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brolio, frolio, broliom, brolia’, broliasit, broliasid, broliasent, broliasem, broliasech, broliasant, broliasai, broliant, brolian, broliaist, broliais, broliai, broliaf, broliasoch, broliasom, broliaswn, brolid, broliech, brolied, broliem, brolien, brolient, brolier, brolies, broliest, broliet, broliff, brolioch, broliodd, brolion, frolian, broliont, brolir, brolith, broliwch, broliwn, broliwyd, broliwyf, broliych, froli, frolia, frolia’, froliaf, froliai, broli, froliaist, brolia, froliasai, froliasant, froliasech, froliasem, froliasent, froliasid, froliasit, froliasoch, froliasom, froliaswn, frolid, froliech, frolied, froliais, froliwn, frolien, frolient, frolier, frolies, froliest, froliet, froliff, frolioch, froliodd, froliom, frolion, froliont, frolir, frolith, ymffrostiasem, ymffrostiest, ymffrostiasant, ymffrostiasai, ymffrostiant, ymffrostian, ymffrostiaist, ymffrostiais, ymffrostiai, ymffrostiaf, ymffrostia’, ymffrostia, ymffrosti, froliych, froliwyf, froliwch, froliwyd, ymffrostiet, ymffrostiasent, ymffrostiasid, ymffrostiasit, ymffrostiasoch, ymffrostiasom, ymffrostiaswn, ymffrostid, ymffrostiech, ymffrostied, ymffrostiem, ymffrostien, ymffrostient, ymffrostier, ymffrosties, ymffrostiasech, froliem, ymffrostiff, ymffrostio, ymffrostioch, ymffrostiodd, ymffrostiom, ymffrostion, ymffrostiont, ymffrostir, ymffrostith, ymffrostiwch, ymffrostiwn, ymffrostiwyd, ymffrostiwyf, ymffrostiychbrolio, brolian, hymffrostio, mrolian, mrolio, ymffrostio
Brag :
- Bragbrags

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Noun(1) an instance of boastful talk
Verb(1) show off
Adjective(1) exceptionally good

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(1) Men of all walks of life clustered around the tables in the spacious downstairs to play brag , Three-Card-Monte and Chuck-a-Luck on the off chance of making a fortune.(2) At a game of three card brag at work once, I had a prial of threes (top hand) and my opponent had a prial of aces (next highest).(3) The basic game of three card brag was one of the games described by Hoyle, and therefore dates from the late eighteenth century or earlier.(4) These pups should make excellent prospects for trialing or be true brag dogs in the future.(5) I kind of like having an outcross pedigree to all of the big " brag " bulls so I guess I don't have any incentive falsify the registration papers.(6) We used to listen to heavy metal music together, and he used to win all my pocket money playing 5 card brag .(7) Soon, other mountaineers visited the region, no doubt still inspired by Douglas' brag .(8) The old Master, however, knew them for what they were, braggers and empty threats - nothing more.(9) He bragged that the course which he claimed to be one of the best in the country, was in good shape and no excuse would be given by any golfer for failing to perform well.(10) People bragged about their impeccable references and newly renovated websites that would maximize their client base.(11) Don't ask them - or their insurers - what they think of Guinness and his little book of brags .(12) They bragged that they would introduce ÔÇÿinnovation, creativity and private sector expertiseÔÇÖ.(13) Never before, brags Hamill, ÔÇÿhave so many poets spoken in a single chorus.ÔÇÖ(14) Now I'm not being a bragger , but I have a thing for drawing anime.(15) This is something they themselves have admitted, or rather bragged about on countless occasions.(16) Furthermore, he has pledged, or perhaps bragged , that he will not kill protesters.
Related Words
(1) to brag ::
i Brag
4. vaporing ::
5. crow ::
6. boast ::
7. crow ::
8. swagger ::
9. swank ::
10. bluster ::
11. gloat ::
13. blow one's own horn ::
chwythu un ei gorn ei hun
14. sing one's own praises ::
canu un ei canmol ei hun
15. talk big ::
siarad yn fawr
16. bloviate ::
17. lay it on thick ::
osod ar trwchus
18. boss ::
Different Forms
brag, brags
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