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cymharu, gymharu, chymharu, cyffelybu, chyffelybu, gyffelybu, nghyffelybu, nghymharucyffelybasech, cyffelybaf, cyffelybai, cyffelybais, cyffelybaist, cyffelyban, cyffelybant, cyffelybaswn, cyffelybasant, cyffelyba’, cyffelybasem, cyffelybasent, cyffelybasid, cyffelybasit, cyffelybasoch, cyffelybasom, cyffelybasai, cyffelybes, cyffelybo, cyffelybith, cyffelybir, cyffelybiff, cyffelybid, cyffelybi, cyffelybet, cyffelybest, cymarasom, cyffelyber, cyffelybent, cyffelyben, cyffelybem, cyffelybed, cyffelybech, cymhares, cyffelybych, cyffelybodd, cyffelybom, cyffelybon, cyffelybont, cyffelybwch, cyffelybwn, cyffelybwyd, cymarasoch, cymharaist, cymarasai, cymarasant, cymarasech, cymarasem, cymarasent, cymarasid, cymarasit, chyffelybech, cymharer, cymharent, cymharen, cymharem, cymhared, cymharech, cymharant, cymharan, cyffelyboch, cymharais, cymharai, cymharaf, cymhara’, cymhara, cymaraswn, cymharon, cymharet, cymhari, cymhariff, cymharith, cymharo, cymharoch, cymheraist, cymharom, cymharest, cymharont, cymharwch, cymharwn, cymharwyd, cymharwyf, cymherais, cymharodd, chyffelyba’, chyffelybasant, chyffelybasai, chyffelybant, chyffelyban, chyffelybaist, chyffelybais, chyffelybai, chyffelybaf, chyffelybid, chyffelyba, cymherych, cymherwch, cymherir, cymherid, cymheri, cyffelyba, chyffelybed, chyffelybasem, chyffelybasent, chyffelybasid, chyffelybasit, chyffelybasoch, chyffelybasom, chyffelybaswn, chyffelybi, chyffelybom, chyffelybem, chyffelyben, chyffelybent, chyffelyber, chyffelybes, chyffelybest, chyffelybet, cyffelybwyf, chymarasai, chyffelybych, chyffelybwyf, chyffelybwyd, chyffelybwn, chyffelybwch, chyffelybont, chyffelybon, chyffelybasech, chyffelybodd, chyffelyboch, chyffelybo, chyffelybith, chyffelybir, chyffelybiff, chymhara’, chymarasem, chymarasent, chymarasid, chymarasit, chymarasoch, chymarasom, chymharech, chymhara, chymarasech, chymharaf, chymharai, chymharais, chymharaist, chymharan, chymharant, chymaraswn, chymharet, chymharon, chymharom, chymharodd, chymharoch, chymharo, chymharith, chymhariff, chymhari, gyffelyban, chymharest, chymharer, chymharent, chymharen, chymharem, chymhared, gyffelybent, chymherir, chymharwch, chymharwn, chymharwyd, chymharwyf, chymherais, chymheraist, chymheri, gyffelybaist, gyffelybasid, chymherwch, chymherych, gyffelyba, gyffelyba’, gyffelybaf, gyffelybai, gyffelybais, gymharem, gyffelyben, gyffelybem, gyffelybed, gyffelybech, gyffelybaswn, gyffelybasom, gyffelybasoch, gyffelybasit, chymharont, gyffelybasent, gyffelybasem, gyffelybasech, gyffelybasant, gyffelybasai, gyffelybant, gyffelybo, gyffelybes, gyffelybest, gyffelybet, gyffelybi, gyffelybid, gyffelybiff, gyffelybwn, gyffelybith, gyffelyber, gyffelyboch, gyffelybodd, gyffelybom, gyffelybon, gyffelybont, gyffelybwch, gyffelybir, gymarasem, gymhara’, gymhara, gymaraswn, gymarasom, gymarasoch, gymarasit, gymarasid, gymarasent, gymharoch, gymarasech, gymarasant, gymarasai, gyffelybych, gyffelybwyf, gyffelybwyd, chymarasant, gymharen, gymharai, gymharais, gymharaist, gymharan, gymharant, gymharech, gymhared, gymharo, gymharwyd, gymharent, gymharer, gymharest, gymharet, gymhari, gymhariff, gymharith, chymherid, gymherych, gymherwch, gymherir, gymherid, gymheri, gymheraist, gymherais, gymharwyf, gymharaf, gymharwn, gymharwch, gymharont, gymharon, gymharom, gymharodd
Compare :
- cymharucymharucymharucymharu

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Noun(1) qualities that are comparable
Verb(1) examine and note the similarities or differences of(2) be comparable(3) consider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous(4) to form the comparative or superlative form on an adjective or adverb

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(1) None of his rivals had a record that even began to compare with his, but the past counted for nothing now.(2) to compare things(3) salaries compare favorably with those of other professions(4) If this does not come up promptly, the therapist asks if they would accept to compare their problem to whatever analogical image comes to the mind of the therapist.(5) How do quality control practices compare with current regulatory requirements?(6) salaries compare favourably with those of other professions(7) When it came to tie holes, however, nothing could compare with the drama of the match.(8) Care home owners claim the financial cost of meeting the new standards cannot compare with the cash they are paid by local authorities to keep going.(9) he didn't compare favourably with the rest of the class(10) How does the advice you give your clients compare with your own approach?(11) We also compare unfavourably in relation to income distribution, which has a major influence on health.(12) The small flaws do not begin to compare to the fine qualities of this disc.(13) you can't compare the two things(14) The answer depends on you - or more precisely on how you compare with rivals for these jobs.(15) they don't compare to SÔö£┬íle(16) In an interview with the Herald, he said there was nothing in Australia to compare with the limestone scenery around Craven.
Related Words
(1) compare with ::
cymharu â
1. equivalence ::
2. contrast ::
3. liken to ::
cyffelybaf i
4. be as good as ::
fod cystal ag y
5. liken ::
1. contrast ::
Different Forms
compare, compared, compares, comparing
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