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cuddliw, guddliw, chuddliw, nghuddliw, cuddliwiau, cuddwedd, cuddweddau, chuddliwiau, chuddwedd, chuddweddau, guddwedd, guddweddau, gwarchodliw, nghuddliwiau, nghuddwedd, nghuddweddau, ngwarchodliw, warchodliw, guddliwiaucuddliwio, guddliwio, cuddliwiasit, cuddliwia, cuddliwiasid, cuddliwiasent, cuddliwiasem, cuddliwiasech, cuddliwiasant, cuddliwiasai, cuddliwiant, cuddliwian, cuddliwiaist, cuddliwiais, cuddliwiai, cuddliwiaf, cuddliwia’, cuddliwiodd, cuddliwiom, cuddliwiasom, cuddliwiaswn, cuddliwid, cuddliwiech, cuddliwied, cuddliwiem, cuddliwien, cuddliwient, cuddliwier, cuddliwies, cuddliwiest, cuddliwiet, cuddliwiff, cuddliwioch, cuddliwion, chuddliwian, cuddliwiont, cuddliwir, cuddliwith, cuddliwiwch, cuddliwiwn, cuddliwiwyd, cuddliwiwyf, cuddliwiych, chuddliwi, chuddliwia, chuddliwia’, chuddliwiaf, chuddliwiai, chuddliwiais, chuddliwiem, chuddliwiaist, chuddliwiant, chuddliwiasai, chuddliwiasant, chuddliwiasech, chuddliwiasem, chuddliwiasent, chuddliwiasid, chuddliwiasit, chuddliwiasoch, chuddliwiasom, chuddliwiaswn, chuddliwid, chuddliwiech, cuddliwi, guddliwiasant, chuddliwient, chuddliwier, chuddliwies, chuddliwiest, chuddliwiet, chuddliwiff, chuddliwio, chuddliwioch, chuddliwiodd, chuddliwiom, chuddliwion, chuddliwiont, chuddliwir, chuddliwith, guddliwiasem, chuddliwien, guddliwiasai, guddliwiant, guddliwian, guddliwiaist, guddliwiais, guddliwiai, chuddliwiwch, guddliwia’, guddliwia, guddliwi, chuddliwiych, chuddliwiwyf, chuddliwiwyd, chuddliwiwn, guddliwiaf, guddliwiest, chuddliwied, guddliwiasent, guddliwiasid, guddliwiasit, guddliwiasoch, guddliwiasom, guddliwiaswn, guddliwid, guddliwiech, guddliwied, guddliwiem, guddliwien, guddliwient, guddliwier, guddliwiasech, cuddliwiasoch, guddliwiet, guddliwiff, guddliwioch, guddliwiodd, guddliwiom, guddliwion, guddliwiont, guddliwir, guddliwith, guddliwiwch, guddliwiwn, guddliwiwyd, guddliwiwyf, guddliwiych, guddliwiescuddliwio, nghuddliwio
Camouflage :
- cuddliwcuddliwcamouflagescamouflaging

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Noun(1) an outward semblance that misrepresents the true nature of something(2) fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan; intended to make the wearer of a garment made of this fabric hard to distinguish from the background(3) device or stratagem for concealment or deceit(4) the act of concealing the identity of something by modifying its appearance
Verb(1) disguise by camouflaging; exploit the natural surroundings to disguise something

Show Examples

(1) This coloration, typical of many marine mammals, provides camouflage .(2) Jackson had since met a woman from his wilderness group and they tied the knot in camouflage military fatigues.(3) Big animals don't need camouflage , because they're big - they're dangerous.(4) She was dressed in green camouflage and waving a banner that Ford couldn't read, since it was backwards.(5) This may have served the purpose of camouflage , making the animal more inconspicuous.(6) He was wearing military style fatigues including camouflage trousers tucked into brown boots.(7) It managed a multitude of critical supply requirements, including desert camouflage uniforms and body armor for deploying soldiers.(8) New ideas are often slow to catch on in the military, and digital camouflage was one of them.(9) Detailed centralised supervision and inspection is a recipe for decline which official statistics merely camouflage .(10) Imagine the military applications of dynamic camouflage clothing.(11) Adding a sense of combat reality to the classroom are sandbags, camouflage netting, and the sounds of exploding ordnance and close air support.(12) The effectiveness of the female's spring camouflage is as uncanny as that of her white plumage in winter.(13) Natural camouflage is one of nature's most interesting traits.(14) Ubiquitous technologies for encryption, passive measures like camouflage , and low-tech countermeasures will see to that.(15) There are too many hunters with guns wearing camouflage and Red Sox hats.(16) In its natural environment its mottled colouring provides camouflage .
1. disguise ::
2. a facade ::
3. camo ::
4. disguise ::
Different Forms
camouflage, camouflaged, camouflages, camouflaging
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