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cot, côt, gôt, got, chot, chôt, cotiau, chotiau, gotiau, nghot, nghôt, nghotiaucaenu, chaenu, gaenu, nghaenucaenaswn, caenaf, caenai, caenais, caenaist, caenan, caenant, caenasai, caenasant, caenasech, caenasem, caenasent, caenasid, caenasit, caenasoch, caeno, caena’, caenech, caened, caenem, caenen, caenent, caener, caenes, caenest, caenet, caeni, caenid, caeniff, caenir, caenith, caenasom, chaenaist, caenoch, caenodd, caenom, caenon, caenont, caenwch, caenwn, caenwyd, caenwyf, caenych, chaena, chaena’, chaenaf, chaenai, caena, gaenasem, chaenan, chaenant, chaenasai, chaenasant, chaenasech, chaenasem, chaenasent, chaenasid, chaenasit, chaenasoch, chaenasom, chaenaswn, chaenech, chaened, chaenais, gaenasech, chaenent, chaener, chaenes, chaenest, chaenet, chaeni, chaenid, chaeniff, chaenir, chaenith, chaeno, chaenoch, chaenodd, chaenom, chaenon, gaeni, chaenwch, chaenwn, chaenwyd, chaenwyf, chaenych, gaena, gaena’, gaenaf, gaenai, gaenais, gaenaist, gaenan, gaenant, gaenasai, gaenasant, gaenid, gaenasent, gaenasid, gaenasit, gaenasoch, gaenasom, gaenaswn, gaenech, gaened, gaenem, gaenent, gaener, gaenes, gaenest, gaenet, chaenem, chaenont, gaeniff, gaenir, gaenith, gaeno, gaenoch, gaenodd, gaenom, gaenon, gaenont, gaenwch, gaenwn, gaenwyd, gaenwyf, gaenych
Coat :
- cotcoatedcotiocotiau

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Noun(1) an outer garment that has sleeves and covers the body from shoulder down; worn outdoors(2) a thin layer covering something(3) growth of hair or wool or fur covering the body of an animal
Verb(1) put a coat on; cover the surface of; furnish with a surface(2) cover or provide with a coat(3) form a coat over

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(1) The detrusor urinae muscle is a network of longitudinal fibers that form the external layer of the muscular coat of the bladder.(2) The sleeves of her coat were blown back; but surprisingly, the wind was pleasantly warm, like the wind before Winter had come.(3) One was dressed in a lab coat , the others dressed in casual clothing.(4) The new line includes a hunting coat , parka, vest, shirt and pant.(5) See this new camera is big and bulky - in winter I put it in my puffy coat pocket and barely even noticed it.(6) the protein coat of the virus(7) Tapetal material is deposited on the developing pollen grains forming the pollen coat .(8) A short bespectacled woman in a laboratory coat greeted them.(9) a dog's coat may become tangled and matted(10) Once the painted shoe is dry apply a coat of clear protective sealant.(11) To create an even surface, brush the wood with a coat of clear acrylic sealer.(12) Three-quarters have a button-down shirt, two-thirds a sport coat or blazer.(13) a protective coat of varnish(14) The water fountains bubble quietly, the surface of their small pools hidden beneath a coat of fallen leaves.(15) Alison shivered as she removed her long wool coat .(16) Within each seed - protected by its coat - there is an embryo, a miniscule plant really, complete with a root tip, leaf bud and stem.
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hongiwr cot
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Different Forms
coat, coated, coating, coatings, coats
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