English to Welsh Meaning :: carry

cario, gario, chario, gariwyd, cludo, caria, cariasant, caria’, cariaf, cariai, cariais, cariaist, carian, cariant, cariasai, caried, cariasech, cariasem, cariasent, cariasid, cariasit, cariasoch, cariasom, cariaswn, carid, cariech, cariem, cariom, cluden, carien, carient, carier, caries, cariest, cariet, cariff, carioch, charia, cariodd, carion, cariont, carir, carith, cariwch, cariwn, cariwyd, cariwyf, cariych, cludasent, cludaf, cludai, cludais, cludaist, cludan, cludant, cludasai, cludasant, cludasech, cludent, cluda’, cludasid, cludasit, cludasoch, cludasom, cludaswn, cludech, cluded, cludem, charien, cludom, cludes, cludest, cludet, cludi, cludid, cludiff, cludir, cludith, cluda, cludodd, cluder, cludon, cludont, cludwch, cludwn, cludwyd, cludwyf, cludych, chari, cludoch, chariasent, chariaf, chariai, chariais, chariaist, charian, chariant, chariasai, chariasant, chariem, chariasem, charia’, chariasid, chariasit, chariasoch, chariasom, chariaswn, charid, chariech, charied, chariasech, chariont, charient, charier, charies, chariest, chariet, chariff, charioch, chariodd, dyga’, charion, chludes, charir, charith, chariwch, chariwn, chariwyd, chariwyf, chariych, chluda, chariom, chludasid, chludai, chludais, chludaist, chludan, chludant, chludasai, chludasant, chludasech, chludasem, chluder, chludaf, chludasit, chludasoch, chludasom, chludaswn, chludech, chluded, chludem, chluden, chludent, chludom, chludest, chludet, chludi, chludid, chludiff, chludir, chludith, chludo, chluda’, chludodd, chludasent, chludon, chludont, chludwch, chludwn, chludwyd, chludwyf, chludych, cari, chludoch, dygasem, dygodd, dygaf, dygai, dygais, dygaist, dygan, dygant, dygasai, dygasant, dygasech, garia, dyger, dygasid, dygasit, dygasoch, dygasom, dygaswn, dygech, dyged, dygem, dygen, ddygaf, dyges, dygest, dyget, dygi, dygid, dygiff, dygir, dygith, dygo, dygoch, dygent, dygom, dygon, dygont, dygwch, dygwn, dygwyd, dygwyf, dygych, ddwg, ddygasem, ddygwyf, ddygith, ddygai, ddygais, ddygaist, ddygan, ddygant, ddygasai, ddygasant, ddygasech, ddygwyd, ddygen, ddygasid, ddygasit, ddygasoch, ddygasom, ddygaswn, ddygech, ddyged, ddygasent, ddygir, dygasent, ddyga’, ddygent, ddyger, ddyges, ddygest, ddyget, ddygi, ddygid, ddygiff, gludasem, ddygem, ddygo, ddygoch, ddygodd, ddygom, ddygon, ddygont, ddygwch, ddygwn, gariasant, gari, dwg, garia’, gariaf, gariai, gariais, gariaist, garian, gariant, gariech, garioch, gariasech, gariasem, gariasent, gariasid, gariasit, gariasoch, gariasom, gariaswn, garid, gariasai, gariodd, garied, gariem, garien, garient, garier, garies, gariest, gariet, gariff, ddygych, gluder, gariom, garion, gariont, garir, garith, gariwch, gariwn, gariwyf, gariych, gludasent, gludaf, gludai, gludais, gludaist, gludan, gludant, gludasai, gludasant, gludasech, gludent, gluda’, gludasid, gludasit, gludasoch, gludasom, gludaswn, gludech, gluded, gludem, gluden, gludodd, gludes, gludest, gludet, gludi, gludid, gludiff, gludir, gludith, gluda, gludoch, cludasem, gludom, gludon, gludont, gludwch, gludwn, gludwyd, gludwyf, gludych, gludocario, ddwyn, cludo, dwyn, nghario, nghludo, nwyn
Carry :
- cariocariocario

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Noun(1) the act of carrying something
Verb(1) move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one's hands or on one's body(2) have with oneself; have on one's person(3) transmit or serve as the medium for transmission(4) serve as a means for expressing something(5) bear or be able to bear the weight, pressure,or responsibility of(6) support or hold in a certain manner(7) contain or hold; have within(8) extend to a certain degree(9) continue or extend(10) be necessarily associated with or result in or involve(11) win in an election(12) include, as on a list(13) behave in a certain manner(14) have on hand(15) include as the content; broadcast or publicize(16) propel

Show Examples

(1) Of the 10 York bridges which carry roads over railway tracks, six cross the East Coast main line, two cross the Scarborough line and two cross the Harrogate line.(2) And the running game struggled again as the two running backs averaged 2.8 yards a carry .(3) If ever you get a sum bigger than 10, then write down the units digit of the sum and remember to carry anything over into your next pair to add.(4) A few newspapers did carry the story but wildly distorted the facts, greatly upsetting the brothers.(5) Both the ThinkPad and Latitude carry Pentium M branding; the Toshiba is a full Centrino product.(6) A three-span bridge will carry the road over Semington Brook and an aqueduct will be built to take the Kennet and Avon canal over the bypass.(7) The carry at the 10th, for example, is more than 250 yards.(8) And where the canal had been reduced to a mere pipeline, new bridges were built to carry walkers over the now brimming waterway.(9) They knew they'd have to move fast and carry the wounded men back, so they didn't want to take along any more weight than necessary.(10) Meanwhile, plans were being finalised yesterday for the placing of massive 90-tonne beams to carry a flyover over the Kinsale Road roundabout.(11) It was introduced because we identified a consumer need for a low-carbohydrate and low calorie beer that still has a taste refined enough to carry the Michelob family name.(12) If the brands at your store don't carry any of these marks, pick a brand and call the company that makes it.(13) The visual processing power we carry around with us is enormous, and the right image can go a long way to prove a key point or leave a lasting impression on a colleague.(14) Meanwhile, it emerged that failing to tell the Government when you move house will carry a fine of up to Ôö¼├║1,000 under Mr Blunkett's identity card plans.(15) They are stubborn enough to carry their grudges a long time.(16) Cats carry the disease Toxoplasmosis, which can be transmitted to the bandicoots and is often fatal.
Related Words
1. convey ::
2. transport ::
3. transmit ::
4. support ::
5. bear ::
6. be pregnant with ::
yn feichiog gyda
7. conduct ::
8. approve ::
9. win over ::
ennill dros
10. publish ::
11. sell ::
12. display ::
13. entail ::
14. be audible ::
fod yn glywadwy
15. hold ::
16. post ::
17. stock ::
18. extend ::
19. take ::
20. run ::
21. sway ::
22. contain ::
23. express ::
24. dribble ::
1. exclude ::
2. omit ::
Different Forms
carries, carry, carrying
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

And I refuse to carry
my laptop at the end of a stick.

And I refuse to CARRY my laptop at the end of a stick.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 24

I am the wife of the great khal
and I carry his son inside me.

I am the wife of the great khal and I CARRY his son inside me.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 4

while you carry her
to the toilet?

while you CARRY her to the toilet?

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 23

It is forbidden
to carry weapons in the sacred city.

It is forbidden to CARRY weapons in the sacred city.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4

That snubbie will conceal up
real nice if you carry it lWB.

That snubbie will conceal up real nice if you CARRY it lWB.

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 2

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