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gloddestent, gloddesta’, gloddestaf, gloddestai, gloddestais, gloddestaist, gloddestan, gloddestant, gloddestasai, gloddestasant, gloddestasech, gloddesto, gloddestasent, gloddestasid, gloddestasit, gloddestasoch, gloddestasom, gloddestaswn, gloddestech, gloddested, gloddestem, gloddesten, gloddestoch, gloddester, gloddestes, gloddestest, gloddestet, gloddesti, gloddestid, gloddestiff, gloddestir, gloddestith, gloddesta, gloddestasem, gloddestodd, gloddestom, gloddeston, gloddestont, gloddestwch, gloddestwn, gloddestwyd, gloddestwyf, gloddestych, loddestent, loddesta’, loddestaf, loddestai, loddestais, loddestaist, loddestan, loddestant, loddestasai, loddestasant, loddestasech, loddesto, loddestasent, loddestasid, loddestasit, loddestasoch, loddestasom, loddestaswn, loddestech, loddested, loddestem, loddesten, loddestoch, loddester, loddestes, loddestest, loddestet, loddesti, loddestid, loddestiff, loddestir, loddestith, loddesta, loddestasem, loddestodd, loddestom, loddeston, loddestont, loddestwch, loddestwn, loddestwyd, loddestwyf, loddestychcyfeddach, chyfeddach, gloddesta, gyfeddach, nghyfeddach, ngloddestacriws, chriws, griws, nghriws
Carouse :
- carousecarousedcarousescyfeddach

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Noun(1) revelry in drinking; a merry drinking party
Verb(1) engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking

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(1) The Last Supper, or a mere carouse as Ivan had called it (which caused his confinement in the dark shed), came to the apogee.(2) He wasn't the carouser and the party animal that people thought.(3) The air is warm and still enough that I didn't even need a sweater, and the sidewalks were already lined with carousers .(4) The early closing time of pubs meant that carousers were forced to gather at dusk in private homes, where the host would tap a barrel.(5) All the other guys on the basketball team were already carousing , dancing with girls and eating to their heart's content.(6) He died a young man and it was possible that his lifestyle sleeping in wet clothes, drinking and carousing led to his death.(7) These verses have been quoted by Arab carousers though the centuries.(8) They go out dining, drinking, and carousing together.(9) Are all the symbols of a modern Christmas, with its glitz, glamour, over eating, drinking, carousing in keeping with the simple story of the Nativity?(10) It is the morning after the night before and he is looking relatively chipper despite a late night carousing in Glasgow.(11) It's a day of drinking, carousing and live music.(12) He would come home early, early in the morning - after work, he would go out drinking and carousing , so his adventures would take until after midnight to culminate.(13) Everyone's out carousing in the street anyway.(14) I was raised a strict Mormon; alcohol, smoking, going to bars, carousing , etc. were against the rules of the religion.(15) Instead of returning home, he made a night of it, carousing with his friends.(16) There's evidence to support this, too: where I used to go out carousing until the wee small hours during the week, I'm now more likely to be moderate and in bed by midnight - even on the weekends.
Related Words
1. toot ::
2. bender ::
3. booze-up ::
4. carousal ::
5. drink and make merry ::
yfed a gwneud llawen
6. go on a drinking bout ::
mynd ar bout yfed
7. go on a spree ::
mynd ar sbri
8. revel ::
9. celebrate ::
10. roister ::
11. party ::
12. booze ::
13. go boozing ::
mynd boozing
14. binge ::
mewn pyliau
15. go on a binge ::
mynd ar sbri
16. go on a bender ::
mynd ar Bender
17. paint the town red ::
paent y dref coch
18. rave ::
19. whoop it up ::
whoop i fyny
20. wassail ::
Different Forms
carouse, caroused, carouses, carousing
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