English to Welsh Meaning :: circle

cylch, gylch, chylch, cylchoedd, cylchyn, cylchynau, chylchoedd, chylchyn, chylchynau, gylchoedd, gylchynau, nghylch, nghylchoedd, nghylchyn, nghylchynau, rod, rodau, rhod, rhodau, gylchyncylchredeg, cylchu, chylchredeg, chylchu, gylchredeg, gylchu, nghylchredeg, nghylchucylchredet, cylcha’, cylchaf, cylchai, cylchais, cylchaist, cylchan, cylchant, cylchasai, cylchasant, cylchasech, cylchasem, cylchasent, cylchasid, cylchasit, cylchasoch, cylchasom, cylchaswn, cylchech, cylched, cylchem, cylchen, cylchent, cylcher, cylches, cylchest, cylchet, cylchi, cylchid, cylchiff, cylchir, cylchith, cylcho, cylchoch, cylchodd, cylchom, cylchon, cylchont, cylchreda, cylchreda’, cylchredaf, cylchredai, cylchredais, cylchredaist, cylchredan, cylchredant, cylchredasai, cylchredasant, chylchi, cylchredasem, cylchredasent, cylchredasid, cylchredasit, cylchredasoch, cylchredasom, cylchredaswn, cylchredech, cylchreded, cylchredem, cylchreden, cylchredent, cylchreder, cylchredes, cylchredest, cylcha, cylchredi, cylchredid, cylchrediff, cylchredir, cylchredith, cylchredo, cylchredoch, cylchredodd, cylchredom, cylchredon, cylchredont, cylchredwch, cylchredwn, cylchredwyd, cylchredwyf, cylchredych, cylchwch, cylchwn, cylchwyd, cylchwyf, cylchych, chylcha, chylcha’, chylchaf, chylchai, chylchais, chylchaist, chylchan, chylchant, chylchasai, chylchasant, chylchasech, chylchasem, chylchasent, chylchasid, chylchasit, chylchasoch, chylchasom, chylchaswn, chylchech, chylchem, chylchen, chylchent, chylcher, chylches, chylchest, chylchet, cylchredasech, chylchid, chylchiff, chylchir, chylchith, chylcho, chylchoch, chylchodd, chylchom, chylchon, chylchont, chylchreda, chylchreda’, chylchredaf, chylchredai, chylchredais, gylchent, chylchredan, chylchredant, chylchredasai, chylchredasant, chylchredasech, chylchredasem, chylchredasent, chylchredasid, chylchredasit, chylchredasoch, chylchredasom, chylchredaswn, chylchredech, chylchreded, chylchredem, chylchreden, chylchredent, chylchreder, chylchredes, chylchredest, chylchredet, chylchredi, chylchredid, chylchrediff, chylchredir, chylchredith, chylchredo, chylchredoch, chylchredodd, chylchredom, chylchredon, chylchredont, chylchredwch, chylchredwn, chylchredwyd, chylchredwyf, chylchredych, chylchwch, chylchwn, chylchwyd, chylchwyf, chylchych, gylcha, gylcha’, gylchaf, gylchai, gylchais, gylchredo, gylchan, gylchant, gylchasai, gylchasant, gylchasech, gylchasem, gylchasent, gylchasid, gylchasit, gylchasoch, gylchasom, gylchaswn, gylchech, gylchem, gylchen, chylchredaist, gylcher, gylches, gylchest, gylchet, gylchi, gylchid, gylchiff, gylchir, gylchith, gylcho, gylchoch, gylchodd, gylchom, gylchon, gylchont, gylchreda, gylchreda’, gylchredaf, gylchredai, gylchredais, gylchredaist, gylchredan, gylchredant, gylchredasai, gylchredasant, gylchredasech, gylchredasem, gylchredasent, gylchredasid, gylchredasit, gylchredasoch, gylchredasom, gylchredaswn, gylchredech, gylchreded, gylchredem, gylchreden, gylchredent, gylchreder, gylchredes, gylchredest, gylchredet, gylchredi, gylchredid, gylchrediff, gylchredir, gylchredith, gylchaist, gylchredoch, gylchredodd, gylchredom, gylchredon, gylchredont, gylchredwch, gylchredwn, gylchredwyd, gylchredwyf, gylchredych, gylchwch, gylchwn, gylchwyd, gylchwyf, gylchych
Circle :
- cylchcylchcylchoeddgylchu

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Noun(1) ellipse in which the two axes are of equal length; a plane curve generated by one point moving at a constant distance from a fixed point(2) an unofficial association of people or groups(3) something approximating the shape of a circle(4) movement once around a course(5) a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island(6) street names for flunitrazepan(7) a curved section or tier of seats in a hall or theater or opera house; usually the first tier above the orchestra(8) any circular or rotating mechanism
Verb(1) travel around something(2) move in a circular path above (someone or something(3) form or draw a circle around

Show Examples

(1) In the normal geometry of flat space, the diameter of a circle is its circumference divided by pi.(2) Little by little he forges around himself a circle of acquaintances and friends.(3) The beam of light aimed at the circle was in the shape of a circle .(4) they all sat round in a circle(5) You become aware that you're part of a movement or circle in any sort of artistic endeavor.(6) We will locate a marker on the circumference of a circle .(7) the lamp spread a circle of light(8) The blueprint sees an auditorium retained, with seating in the circle on the first floor which could be used to watch theatre.(9) A quick glance at my ticket reminded me that I had a seat in the circle and that I wouldn't be having to stand up for this gig.(10) Even from my seat in the circle , Aida's blue eye-shadow looked excessive.(11) He had the strange sensation that he stood in the rear circle of a theatre.(12) He gestured to the couch and easy chairs arranged in a circle in the lobby.(13) We can picture all these dualities as points on the circumference of a circle .(14) The Gare de Lyon is one of the ring of train stations that circle Paris.(15) I was so small I'd have to perch on the edge of my seat in the circle and peer over the balcony railing to see the players.(16) Place one or several under a table lamp within the circle of brightest light; the colors will glow.
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cylch llawn
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cylch gwisg
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Different Forms
circle, circled, circles, circling
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