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swyn, chyfaredd, cyfaredd, cyfareddau, chyfareddau, gyfaredd, gyfareddau, nghyfaredd, nghyfareddau, swynioncyfareddu, chyfareddu, gyfareddu, nghyfareddu, hudocyfareddasech, cyfareddasem, cyfaredda’, cyfareddaf, cyfareddai, cyfareddais, cyfareddaist, cyfareddan, cyfareddant, cyfareddasai, cyfareddasant, cyfareddych, chyfaredda, cyfareddasent, cyfareddasid, cyfareddasit, cyfareddasoch, cyfareddasom, cyfareddaswn, cyfareddech, cyfaredded, cyfareddem, cyfaredden, cyfareddent, cyfaredder, cyfareddes, cyfareddest, cyfareddet, cyfareddi, cyfareddid, cyfareddiff, cyfareddir, cyfareddith, chyfareddo, cyfareddoch, cyfareddodd, cyfareddom, cyfareddon, cyfareddont, cyfareddwch, cyfareddwn, cyfareddwyd, cyfareddwyf, chyfareddasech, chyfareddasem, chyfaredda’, chyfareddaf, chyfareddai, chyfareddais, chyfareddaist, chyfareddan, chyfareddant, chyfareddasai, chyfareddasant, chyfareddych, cyfaredda, chyfareddasent, chyfareddasid, chyfareddasit, chyfareddasoch, chyfareddasom, chyfareddaswn, chyfareddech, chyfaredded, chyfareddem, chyfaredden, chyfareddent, chyfaredder, chyfareddes, chyfareddest, chyfareddet, chyfareddi, chyfareddid, chyfareddiff, chyfareddir, chyfareddith, cyfareddo, chyfareddoch, chyfareddodd, chyfareddom, chyfareddon, chyfareddont, chyfareddwch, chyfareddwn, chyfareddwyd, chyfareddwyf, gyfareddasech, gyfareddasem, gyfaredda’, gyfareddaf, gyfareddai, gyfareddais, gyfareddaist, gyfareddan, gyfareddant, gyfareddasai, gyfareddasant, gyfareddych, huda, gyfareddasent, gyfareddasid, gyfareddasit, gyfareddasoch, gyfareddasom, gyfareddaswn, gyfareddech, gyfaredded, gyfareddem, gyfaredden, gyfareddent, gyfaredder, gyfareddes, gyfareddest, gyfareddet, gyfareddi, gyfareddid, gyfareddiff, gyfareddir, gyfareddith, hudo, gyfareddoch, gyfareddodd, gyfareddom, gyfareddon, gyfareddont, gyfareddwch, gyfareddwn, gyfareddwyd, gyfareddwyf, hudasech, hudasem, huda’, hudaf, hudai, hudais, hudaist, hudan, hudant, hudasai, hudasant, hudych, gyfaredda, hudasent, hudasid, hudasit, hudasoch, hudasom, hudaswn, hudech, huded, hudem, huden, hudent, huder, hudes, hudest, hudet, hudi, hudid, hudiff, hudir, hudith, gyfareddo, hudoch, hudodd, hudom, hudon, hudont, hudwch, hudwn, hudwyd, hudwyf
Charm :
- swynCharmedcharmerswynolcharmless

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Noun(1) attractiveness that interests or pleases or stimulates(2) a verbal formula believed to have magical force(3) something believed to bring good luck(4) (physics
Verb(1) attract; cause to be enamored(2) control by magic spells, as by practicing witchcraft(3) protect through supernatural powers or charms(4) induce into action by using one's charm

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(1) It was a jewellery case and she opened it up to find a tiny gold necklace with a unique charm on it; the symbol of the Trinity.(2) I debated on an accessory, finally deciding on a silver chain necklace with a small charm of a glass slipper on the end.(3) the dreamcatcher is a charm used to prevent bad dreams(4) she will charm your warts away(5) Your charm will attract the attention of the opposite sex.(6) a good luck charm(7) Anyway, the charm was meant to bring true happiness and I'm sure a gloomy cold person like Ian would need some of that.(8) He was a prolific letter writer of great charm and quality, and many of his observations on literature are scattered throughout the letters.(9) These early sitcom-style moments contain much of the humour and charm that really draws us into the world of these characters.(10) But they still retain a kind of charm , which attracts camera-toting tourists round the clock.(11) Huck and Joe go back in the water for another swim, but Tom declines, because he has lost his string of rattlesnake rattles, his magic charm against cramps.(12) What the public wants, says Shaw, is ÔÇÿa cheap magic charm to prevent, and a cheap pill or potion to cure all diseases.ÔÇÖ(13) Members of the opposite sex will be attracted by your charm .(14) She recounts in detail her nervousness around him, her supposedly dangerous fascination with his charm .(15) I felt the charm on my necklace pressing coldly onto my chest.(16) Similar fun is had in other fields of science, as for instance by physicists who have named a class of elementary particles quarks, of which charm is one of the flavors.
Related Words
(1) lucky charm ::
swyn lwcus
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4. talisman ::
5. good luck charm ::
swyn pob lwc
7. delight ::
8. coax ::
9. capture ::
10. tempt ::
11. becharm ::
1. hoodoo ::
2. jinx ::
Different Forms
charm, charmed, charmer, charmers, charming, charmless, charms
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