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ddewis, dewis, dewiswch, bigai, detholasit, bigais, bigaist, bigan, bigant, bigasai, biged, bigasech, bigasem, bigasent, bigasid, bigasit, bigasoch, bigasom, bigaswn, bigech, bigasant, bigen, bigir, detholai, bigent, biger, biges, bigest, biget, bigi, detholo, bigiff, bigaf, bigith, bigo, bigoch, bigodd, bigom, bigon, bigid, biga’, detholaist, bigwn, bigwyd, bigwyf, bigych, dethola, dethola’, detholaf, detholasid, detholais, bigwch, detholan, detholant, detholasai, detholasant, detholasech, detholasem, detholasent, dewisasant, detholes, detholasom, detholaswn, detholech, detholed, detholem, detholen, bigont, detholer, detholasoch, detholest, detholet, detholi, detholid, detholiff, detholir, detholith, detholent, dewisa’, detholom, detholon, detholont, detholwch, detholwn, detholwyd, dewisasai, detholych, dewisa, detholodd, dewisaf, dewisai, dewisais, dewisaist, dewisan, dewisant, detholwyf, ddetholais, dewised, dewisasech, dewisasem, dewisasent, dewisasid, dewisasit, dewisasoch, dewisasom, ddetholent, dewisech, ddetholaist, dewisem, dewisen, dewisent, dewiser, dewises, dewisest, dewisaswn, detholoch, dewisont, dewisid, dewisiff, dewisir, dewisith, dewiso, dewisoch, dewisodd, ddetholai, dewison, dewisi, dewiswn, dewiswyd, dewiswyf, dewisych, ddethola, ddethola’, ddetholaf, dewisom, ddetholasit, ddetholan, ddetholant, ddetholasai, ddetholasant, ddetholasech, ddetholasem, dewiset, ddetholasid, bigem, ddetholasoch, ddetholasom, ddetholaswn, ddetholech, ddetholed, ddetholem, biga, ddetholasent, ddetholoch, ddetholes, ddetholest, ddetholet, ddetholi, ddetholid, ddetholiff, ddetholir, ddetholwyf, ddetholo, ddetholer, ddetholodd, ddetholom, ddetholon, ddetholont, ddetholwch, ddetholwn, ddetholwyd, ddetholith, ddewisasai, ddetholych, ddewisa, ddewisa’, ddewisaf, ddewisai, ddewisais, ddewisaist, ddewisan, ddewisasom, ddewisom, ddewisasant, ddewisasech, ddewisasem, ddewisasent, ddewisasid, ddewisasit, pigasech, ddewisant, ddewisi, ddewised, ddewisem, ddewisen, ddewisent, ddewiser, ddewises, ddewisest, ddewisodd, ddewisech, piga, ddewisid, ddewisiff, ddewisir, ddewisith, ddewiso, ddewisoch, ddewisaswn, ddewiset, piga’, ddewison, ddewisont, ddewiswch, ddewiswn, ddewiswyd, ddewiswyf, ddewisych, ddewisasoch, phigasit, pigaf, pigai, pigais, pigaist, pigan, pigant, pigasai, pigasant, pigen, pigasent, pigasid, pigasit, pigasoch, pigasom, pigaswn, pigech, pigiff, pigem, pigasem, pigent, piger, piges, pigest, piget, pigi, pigid, piged, pigwyd, pigith, pigo, pigoch, pigodd, pigom, pigon, pigont, ddetholen, pigwn, phigest, pigwyf, pigych, phiga, phiga’, phigaf, phigai, phigais, pigwch, phigasoch, phigan, phigant, phigasai, phigasant, phigasech, phigasem, phigasent, phigasid, phiges, phigoch, phigasom, phigaswn, phigech, phiged, phigem, phigen, phigent, phiger, phigodd, phiget, phigi, phigid, phigiff, phigir, phigith, phigo, phigaist, pigir, phigom, phigon, phigont, phigwch, phigwn, phigwyd, phigwyf, phigychdewis, dethol, ddethol, mhigo, nethol, newis, pigo
Choose :
- dewisyn dewisdewis

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Verb(1) pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives(2) select as an alternative over another(3) see fit or proper to act in a certain way; decide to act in a certain way

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(1) there are many versions to choose from(2) If only one defender wishes to play then he can choose to invite his partner to defend with him.(3) do whatever you choose(4) I'll stay as long as I choose(5) Nations have always been able to choose to what degree they wish to open up to globalisation.(6) Gloria was surprised to have won the award and is still trying to decide what prize to choose .(7) choose which one you want(8) Neither will they inspire our most talented people to choose a career in politics.(9) it's hard to choose(10) you have to choose whether you like it or not(11) Feel free to choose more or less as you see fit, but please explain why you picked them.(12) women should have the right to choose(13) choose 'Find' on the 'Tools' menu(14) He or she may decide afterwards that the marriage cannot work, and choose to leave it.(15) you can stay at home if you choose(16) now it's my turn to choose
Related Words
(1) to choose ::
i ddewis
1. select ::
2. wish ::
yn dymuno
3. prefer ::
Mae'n well
1. decline ::
2. refuse ::
3. reject ::
Different Forms
choose, chooses, choosing
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