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can, caniau, bocs, bocsys, chaniau, focs, focsys, ganiau, nghaniau, mocs, mocsyscanio, nghaniocaniasai, caniont, caniasoch, caniasit, caniasid, caniasent, caniasem, caniasech, caniasant, caniaswn, caniant, canian, caniaist, caniais, caniai, caniaf, cania’, chaniaist, caniech, canied, caniem, canien, canient, canier, canies, caniest, caniet, canio, canioch, caniodd, caniom, canion, caniasom, cania, caniwch, caniwn, caniwyd, caniwyf, caniych, canni, cannid, canniff, cannir, cannith, chania, chania’, chaniaf, chaniai, chaniais, ganiasent, chanian, chaniant, chaniasai, chaniasant, chaniasech, chaniasem, chaniasent, chaniasid, chaniasit, chaniasoch, chaniasom, chaniaswn, chaniech, chanied, chaniem, ganiasech, chanier, chanies, chaniest, chaniet, chanio, chanioch, chaniodd, chaniom, chanion, chaniont, chaniwch, chaniwn, chaniwyd, chaniwyf, ganiasem, chanient, ganiasant, ganiasai, ganiant, ganian, ganiaist, ganiais, chaniych, ganiaf, gania’, gania, channith, channir, channiff, channid, channi, ganioch, ganiasid, ganiasit, ganiasoch, ganiasom, ganiaswn, ganiech, ganied, ganiem, ganien, ganient, ganier, ganies, ganiest, ganiet, chanien, ganiai, ganiodd, ganiom, ganion, ganiont, ganiwch, ganiwn, ganiwyd, ganiwyf, ganiych, ganni, gannid, ganniff, gannir, gannith, ganio
Can :
- gallCanercanerscaniau

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Noun(1) airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc.(2) the quantity contained in a can(3) a buoy with a round bottom and conical top(4) the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on(5) a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination(6) a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
Verb(1) preserve in a can or tin(2) terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position

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(1) how can I possibly thank you?(2) A little adrenaline can be useful but stress is generally not healthy or helpful.(3) You are told that you can open the door at any time you wish, but only once, and only briefly.(4) it can be hard work(5) Inscriptions in public places can also indicate the social status of the artist.(6) aluminium can(7) It takes a couple of seconds to phone a team doctor and check if you can take something.(8) you can imagine my terror(9) You just know that as soon as he can speak, he's going to be asked what he thinks of Joe being his father.(10) can you open the window?(11) I can go a lot slower if you want.(12) Not only can he not read music, he cannot read at all.(13) they can run fast(14) You simply get to choose a smaller portion of any of the main courses, or you can choose to share a main course.(15) can you believe it!(16) can of beans
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1. tin can ::
gall tun
2. can buoy ::
gall bwi
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7. fire ::
9. give notice ::
rhoi rhybudd
Different Forms
can, caner, caners, cans
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