English to Welsh Meaning :: bequeath

adael, cymynnu, chymynnu, ewyllysio, gadael, gymynnu, ngadael, nghymynnuadawasem, adawa’, adawaf, adawai, adawais, adawaist, adawan, adawant, adawasai, adawen, adawa, adawasent, adawasid, adawasit, adawaswn, adawch, adawech, adawed, adawem, adawasech, adawo, adawent, adawer, adawes, adawest, adawet, adawi, adawiff, adawith, cymynniff, cymynna, adawoch, adawodd, adawom, adawont, adawsom, a.och, adawsom, a.on, adawsom, a.sant, adawsom, a.soch, adawn, cymynasai, adawyd, adawyf, adewais, adewaist, adewch, adewi, adewid, adewir, cymynaswn, adawsom, a.son, cymynasant, cymynasech, cymynasem, cymynasent, cymynasid, cymynasit, cymynasoch, cymynasom, adewych, cymynnem, cymynna’, cymynnaf, cymynnai, cymynnais, cymynnaist, cymynnan, cymynnant, cymynnech, adawsom, a.som, chymynnom, cymynnen, cymynnent, cymynner, cymynnes, cymynnest, cymynnet, cymynni, cymynnid, cymynned, cymynnwyd, cymynnith, cymynno, cymynnoch, cymynnodd, cymynnom, cymynnon, cymynnont, cymynnwch, chymynasit, cymynnir, cymynnwyf, cymynnych, chymynasai, chymynasant, chymynasech, chymynasem, chymynasent, chymynasid, cymynnwn, chymynnan, chymynasoch, chymynasom, chymynaswn, chymynna, chymynna’, chymynnaf, chymynnai, chymynnais, âd, ewyllysia’, chymynnant, chymynnech, chymynned, chymynnem, chymynnen, chymynnent, chymynner, chymynnes, chymynnaist, ewyllysia, chymynnet, chymynni, chymynnid, chymynniff, chymynnir, chymynnith, chymynno, chymynnoch, chymynnodd, ewyllysiasech, chymynnon, chymynnont, chymynnwch, chymynnwn, chymynnwyd, chymynnwyf, chymynnych, edy, ewyllysi, ewyllysiasem, ewyllysiaf, ewyllysiai, ewyllysiais, ewyllysiaist, ewyllysian, ewyllysiant, ewyllysiasai, ewyllysiasant, chymynnest, gymynnid, ewyllysiasent, ewyllysiasid, ewyllysiasit, ewyllysiasoch, ewyllysiasom, ewyllysiaswn, ewyllysid, ewyllysiech, ewyllysiodd, ewyllysien, ewyllysient, ewyllysier, ewyllysies, ewyllysiest, ewyllysiet, ewyllysiff, ewyllysio, ewyllysiwyf, ewyllysiem, ewyllysiom, ewyllysion, ewyllysiont, ewyllysir, ewyllysith, ewyllysiwch, ewyllysiwn, ewyllysiwyd, ewyllysioch, gadawasai, gad, gadawa, gadawa’, gadawaf, gadawai, gadawais, gadawaist, gadawan, gymynasoch, gadawsom, a.som, gadawasech, gadawasem, gadawasent, gadawasid, gadawasit, gadawaswn, gadawch, gadawech, gadawant, gadawsom, a.soch, gadawem, gadawen, gadawent, gadawer, gadawes, gadawest, gadawet, gadawi, gadawiff, gadewir, gadawn, gadawo, gadawoch, gadawodd, gadawom, gadawont, gadawsom, a.och, gadawsom, a.on, gadawsom, a.sant, gadewych, gadawsom, a.son, gadawyd, gadawyf, gadewais, gadewaist, gadewch, gadewi, gadewid, gadawed, ewyllysiych, gedy, gymynasai, gymynasant, gymynasech, gymynasem, gymynasent, gymynasid, gymynasit, gymynned, gymynna, gymynna’, gymynnaf, gymynnai, gymynnais, gymynnaist, gymynnan, gymynni, gymynnech, gymynaswn, gymynnem, gymynnen, gymynnent, gymynner, gymynnes, gymynnest, gymynnet, gymynnant, hewyllysient, gymynnwch, gymynniff, gymynnir, gymynnith, gymynno, gymynnoch, gymynnodd, gymynnom, ewyllysied, gymynnont, hewyllysier, gymynnwn, gymynnwyd, gymynnwyf, gymynnych, hewyllysi, hewyllysia, hewyllysia’, gymynnon, gymynasom, hewyllysiasid, hewyllysiais, hewyllysiaist, hewyllysian, hewyllysiant, hewyllysiasai, hewyllysiasant, hewyllysiasech, hewyllysiasem, hewyllysien, hewyllysiai, hewyllysiasit, hewyllysiasoch, hewyllysiasom, hewyllysiaswn, hewyllysid, hewyllysiech, hewyllysied, hewyllysiem, hewyllysiasent, hewyllysiont, hewyllysies, hewyllysiest, hewyllysiet, hewyllysiff, hewyllysio, hewyllysioch, hewyllysiodd, hewyllysiaf, hewyllysion, gadawith, hewyllysir, hewyllysith, hewyllysiwch, hewyllysiwn, hewyllysiwyd, hewyllysiwyf, hewyllysiych, hewyllysiom
Bequeath :
- draddodigymynroddwyda gadawoddmae'n gadael

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Verb(1) leave or give by will after one's death

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(1) The spiralling costs of the upgrade of the Memorial Baths would appear to jeopardise other worthwhile community projects and bequeath a burden of debt on the city and its ratepayers for many years to come.(2) Despite the changes to regulations in this area, many will still find they are forced to use savings or property they hoped to bequeath to family to fund long-term care.(3) Just because they inherited a political and administrative tangle, it shouldn't inevitably follow that they bequeath an environmental disaster.(4) But when he dies he is to bequeath what is left in the manner agreed upon.(5) To finalize the transfer of a license, the Liquor Control Board must bequeath its stamp of approval.(6) The individual owner, of course, may in turn sell, give or bequeath his property to any other individual or to the state.(7) So I intend to bequeath my property to a charity.(8) In England, ex-offenders could be stripped of their property, denied the right to bequeath or inherit property, and barred from bringing suit or performing other legal functions.(9) Parents bequeath property to their children in equal shares.(10) "He wants to bequeath control to his sons, " alleges an insider.(11) The majority of the museum's major collections were donated or bequeathed by individuals.(12) The country's colonial past has bequeathed a wealth of Indonesian restaurants.(13) The basic principles of inheritance are equality and the disposal rights of the bequeathers and the heirs.(14) The Standish Collection was bequeathed to King Louis-Philippe of France and was eventually sold in London in 1853.(15) Although bequeather and descendant have specific personal interests, they agree in their concern for preserving the fortune.(16) But above all, his mistake was to assume that he had done enough to win simply by being competent in office and by bequeathing a healthy economy.
Related Words
1. leave to ::
gadael i
2. leave in one's will to ::
gadael mewn un ewyllys i
4. will to ::
Bydd i
5. make over to ::
gwneud drosodd i
6. pass on to ::
drosglwyddo i
7. entrust to ::
ymddiried i
8. grant to ::
grant i
9. transfer to ::
trosglwyddo i
10. donate to ::
roi i
11. give to ::
roi i
12. endow on ::
waddoli ar
13. bestow on ::
bestow ar
14. confer on ::
rhoi ar
15. demise to ::
tranc i
16. devise to ::
dyfeisio i
17. convey to ::
cyfleu i
Different Forms
bequeath, bequeathed, bequeathing, bequeaths
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