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cap, gap, chap, capan, capanau, capiau, chapan, chapanau, chapiau, gapan, gapanau, gapiau, nghap, nghapan, nghapanau, nghapiaugapio, capio, capiasit, capia, capiasid, capiasent, capiasem, capiasech, capiasant, capiasai, capiant, capian, capiaist, capiais, capiai, capiaf, capia’, capiodd, capiom, capiasom, capiaswn, capid, capiech, capied, capiem, capien, capient, capier, capies, capiest, capiet, capiff, capioch, capion, chapian, capiont, capir, capith, capiwch, capiwn, capiwyd, capiwyf, capiych, chapi, chapia, chapia’, chapiaf, chapiai, chapiais, chapiem, chapiaist, chapiant, chapiasai, chapiasant, chapiasech, chapiasem, chapiasent, chapiasid, chapiasit, chapiasoch, chapiasom, chapiaswn, chapid, chapiech, capi, gapiasant, chapient, chapier, chapies, chapiest, chapiet, chapiff, chapio, chapioch, chapiodd, chapiom, chapion, chapiont, chapir, chapith, gapiasem, chapien, gapiasai, gapiant, gapian, gapiaist, gapiais, gapiai, chapiwch, gapia’, gapia, gapi, chapiych, chapiwyf, chapiwyd, chapiwn, gapiaf, gapiest, chapied, gapiasent, gapiasid, gapiasit, gapiasoch, gapiasom, gapiaswn, gapid, gapiech, gapied, gapiem, gapien, gapient, gapier, gapiasech, capiasoch, gapiet, gapiff, gapioch, gapiodd, gapiom, gapion, gapiont, gapir, gapith, gapiwch, gapiwn, gapiwyd, gapiwyf, gapiych, gapiescapio, nghapio
Cap :
- capcapletcapiauuncap

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Noun(1) a tight-fitting headdress(2) a top (as for a bottle(3) a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive; can be used to initiate the reaction of a disrupting explosive(4) something serving as a cover or protection(5) a fruiting structure resembling an umbrella or a cone that forms the top of a stalked fleshy fungus such as a mushroom(6) a protective covering that is part of a plant(7) an upper limit on what is allowed(8) (dentistry(9) the upper part of a column that supports the entablature
Verb(1) lie at the top of(2) restrict the number or amount of

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(1) The cap is short for capitalization, which is a measure by which we can classify a company's size.(2) If they've got bad teeth, you'll cap the teeth, if they need a makeover, you give them a makeover.(3) Although drab in winter, males spend much of the year resplendent in bright lemon-yellow plumage set off by black and white wings, cap , and tail.(4) Even putting a cap on the price spent on it makes more sense.(5) Men often wear a long white robe called a jallabiyah, with either a small cap or a turban as a head covering.(6) Tendring's share of this year's council tax bill has been set at a level which could lead to a Government cap on spending(7) It used to be companies evaluated their size based on revenue and number of people; now it's market cap or market valuation.(8) I couldn't unscrew the cap of those little bottles with one thumb if my life depended upon it.(9) Johnny is going to have to do a hell of a lot more than put on a ski cap in order to get you off, you know!(10) Cover head in plastic cap or plastic wrap and cover with a warm towel.(11) The mature cap is metallic green in color, but it varies from light yellow to greenish-brown.(12) He said he hoped the government's measure to cap fuel prices should not last too long because it could have repercussions in the long run.(13) He even turns a flat cap and Barbour into something of a fashion statement, the kind of thing that could well catch on in Shoreditch or Manchester.(14) a cap on government purchases(15) a bathing cap(16) It is heavily barred brown-and-white above and below, with a white eye-line that separates a rufous cap and cheek.
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gosod terfyn ar
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Different Forms
cap, caplet, caplets, caps, uncap, uncaps
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