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brynu, prynu, phrynu, mhrynuprynwch, bryno, bryna, brynasit, brynasid, brynasent, brynasem, brynasech, brynasant, brynasai, brynant, brynan, brynaist, brynais, brynai, brynaf, bryna’, prynasent, brynith, brynir, bryniff, brynid, bryni, brynet, brynest, brynasoch, bryner, brynent, brynen, brynem, bryned, brynech, brynaswn, brynasom, brynwyd, bryn, prynaf, pryna’, pryna, prŷn, pryn, brynych, brynwyf, pryned, brynwn, brynwch, brynont, brynon, brynom, brynodd, brynoch, phrynasem, prynech, prynaswn, prynasom, prynasoch, prynasit, prynasid, prynai, prynasem, prynasech, prynasant, prynasai, prynant, prynan, prynaist, prynais, prynid, pryniff, prynen, prynent, pryner, prynes, prynest, prynet, pryni, phrynasant, phrynasech, prynir, prynith, pryno, prynoch, prynodd, prynom, prynon, phrynasai, phrynant, phrynan, phrynaist, phrynais, phrynai, prynont, phryna’, phryna, phryn, prynych, prynwyf, prynwyd, prynwn, phrynaf, phryned, phrynych, prynem, phrynest, phrynes, phryner, phrynent, phrynen, phrynem, phrynwyf, phrynech, phrynaswn, phrynasom, phrynasoch, phrynasit, phrynasid, phrynasent, brynes, phrynwyd, phrynwn, phrynwch, phrynont, phrynon, phrynet, phrynodd, phrynoch, phryno, phrynith, phrynir, phryniff, phrynid, phryni, phrynom
Buy :
- prynuprynwrprynuprynu

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Noun(1) an advantageous purchase
Verb(1) obtain by purchase; acquire by means of a financial transaction(2) make illegal payments to in exchange for favors or influence(3) be worth or be capable of buying(4) acquire by trade or sacrifice or exchange(5) accept as true

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(1) At the risk of sounding clichÔö£┬«-ish: Money can't buy loyalty, or love or affection.(2) a house'll be your biggest buy(3) The money may not buy much but you will get paid back your original investment.(4) It has been known for centuries that money does not buy happiness.(5) Money doesn't buy happiness and most of the time the best people are the people that you mob pass on the street everyday.(6) I'll buy off the investigators(7) They didn't meet a damn person that might tip them to a job, a drug buy , or anything else.(8) The palate can be varied, but at its best the soft summer fruit, leather and spice make it a bargain buy .(9) If they can sell a large home and buy into a village, it frees up capital for them to buy a new car, travel, or go overseas.(10) The old saying money cannot buy happiness certainly rings true for one of the most controversial men in rugby league.(11) I hate to buy into stereotypes(12) wine is rarely a good buy in duty-free shops(13) it was a good buy(14) a strong pair of shoes is an essential buy(15) money can't buy happiness(16) For instance, the fund may join a consortium of investors organized to fund a quick buy and sale of a piece.
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Different Forms
buy, buyer, buyers, buying, buys
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