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credu, gredu, coelio, chredu, nghoelio, nghreducredwn, coeliasid, coeliasoch, coeliasent, coeliasem, coeliasech, coeliasant, coeliasai, coeliant, coelian, coeliaist, coeliais, coeliai, coeliaf, coelia’, coelia, coelio, coeliasit, credem, coeliasom, coeliaswn, coelid, coeliech, coelied, coeliem, coelien, coelient, coelier, coelies, coeliest, coeliet, coeliff, coelioch, coeliodd, coeliom, coelion, coeliont, coelir, coelith, coeliwch, coeliwn, coeliwyd, coeliwyf, coeliych, cred, creda, creda’, credaf, credai, creded, credaist, credan, credant, credasai, credasant, credasech, credasem, credasent, credasid, credasit, credasoch, credasom, credaswn, credech, credom, credon, creden, credent, creder, credes, credest, credet, credi, credid, crediff, credir, credith, credo, credoch, credodd, coeli, choeliych, credont, credwch, credwyd, credwyf, credych, choeli, choelia, choelia’, choeliaf, choeliai, choeliais, choeliaist, choelian, choeliant, choelient, choelier, choeliasant, choeliasech, choeliasem, choeliasent, choeliasid, choeliasit, choeliasoch, choeliasom, choeliaswn, choelid, choeliech, choelied, choeliem, choelien, gredasant, choeliasai, choelies, choeliest, choeliet, choeliff, choelio, choelioch, choeliodd, choeliom, choeliont, choelir, choelith, choeliwch, choeliwn, choeliwyd, goeliech, chreda, chreda’, chredaf, chredai, chredais, chredaist, chredan, chredant, chredasai, chredasant, chredasech, chredasem, chredasent, chredasid, chredasit, chredasoch, chredasom, chredaswn, chredech, chreded, chredem, chreden, chredent, chreder, chredes, chredest, chredet, chredi, chredid, chrediff, chredir, chredith, goeliai, chredoch, chredodd, chredom, chredon, chredont, chredwch, chredwn, chredwyd, chredwyf, chredych, goeli, goelia, goelia’, goeliaf, gredet, goeliais, goeliaist, goelian, goeliant, goeliasai, goeliasant, goeliasech, goeliasem, goeliasent, goeliasid, goeliasit, goeliasoch, goeliasom, goeliaswn, goelid, goelir, goelith, goelied, goeliem, goelien, goelient, goelier, goelies, goeliest, goeliet, goeliff, goelio, goelioch, goeliodd, goeliom, goeliont, gredych, choeliwyf, goeliwch, goeliwn, goeliwyd, goeliwyf, goeliych, greda, greda’, gredaf, gredai, gredais, gredaist, gredan, gredant, gredasai, gredasech, gredasem, gredasent, gredasid, gredasit, gredasoch, gredasom, gredaswn, gredech, greded, gredem, greden, gredent, greder, gredes, gredest, credais, gredi, gredid, grediff, gredir, gredith, gredoch, gredodd, gredom, gredon, gredont, gredwch, gredwn, gredwyd, gredwyf
Believe :
yn credu
- yn creduCrediryn credugredu

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Verb(1) accept as true; take to be true(2) judge or regard; look upon; judge(3) be confident about something(4) follow a credo; have a faith; be a believer(5) credit with veracity

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(1) don't believe those lies(2) he didn't believe her(3) His team-mates believed the story was genuine because it suited them to believe it.(4) I believe we've already met(5) She also refuses to believe her when my friend says that people speak English in Trinidad.(6) God asks us to overcome what we cannot see, take a leap of faith and believe and trust in him.(7) I believe that this was the first time I truly understood the power of good branding.(8) What I think is so remarkable about these stories is that we can so very easily believe them.(9) humu-humu are, I believe, shrimp fritters(10) she didn't believe me(11) there are those on the fringes of the Church who do not really believe(12) He asked me to meet him and I believe that was on the same day as the telephone call.(13) We all know this to be true, but cannot help believe a miracle diet will make losing the weight so much easier.(14) Experts believe that these extreme weather events are likely to become much more frequent.(15) I believe it's true(16) Although the City didn't quite think that was true, they were inclined to believe him.
Related Words
(1) to believe ::
i gredu
1. be convinced by ::
eu hargyhoeddi gan
2. regard as true ::
o beth mor wir
3. think ::
4. trust ::
1. disbelieve ::
2. discredit ::
3. reject ::
Different Forms
believe, believed, believes, believing
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