a gentleman is a man who behaves well towards others and who can always be trusted to act honorably.(15) It was not in the way they behaved towards each other, certainly.(16) Hubert in particular was recalling times past when Patricia had behaved less than honourably towards his favourite cousin.
Related Words
(1) to behave ::
i ymddwyn
1. conduct oneself ::
cynnal eich hun
2. act correctly ::
gweithredu'n gywir
3. conduct ::
4. comport ::
5. do ::
Different Forms
behave, behaved, behaves, behaving
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