English to Welsh Meaning :: burst

byrstio, torri, dorri, fyrstio, byrstiasent, byrstia, byrstiasem, byrstiasech, byrstiasant, byrstiasai, byrstiant, byrstian, byrstiaist, byrstiais, byrstiai, byrstiaf, byrstia’, byrsties, dorraf, byrstiasit, byrstiasoch, byrstiasom, byrstiaswn, byrstid, byrstiech, byrstied, byrstiem, byrstien, byrstient, byrstier, byrstiet, byrstiest, dorrwn, byrstiff, byrstioch, byrstiodd, byrstiom, byrstion, byrstiont, byrstir, byrstith, byrstiwch, byrstiwn, byrstiwyd, byrstiwyf, byrstiasid, dorasai, dorasant, dorasech, dorasem, dorasent, dorasid, dorasit, dorasoch, dorasom, doraswn, dorra, dorra’, dorrest, dorret, dorrai, dorrais, dorraist, dorran, dorrant, dorrech, dorred, dorrem, dorren, dorrent, dorrer, dorres, byrsti, fyrstien, dorrid, dorriff, dorrir, dorrith, dorro, dorroch, dorrodd, dorrom, dorron, dorront, dorrwch, fyrstiasai, dorrwyf, dorrych, dyr, fyrsti, fyrstia, fyrstia’, fyrstiaf, fyrstiai, fyrstiais, fyrstiaist, fyrstian, fyrstiant, fyrstiasant, dorrwyd, fyrstiasech, fyrstiasem, fyrstiasent, fyrstiasid, fyrstiasit, fyrstiasoch, fyrstiasom, fyrstiaswn, fyrstid, fyrstiech, fyrstied, fyrstiwn, fyrstier, fyrsties, fyrstiest, fyrstiet, fyrstiff, fyrstioch, fyrstiodd, fyrstiom, fyrstion, fyrstiont, fyrstir, fyrstith, torrodd, fyrstient, fyrstiwyd, fyrstiwyf, fyrstiych, tor, torasai, torasant, torasech, torasem, torasent, torasid, torasit, thorrir, torasoch, torrem, torasom, toraswn, torra, torra’, torraf, torrai, torrais, torraist, torran, torrant, torrech, torred, thorrant, torren, torrent, torrer, torres, torrest, torret, torrid, torriff, torrir, torrith, torro, fyrstiwch, torroch, fyrstiem, torrom, torron, torront, torrwch, torrwn, torrwyd, torrwyf, torrych, tyr, thorasai, thorasant, thorasech, thorasem, thorasent, thorasid, thorasit, thorasoch, thorasom, thoraswn, thorra, thorra’, thorraf, thorrai, thorrais, thorraist, thorrith, thorrech, thorred, thorrem, thorren, thorrent, thorrer, thorres, thorrest, thorret, thorri, thorrid, thorriff, thorran, byrstiych, thorro, thorroch, thorrodd, thorrom, thorron, thorront, thorrwch, thorrwn, thorrwyd, thorrwyf, thorrych, thyrbyrstio, torri, myrstio, nhorri
Burst :
- byrstiobyrstiobyrstio

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Noun(1) the act of exploding or bursting(2) rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms(3) a sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason(4) a sudden intense happening
Verb(1) come open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure(2) force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up(3) burst outward, usually with noise(4) move suddenly, energetically, or violently(5) be in a state of movement or action(6) emerge suddenly(7) cause to burst(8) break open or apart suddenly and forcefully

Show Examples

(1) I hiccuped in order to disguise a sudden burst of laughter.(2) At the mention of his name, Ali felt all the emotion in her well up and burst out, and she collapsed onto the steering wheel once more, this time with tears running from her face.(3) Just then, a searing note burst from the stage - the band was ready.(4) Cinaed gave a brief burst of laughter, releasing the tension.(5) Edric knew what he meant and burst out with his rich laughter.(6) A folding forms tray is provided to hold forms to be burst .(7) The last line was the money line, causing the crowd to burst into applause.(8) the swollen river was expected to burst its banks(9) he sailed 474 miles in one 24-hour burst(10) Four police officers burst out and crowded around the doorway.(11) As he looked at Kennedy he thought the man might burst a blood vessel, his face was that red.(12) Barnes panted for a moment as adrenaline surged through him from the sudden burst of pain.(13) The Bridgehouse Beck, which runs through the village, burst its banks at about 9am on Tuesday after about a month's worth of rain fell in 24 hours.(14) Just minutes later, before I could even make a phone call, the front door burst open and Troy ran into the house, with Thomas close behind.(15) The boosters near her wings flared up, erupting in a burst of pressure that sent her streaming forward.(16) the words burst from him in an angry rush
Related Words
(1) burst out ::
byrstio allan
1. explosion ::
2. volley ::
3. outbreak ::
4. fit ::
5. outburst ::
6. split open ::
rhannu ar agor
7. explode ::
8. break ::
9. barge ::
10. break out in ::
dorri allan yn
11. collapse ::
12. bust ::
13. split ::
14. erupt ::
15. bristle ::
Different Forms
burst, bursting, bursts
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