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gangen, cangen, changen, cainc, colfen, colfennau, colfenni, chainc, cholfen, cholfennau, cholfenni, gainc, golfen, golfennau, golfenni, nghangen, nghainc, ngholfen, ngholfennau, ngholfennicanghennu, ceincio, changhennu, ganghennu, nghanghennu, ngheincio, hymganghennu, ymganghennucanghenna’, canghenasech, canghenasem, canghenasent, canghenasid, canghenasit, canghenasoch, canghenasom, canghenned, canghenna, canghenasant, canghennaf, canghennai, canghennais, canghennaist, canghennan, canghennant, canghennech, canghenaswn, canghenniff, canghennem, canghennen, canghennent, canghenner, canghennes, canghennest, canghennet, canghenni, ceinciodd, ceinciasid, canghennir, canghennith, canghenno, canghennoch, canghennodd, canghennom, canghennon, canghennid, ceinciais, canghennwn, canghennwyd, canghennwyf, canghennych, ceinci, ceincia, ceincia’, ceinciasent, ceinciai, canghennwch, ceinciaist, ceincian, ceinciant, ceinciasai, ceinciasant, ceinciasech, ceinciasem, ceinciaf, ceincient, ceinciasit, ceinciasoch, ceinciasom, ceinciaswn, ceincid, ceinciech, ceincied, canghennont, ceincien, changhennom, ceincier, ceincies, ceinciest, ceinciet, ceinciff, ceincio, ceincioch, ceinciem, changhenasai, ceincion, ceinciont, ceincir, ceincith, ceinciwch, ceinciwn, ceinciwyd, changhenasom, ceinciych, ceinciom, changhenasant, changhenasech, changhenasem, changhenasent, changhenasid, changhenasit, changhenasoch, ceinciwyf, changhennech, changhenaswn, changhenna, changhenna’, changhennaf, changhennai, changhennais, changhennaist, changhennan, canghenasai, cheinciaf, changhenned, changhennem, changhennen, changhennent, changhenner, changhennes, changhennest, changhennant, changhennon, changhenni, changhennid, changhenniff, changhennir, changhennith, changhenno, changhennoch, changhennodd, cheincia’, cheinciasech, changhennont, changhennwch, changhennwn, changhennwyd, changhennwyf, changhennych, cheinci, cheincia, cheinciasem, cheinciai, cheinciais, cheinciaist, cheincian, cheinciant, cheinciasai, cheinciasant, changhennet, geincioch, cheinciasent, cheinciasid, cheinciasit, cheinciasoch, cheinciasom, cheinciaswn, cheincid, cheinciech, cheinciodd, cheincien, cheincient, cheincier, cheincies, cheinciest, cheinciet, cheinciff, cheinciwyd, cheincioch, cheinciem, cheinciom, cheincion, cheinciont, cheincir, cheincith, cheinciwch, cheinciwn, cheincio, ganghenasom, cheinciych, ganghenasai, ganghenasant, ganghenasech, ganghenasem, ganghenasent, ganghenasid, geinciasech, ganghenasoch, ganghennon, ganghenaswn, ganghenna, ganghenna’, ganghennaf, ganghennai, ganghennais, ganghennaist, ganghenasit, ganghennet, ganghennant, ganghennech, ganghenned, ganghennem, ganghennen, ganghennent, ganghenner, ganghennes, ganghennom, geincia, ganghenni, ganghennid, ganghenniff, ganghennir, ganghennith, ganghenno, ganghennoch, ganghennodd, geincia’, ganghennont, ganghennwch, ganghennwn, ganghennwyd, ganghennwyf, ganghennych, geinci, ganghennan, cheinciwyf, geinciaf, geinciai, geinciais, geinciaist, geincian, geinciant, geinciasai, geinciasant, geincien, geinciasid, geinciasit, geinciasoch, geinciasom, geinciaswn, geincid, geincio, geincied, geinciem, geinciasent, geincient, geincier, geincies, geinciest, geinciet, geinciff, geinciech, ymganghennest, geinciwyf, geinciodd, geinciom, geincion, geinciont, geincir, geincith, geinciwch, cheincied, geinciwyd, ymganghennet, geinciych, ymganghenasai, ymganghenasant, ymganghenasech, ymganghenasem, ymganghenasent, geinciwn, geinciasem, ymganghennan, ymganghenasoch, ymganghenasom, ymganghenaswn, ymganghenna, ymganghenna’, ymganghennaf, ymganghennai, ymganghennes, ymganghennaist, ymganghenasit, ymganghennant, ymganghennech, ymganghenned, ymganghennem, ymganghennen, ymganghennent, ymganghenner, ymganghennais, ymganghennom, ymganghenni, ymganghennid, ymganghenniff, ymganghennir, ymganghennith, ymganghenno, ymganghenasid, ymganghennodd, ganghennest, ymganghennon, ymganghennont, ymganghennwch, ymganghennwn, ymganghennwyd, ymganghennwyf, ymganghennych, ymganghennoch
Branch :
- cangencanghennogcanghennaucanghennogbranchlike

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Noun(1) a division of some larger or more complex organization(2) a division of a stem, or secondary stem arising from the main stem of a plant(3) a part of a forked or branching shape(4) a natural consequence of development(5) a stream or river connected to a larger one(6) any projection that is thought to resemble a human arm
Verb(1) grow and send out branches or branch-like structures(2) divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork

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(1) a branch of mathematics called graph theory(2) Experienced branch managers will operate the elevators.(3) The Estonian language is a branch of the Baltic-Finnish group of the Finno-Ugric family, related to Finnish.(4) Hungarian belongs to the Ugor branch of the Finno-Ugric language family.(5) A new branch of the English language has emerged to describe the shady practice, with phishing, pharming, keylogging and spyware among the recently coined words.(6) The arrangement breaks down the division between headquarters and branch offices.(7) It ran a big trading business and had branch offices in many locations such as Osaka, Kobe and Hokkaido.(8) If you play with this experimental branch , please send some feedback!(9) small branch(10) They took the western branch of the road to begin with.(11) In the Rangoon division, 18 out of 40 branch offices are now operating, with nine permitted to put up their old signboards.(12) He said he had an opportunity to open a branch office for an established document-imaging business that two friends of his had started in another state.(13) he went to work at our Boston branch(14) Which of us, after all, has grown up in an apartment block specifically built to house, on each of its eight floors, a different branch of our own family?(15) Remote workers, branch offices and small businesses have all been persuaded of the advantages of the appliance route.(16) a branch of the Susquehanna River
Related Words
(1) branch office ::
swyddfa gangen
1. bough ::
2. tributary ::
3. division ::
4. office ::
5. limb ::
6. ramification ::
hyn oblygiadau
7. outgrowth ::
8. arm ::
9. fork ::
10. diverge from ::
ymwahanu oddi wrth
11. ramify ::
1. effluent ::
Different Forms
branch, branched, branches, branching, branchlike, subbranch, subbranches
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