English to Welsh Meaning :: claim

hawlio, honni, broffesir, broffesaf, broffesasit, broffesasid, broffesasent, broffesasem, broffesasech, broffesasant, broffesasai, broffesant, broffesan, broffesaist, broffesais, broffesai, broffesasoch, broffesasom, broffesaswn, broffesech, broffesed, broffesem, broffesen, broffesent, broffeser, broffeses, broffesest, broffeset, broffesi, broffesid, broffesiff, broffeso, daliaf, deliych, broffesoch, broffesodd, broffesom, broffeson, broffesont, broffeswch, broffeswn, broffeswyd, broffeswyf, broffesych, dal, dali, dywedir, broffesa’, daliai, daliais, daliaist, dalian, daliant, daliasai, daliasant, daliasech, daliasem, daliasent, daliasid, daliasit, daliasoch, dalia’, dalion, daliech, dalied, daliem, dalien, dalient, dalier, dalies, daliest, daliet, daliff, dalio, dalioch, daliodd, dywed, daliaswn, daliont, dalith, daliwch, daliwn, daliwyd, daliwyf, deil, deli, deliais, deliaist, delid, delir, deliwch, ddaliaswn, dywedasom, dywedaf, dywedai, dywedais, dywedaist, dywedan, dywedant, dywedasai, dywedasant, dywedasech, dywedasem, dywedasent, dywedasid, dywedasit, daliasom, dyweda’, dywedaswn, dywedech, dyweded, dywedem, dyweden, dywedent, dyweder, dywedes, dywedest, dywedet, dywedi, dywedid, dywediff, dywedasoch, ddaliaf, dywedo, dywedoch, dywedodd, dywedom, dywedon, dywedont, dywedwch, dywedwn, dywedwyd, dywedwyf, dywedych, ddal, ddali, ddaliasom, dywedith, ddaliai, ddaliais, ddaliaist, ddalian, ddaliant, ddaliasai, ddaliasant, ddaliasech, ddaliasem, ddaliasent, ddaliasid, ddaliasit, ddaliasoch, ddalia’, ddalion, ddaliech, ddalied, ddaliem, ddalien, ddalient, ddalier, ddalies, ddaliest, ddaliet, ddaliff, ddalio, ddalioch, ddaliodd, broffesa, ddywedir, ddaliont, ddalith, ddaliwch, ddaliwn, ddaliwyd, ddaliwyf, ddeil, ddeli, ddeliais, ddeliaist, ddelid, ddelir, ddeliwch, ddaliom, ddywedasoch, ddyweda’, ddywedaf, ddywedai, ddywedais, ddywedaist, ddywedan, ddywedant, ddywedasai, ddywedasant, ddywedasech, ddywedasem, ddywedasent, ddywedasid, ddywediff, ddywed, ddywedasom, ddywedaswn, ddywedech, ddyweded, ddywedem, ddyweden, ddywedent, ddyweder, ddywedes, ddywedest, ddywedet, ddywedi, ddywedid, ddywedasit, gofynasant, ddywedith, ddywedo, ddywedoch, ddywedodd, ddywedom, ddywedon, ddywedont, ddywedwch, ddywedwn, ddywedwyd, ddywedwyf, ddywedych, gofyn, ddeliych, broffesith, gofynasech, gofynasem, gofynasent, gofynasid, gofynasit, gofynasoch, gofynasom, gofynaswn, gofynna’, gofynnaf, gofynnai, gofynnais, gofynnaist, gofynasai, hawliaf, hawliaswn, gofynnant, gofynnech, gofynned, gofynnem, gofynnen, gofynnent, gofynner, gofynnes, gofynnest, gofynnet, gofynni, gofynnid, gofynniff, gofynnir, ofynasoch, gofynno, gofynnoch, gofynnodd, gofynnom, gofynnon, gofynnont, gofynnwch, gofynnwn, gofynnwyd, gofynnwyf, gofynnych, hawli, hawlia, hawlia’, hawliasom, proffeswyd, hawliai, hawliais, hawliaist, hawlian, hawliant, hawliasai, hawliasant, hawliasech, hawliasem, hawliasent, hawliasid, hawliasit, hawliasoch, gofynnith, hawlion, hawlid, hawliech, hawlied, hawliem, hawlien, hawlient, hawlier, hawlies, hawliest, hawliet, hawliff, hawlioch, hawliodd, honasit, hawliont, hawlir, hawlith, hawliwch, hawliwn, hawliwyd, hawliwyf, hawliych, honasai, honasant, honasech, honasem, honasent, honnen, honnon, honasoch, honasom, honaswn, honna, honna’, honnaf, honnai, honnais, honnaist, honnan, honnant, honnech, honned, honasid, honnem, hawliom, honnent, honner, honnes, honnest, honnet, honnid, honniff, honnir, honnith, honno, honnoch, honnodd, honnom, phroffesasent, honnont, honnwch, honnwn, honnwyd, honnwyf, honnych, ofyn, ofynasai, ofynasant, ofynasech, ofynasem, ofynasent, ofynasid, ofynasit, ofynnwch, ofynasom, ofynaswn, ofynna’, ofynnaf, ofynnai, ofynnais, ofynnaist, ofynnan, ofynnant, ofynnech, ofynned, ofynnem, ofynnen, ofynnent, proffesasech, ofynnes, ofynnest, ofynnet, ofynni, ofynnid, ofynniff, ofynnir, ofynnith, ofynno, ofynnoch, ofynnodd, ofynnom, ofynnon, ofynnont, gofynnan, ofynnwn, ofynnwyd, ofynnwyf, ofynnych, proffesa, proffesa’, proffesaf, proffesai, proffesais, proffesaist, proffesan, proffesant, proffesasai, proffesasant, ofynner, proffesasem, proffesasent, proffesasid, proffesasit, proffesasoch, proffesasom, proffesaswn, proffesech, proffesed, proffesem, proffesen, proffesent, proffeser, proffeses, phroffesasid, proffeset, proffesi, proffesid, proffesiff, proffesir, proffesith, proffeso, proffesoch, proffesodd, proffesom, proffeson, proffesont, proffeswch, proffeswn, phroffesid, proffeswyf, proffesych, phroffesa, phroffesa’, phroffesaf, phroffesai, phroffesais, phroffesaist, phroffesan, phroffesant, phroffesasai, phroffesasant, phroffesasech, phroffesasem, proffesest, phroffesasit, phroffesasoch, phroffesasom, phroffesaswn, phroffesech, phroffesed, phroffesem, phroffesen, phroffesent, phroffeser, phroffeses, phroffesest, phroffeset, phroffesi, daliom, phroffesiff, phroffesir, phroffesith, phroffeso, phroffesoch, phroffesodd, phroffesom, phroffeson, phroffesont, phroffeswch, phroffeswn, phroffeswyd, phroffeswyf, phroffesychhawlio, honni, dal, dala, dweud, dywedyd, ddala, ddweud, ddywedyd, gofyn, broffesu, mhroffesu, nal, nala, nweud, nywedyd, proffesu, phroffesu, ngofynhawliad, honiad, hawliadau, honiadau
Claim :
- hawliadhawliohawlyddHonnoddclaimer

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Noun(1) an assertion of a right (as to money or property(2) an assertion that something is true or factual(3) demand for something as rightful or due(4) an informal right to something(5) an established or recognized right(6)
Verb(1) assert or affirm strongly; state to be true or existing(2) demand as being one's due or property; assert one's right or title to(3) ask for legally or make a legal claim to, as of debts, for example(4) lay claim to; as of an idea(5) take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs

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(1) But critics say the claim that the 87,000 who've left are doing well rests on shaky evidence.(2) Parents of pupils at a York primary school have challenged the council claim that their children will receive an improved service if it closes.(3) She questions my claim that people soon wake up to this and are not deceived by it.(4) The Baroness had agreed in a marriage settlement to renounce her claim on the trust.(5) If more than one person seemed to have a claim on a piece of land, it quickly got mired in the courts.(6) How does adding an inexperienced driver make it less likely that we'll need to claim on the insurance?(7) Sometimes punters who have lost their phone falsely report it as stolen in order to claim on insurance.(8) I placed a claim with the British insurance company thinking there would be no problem.(9) If booked as a package through a travel agent, they should make a claim on their travel insurance.(10) Professor Keep also challenges the claim that more than three-quarters of new jobs will be for graduates.(11) Police never bothered to question his claim that he had used the apartment for drug activities.(12) they have first claim on the assets of the trust(13) She believes that his family could make a claim on the house as they are his next of kin.(14) you can claim compensation(15) she said that a meeting would claim her time this evening(16) The passenger door, rear door and passenger side rear long window were all damaged so I had to claim on my insurance to pay for the damage.
Related Words
(1) baggage claim ::
hawliad bagiau
1. assertion ::
2. request ::
3. entitlement to ::
hawl i
4. call ::
5. title ::
6. assert ::
7. lay claim to ::
hawliad i osod
8. request ::
9. take ::
10. arrogate ::
1. deny ::
2. gainsay ::
Different Forms
claim, claimable, claimant, claimants, claimed, claimer, claimers, claiming, claims
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