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coler, goler, choler, coleri, choleri, goleri, ngholer, ngholericoleri, coleroch, coleraf, colerasoch, colerasit, colerasid, colerasent, colerasem, colerasech, colerasant, colerasai, colerant, coleran, coleraist, colerais, colerai, colera’, coleraswn, colerech, colered, colerem, coleren, colerent, colerer, coleres, colerest, coleret, colerid, coleriff, colerir, colerith, colero, choleran, colerodd, colerom, coleron, coleront, colerwch, colerwn, colerwyd, colerwyf, colerych, cholera, cholera’, choleraf, cholerai, cholerais, choleren, golerasent, cholerant, cholerasai, cholerasant, cholerasech, cholerasem, cholerasent, cholerasid, cholerasit, cholerasoch, cholerasom, choleraswn, cholerech, cholered, colera, choleraist, golerasech, cholerer, choleres, cholerest, choleret, cholerid, choleriff, cholerir, cholerith, cholero, choleroch, cholerodd, cholerom, choleron, choleront, golerasem, cholerent, golerasant, golerasai, golerant, goleran, goleraist, cholerwch, golerai, goleraf, golera’, golera, cholerych, cholerwyf, cholerwyd, cholerwn, golerais, goleriff, golerasid, golerasit, golerasoch, golerasom, goleraswn, golerech, golered, golerem, goleren, golerent, golerer, goleres, golerest, cholerem, golerid, colerasom, golerir, golerith, golero, goleroch, golerodd, golerom, goleron, goleront, golerwch, golerwn, golerwyd, golerwyf, golerych, goleretcoleru, choleru, goleru, ngholeru
Collar :
- colerCollardcholercollaringgoler

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Noun(1) a band that fits around the neck and is usually folded over(2) (zoology(3) anything worn or placed about the neck(4) a short ring fastened over a rod or shaft to limit, guide, or secure a machine part(5) the stitching that forms the rim of a shoe or boot(6) a band of leather or rope that is placed around an animal's neck as a harness or to identify it(7) necklace that fits tightly around a woman's neck(8) a figurative restraint(9) the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal
Verb(1) take into custody(2) seize by the neck or collar(3) furnish with a collar

Show Examples

(1) I rummaged through some boxes to find his leash and hooked it on his collar .(2) a shirt collar(3) The Greyhound bounced up and down happily as she clipped the leash to his chain collar .(4) You may want to purchase some special items such as a dog carrier, a collar and leash, and perhaps a pen when confinement is necessary.(5) Remove limbs close to the trunk, but not so close that you cut into the collar of bark that circles the limb.(6) I sighed and grabbed Black by the collar and pulled him in to whisper my problem to him.(7) Pack the soil around seedling, completely covering the root collar .(8) She appreciatively fingered the delicate lace collar and black velvet trim.(9) Planting too deeply will cause collar rot; planting too shallowly will expose the roots.(10) So when the collar for new valve went round the pipe, there wasn't contact all the way round, due to a distinct lack of pipe.(11) Living on a staple diet of belly pork, collar bacon, and beef dripping, her arteries should have been as choked as the M1 on a Friday evening.(12) This corrected for shifts in the root collar position relative to the soil surface due to minor erosion or deposition.(13) She licked my face as I fastened the leash onto her collar .(14) Trees up to 15.0 cm diameter at the root collar were included in the sample.(15) As well as the online community, there will be teams of ÔÇÿpollstersÔÇÖ sent out into the real world armed with web pad style devices to collar the non online folk too.(16) I reported an injured cat which had somehow got its collar wrapped round its front leg.
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Different Forms
collar, collard, collards, collared, collaring, collarless, collars
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