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geulo, ceulo, ceulasid, cheulent, ceulasent, ceulasem, ceulasech, ceulasant, ceulasai, ceulant, ceulan, ceulaist, ceulais, ceulai, ceulaf, ceula’, ceulasom, ceuliff, ceulasit, ceulasoch, cheuler, ceulaswn, ceulech, ceuled, ceulem, ceulen, ceulent, ceuler, ceules, ceulest, ceulet, ceuli, ceulid, cheulaist, cheulais, dolchenna, ceuloch, ceulodd, ceulom, ceulon, ceulont, ceulwch, ceulwn, ceulwyd, ceulwyf, ceulych, cheula, cheula’, cheulaf, cheulai, cheulen, ceulith, cheulant, cheulasai, cheulasant, cheulasech, cheulasem, cheulasent, cheulasid, cheulasit, cheulasoch, cheulasom, cheulaswn, cheulech, cheulem, cheulwch, cheulwn, cheules, cheulest, cheulet, cheuli, cheulid, cheuliff, cheulir, cheulith, cheulo, cheuloch, cheulodd, cheulom, cheulon, cheulont, dolchennych, ceula, cheulwyd, cheulwyf, cheulych, dolchenasai, dolchenasant, dolchenasech, dolchenasem, dolchenasent, dolchenasid, dolchenasit, dolchenasoch, dolchenasom, dolchenaswn, dolchennet, dolchennid, dolchennaf, dolchennai, dolchennais, dolchennaist, dolchennan, dolchennant, dolchennech, dolchenned, dolchennem, dolchennen, dolchennent, dolchenner, dolchennes, dolchennest, ceulir, dolchenna’, dolchenniff, dolchennir, dolchennith, dolchenno, dolchennoch, dolchennodd, dolchennom, dolchennon, dolchennont, dolchennwch, dolchennwn, dolchennwyd, dolchennwyf, geulasom, geulaswn, geula’, geulaf, geulai, geulais, geulaist, geulant, geulasai, geulasant, geulasech, geulasem, geulasent, geulasid, geulasit, geulasoch, tolchenner, geulodd, geulech, geulem, geulen, geulent, geuler, geules, geulest, geulet, geuli, geulid, geuliff, geulir, geulith, geuloch, tolchennen, tolchenasid, tolchenasit, tolchenasent, tolchenasem, tolchenasech, tolchenasant, tolchenasai, geulych, geulwyf, geulwyd, geulwn, geulwch, geulont, geulon, geulom, tholchennet, tolchenasoch, tolchenasom, tolchenaswn, tolchenna, tolchenna’, tolchennaf, tolchennai, tolchennais, tolchennaist, tolchennan, tolchennant, tolchennech, tolchenned, tolchennem, tolchennont, tolchennwch, geula, tolchennes, tolchennest, tolchennet, tolchenni, tolchennid, tolchenniff, tolchennir, tolchennith, tolchenno, tolchennoch, tolchennodd, tolchennom, tolchennon, tholchennych, tolchennent, tolchennwn, tolchennwyd, tolchennwyf, tolchennych, tholchenasai, tholchenasant, tholchenasech, tholchenasem, tholchenasent, tholchenasid, tholchenasit, tholchenasoch, tholchenasom, tholchenna, tholchenna’, tholchennaf, tholchennai, tholchennais, tholchennaist, tholchennan, tholchennant, tholchennech, tholchenned, tholchennem, tholchennen, tholchennent, tholchenner, tholchennes, tholchennest, tholchenaswn, tholchennid, tholchenniff, tholchennir, tholchennith, tholchenno, tholchennoch, tholchennodd, tholchennom, tholchennon, tholchennont, tholchennwch, tholchennwn, tholchennwyd, tholchennwyfceulo, dolchennu, ngheulo, nholchennu, tolchennu, tholchennutolchen, dolch, dolchau, dolchen, dolchenni, dorthen, nholch, nholchau, nholchen, nholchenni, nhorthen, tolchau, tolchenni, torthen, tholch, tholchau, tholchen, tholchenni, thorthen, tolch
Clot :
- clotclotiau

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Noun(1) a lump of material formed from the content of a liquid
Verb(1) change from a liquid to a thickened or solid state(2) cause to change from a liquid to a solid or thickened state(3) turn into curds(4) coalesce or unite in a mass

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(1) a blood clot(2) Meanwhile some clumsy clot seems to have copied and pasted from last year's invitations.(3) ÔÇÿIt reduces the stickiness of platelets and makes the blood less able to clot , which is the cause of strokes,ÔÇÖ she said.(4) Occasionall, nosebleeds happen in people with high blood pressure or with blood that doesn't clot properly.(5) Watch where you're going, you clot!(6) ÔÇ£Watch where you're going, you clot!ÔÇØ(7) Haemophilia is caused by a deficiency of factor eight which causes the blood to clot .(8) My wife rushed me to the local emergency room where they gave me an EKG and administered blood thinners to break up the clot that was obstructing blood flow to my heart.(9) They are looking at why some people have blood platelets which clot inside the vessels, causing blockages, starving the heart of oxygen, leading to a heart attack.(10) Soon I was sitting in a clot of vehicles high above Bay Ridge, alongside a station wagon full of young people.(11) Stroke is caused by a clot which prevents blood from reaching the brain and is one of the single biggest killers behind cancer and heart disease.(12) The thickened blood may clot in the fingers and toes, causing numbness, or in the brain, causing dizziness and confusion.(13) a clot of people arguing in the doorway(14) Maybe somewhere my friend was being similarly greeted and on the cusp of turning from a loveable clot into a threatening idiot.(15) She wiped away the little clot of blood on his right ear and kissed it.(16) a clot of dead leaves
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clot gwaed
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Different Forms
clot, clots
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