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siec, gwiriad, wiriad, arolwg, arolygiadau, arolygon, atalfa, atalfeydd, ngwiriad, harolwg, harolygiadau, harolygon, hatalfa, hatalfeydd, sieciauwirio, gwirio, gwiriwch, ataliasem, ataliem, atali, atalia’, ataliaf, ataliai, ataliais, ataliaist, atalian, ataliant, ataliasai, ataliasant, ataliasech, ateliych, ataliasent, ataliasid, ataliasit, ataliasoch, ataliasom, ataliaswn, ataliech, atalied, atalier, ataliont, gwiriaswn, atalies, ataliest, ataliet, ataliff, atalio, atalioch, ataliodd, ataliom, atalion, ateliwch, atalient, ataliwch, ataliwn, ataliwyd, ataliwyf, ateli, ateliais, ateliaist, atelid, atelir, gwirian, atal, gwiriant, eteil, etyl, gwiri, gwiria, gwiria’, gwiriaf, gwiriai, gwiriais, gwiriaist, gwiriych, hatali, gwiriasai, gwiriasant, gwiriasech, gwiriasem, gwiriasent, gwiriasid, gwiriasit, gwiriasoch, gwiriasom, gwiriff, gwiriodd, gwiriech, gwiried, gwiriem, gwirien, gwirient, gwirier, gwiries, gwiriest, gwiriet, atalien, gwirioch, gwirid, gwiriom, gwirion, gwiriont, gwirir, gwirith, gwiriwn, gwiriwyd, gwiriwyf, hataliasent, hatalia’, hataliaf, hataliai, hataliais, hataliaist, hatalian, hataliant, hataliasai, hataliasant, hataliasech, hatalient, hataliasem, hataliasid, hataliasit, hataliasoch, hataliasom, hataliaswn, hataliech, hatalied, hateliych, hatalien, wiriodd, hataliem, hataliont, hatalier, hatalies, hataliest, hataliet, hataliff, hatalio, hatalioch, hataliodd, hataliom, hatalion, wiriech, hatalith, hataliwch, hataliwn, hataliwyd, hataliwyf, hateli, hateliais, hateliaist, hatelid, hatelir, hateliwch, hatal, heteil, hetyl, wiri, wiria, wiria’, wiriaf, wiriai, wiriais, wiriaist, wirian, wiriant, wiriasai, wiriasant, wiriasech, wiriasem, wiriasent, wiriasid, wiriasit, wiriasoch, wiriasom, wiriaswn, wirid, wiried, wiriem, wirien, wirient, wirier, wiries, wiriest, wiriet, wiriff, wirioch, atalith, wiriom, wirion, wiriont, wirir, wirith, wiriwch, wiriwn, wiriwyd, wiriwyf, wiriychgwirio, atal, ngwirio
Cheque :
- gwiriwchchequedgwiriadauchequing

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Noun(1) a written order directing a bank to pay money
Verb(1) withdraw money by writing a check

Show Examples

(1) Holidaymakers who paid the company by cheque or cash must wait until liquidators are appointed.(2) fees are payable by cheque or postal order(3) The extent of his control even means that, until recently, he signed every cheque .(4) I paid this sum by cheque to an elderly lady in an office in Warminster.(5) Recently, my neighbour wrote me a cheque for her half of the cost of replacing our mutual boundary fence.(6) A bank that presents a cheque for payment on its customer's behalf acts as an agent.(7) The second letter also said he had issued a cheque for payment which had been stopped by the bank.(8) The days when cash, a cheque or a promissory note were the only methods of payment have passed.(9) a cheque for 20 euro(10) A less expensive but more time-consuming way of transferring money is via cheque .(11) But when his annual dividend cheque did not arrive in August, alarm bells started to ring.(12) Just send a boring monthly cheque straight from the government to help pay the rent.(13) I wrote my new mailing address a number of times on the envelope and cheque itself.(14) He had also been offered a rented council flat in Tadcaster and had received his first benefit cheque .(15) I find it a nuisance having to write out a cheque as it is, let alone having to do it 11 times a month.(16) Payouts on the machine can be as much as Ôö¼├║50,000, paid by cheque to any lucky winner.
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atalfa i maes
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drafft banc
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gwnewch yn siŵr
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Suss allan
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atalfa i maes
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marcio off
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Different Forms
cheque, chequed, cheques, chequing
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