English to Welsh Meaning :: compete

gystadlu, cystadlu, chystadlu, cydymgeisio, nghydymgeisio, nghystadlu, ymladd, ymrysoncydymgeisiem, cydymgeisia, cydymgeisia’, cydymgeisiaf, cydymgeisiai, cydymgeisiais, cydymgeisiaist, cydymgeisian, cydymgeisiant, cydymgeisiasai, cydymgeisiasant, cydymgeisiom, cydymgeisiasem, cydymgeisiasent, cydymgeisiasid, cydymgeisiasit, cydymgeisiasoch, cydymgeisiasom, cydymgeisiaswn, cydymgeisid, cydymgeisiech, cydymgeisied, chydymgeisia’, cydymgeisien, cydymgeisient, cydymgeisier, cydymgeisies, cydymgeisiest, cydymgeisiet, cydymgeisiff, cydymgeisio, cydymgeisioch, cydymgeisiodd, cydymgeisiasech, cydymgeision, cydymgeisiont, cydymgeisir, cydymgeisith, cydymgeisiwch, cydymgeisiwn, cydymgeisiwyd, cydymgeisiwyf, cydymgeisiych, cystadla, cystadler, cystadlaf, cystadlai, cystadlais, cystadlaist, cystadlan, cystadlant, cystadlasai, cystadlasant, cystadlasech, cystadlasem, cystadlodd, cystadlasid, cystadlasit, cystadlasoch, cystadlasom, cystadlaswn, cystadlech, cystadled, cystadlem, cystadlen, cystadlent, cystadla’, cystadles, cystadlest, cystadlet, cystadli, cystadlid, cystadliff, cystadlir, cystadlith, cystadlo, cystadloch, chystadlasit, cystadlom, cystadlon, cystadlont, cystadlwch, cystadlwn, cystadlwyd, cystadlwyf, cystadlych, chydymgeisi, chydymgeisia, chydymgeisient, chydymgeisiaf, chydymgeisiai, chydymgeisiais, chydymgeisiaist, chydymgeisian, chydymgeisiant, chydymgeisiasai, chydymgeisiasant, chydymgeisiasech, chydymgeisiasem, chydymgeisiont, chydymgeisiasid, chydymgeisiasit, chydymgeisiasoch, chydymgeisiasom, chydymgeisiaswn, chydymgeisid, chydymgeisiech, chydymgeisied, chydymgeisiem, chydymgeisien, cydymgeisi, chydymgeisier, chydymgeisies, chydymgeisiest, chydymgeisiet, chydymgeisiff, chydymgeisio, chydymgeisioch, chydymgeisiodd, chydymgeisiom, chydymgeision, chydymgeisiasent, chydymgeisir, chydymgeisith, chydymgeisiwch, chydymgeisiwn, chydymgeisiwyd, chydymgeisiwyf, chydymgeisiych, chystadla, chystadla’, chystadlaf, chystadlest, chystadlais, chystadlaist, chystadlan, chystadlant, chystadlasai, chystadlasant, chystadlasech, chystadlasem, chystadlasent, chystadlasid, chystadlon, chystadlasoch, chystadlasom, chystadlaswn, chystadlech, chystadled, chystadlem, chystadlen, chystadlent, chystadler, chystadles, chystadlai, chystadlet, chystadli, chystadlid, chystadliff, chystadlir, chystadlith, chystadlo, chystadloch, chystadlodd, chystadlom, cystadlasent, chystadlont, chystadlwch, chystadlwn, chystadlwyd, chystadlwyf, chystadlych, gydymgeisi, gydymgeisia, gydymgeisia’, gydymgeisiaf, gydymgeisies, gydymgeisiais, gydymgeisiaist, gydymgeisian, gydymgeisiant, gydymgeisiasai, gydymgeisiasant, gydymgeisiasech, gydymgeisiasem, gydymgeisiasent, gydymgeisiasid, gydymgeisith, gydymgeisiasoch, gydymgeisiasom, gydymgeisiaswn, gydymgeisid, gydymgeisiech, gydymgeisied, gydymgeisiem, gydymgeisien, gydymgeisient, gydymgeisier, hymladdan, gydymgeisiest, gydymgeisiet, gydymgeisiff, gydymgeisio, gydymgeisioch, gydymgeisiodd, gydymgeisiom, gydymgeision, gydymgeisiont, gydymgeisir, gydymgeisiasit, gydymgeisiwch, gydymgeisiwn, gydymgeisiwyd, gydymgeisiwyf, gydymgeisiych, gystadla, gystadla’, gystadlaf, gystadlai, gystadlais, gystadli, gystadlan, gystadlant, gystadlasai, gystadlasant, gystadlasech, gystadlasem, gystadlasent, gystadlasid, gystadlasit, gystadlasoch, gystadlwch, gystadlaswn, gystadlech, gystadled, gystadlem, gystadlen, gystadlent, gystadler, gystadles, gystadlest, gystadlet, gystadlaist, gystadlid, gystadliff, gystadlir, gystadlith, gystadlo, gystadloch, gystadlodd, gystadlom, gystadlon, gystadlont, ymladdasit, gystadlwn, gystadlwyd, gystadlwyf, gystadlych, hymladd, hymladda’, hymladdaf, hymladdai, hymladdais, hymladdaist, hymladdiff, hymladdant, hymladdasai, hymladdasant, hymladdasech, hymladdasem, hymladdasent, hymladdasid, hymladdasit, hymladdasoch, hymladdasom, hymladdwyf, hymladdech, hymladded, hymladdem, hymladden, hymladdent, hymladder, hymladdes, hymladdest, hymladdet, hymladdi, gydymgeisiai, hymladdith, hymladdo, hymladdoch, hymladdodd, hymladdom, hymladdon, hymladdont, hymladdwch, hymladdwn, hymladdwyd, hymladdaswn, hymleddais, hymleddaist, hymleddi, hymleddid, hymleddir, hymleddwch, hymleddych, ymladd, ymladda’, ymladdaf, ymladdest, ymladdais, ymladdaist, ymladdan, ymladdant, ymladdasai, ymladdasant, ymladdasech, ymladdasem, ymladdasent, ymladdasid, ymladdwch, ymladdasoch, ymladdasom, ymladdaswn, ymladdech, ymladded, ymladdem, ymladden, ymladdent, ymladder, ymladdes, ymladdai, ymladdet, ymladdi, ymladdiff, ymladdith, ymladdo, ymladdoch, ymladdodd, ymladdom, ymladdon, ymladdont, gystadlasom, ymladdwn, ymladdwyd, ymladdwyf, ymleddais, ymleddaist, ymleddi, ymleddid, ymleddir, ymleddwch, ymleddych
Compete :
- cystadlucystadlucystadlucystadlu

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Verb(1) compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others

Show Examples

(1) to compete in a match against sb(2) no one can compete with them(3) he wants to compete in the marathon(4) no one can compete with his physical prowess(5) Two great teams were playing at their highest levels, competing for every inch of ice.(6) The sound of the cool wind competed with the output from large speakers as a local music troupe doled out hot Hindi pop and movie numbers.(7) He informed the audience that they were the latest in a long line of students that have competed in the contest.(8) It was an overwhelming success with thousands of student bands competing for the coveted title.(9) Cullen says if the NRL schedules games correctly the teams would not be competing for crowds.(10) The youngsters were competing for the first time on snow against seasoned teams.(11) More people competing for a fixed amount of land within easy access to the big city centres must push up the price of that land.(12) There is a lot of preparation involved in competing in ploughing contests.(13) The war-generated industrial boom competed with the manpower needs of the armies.(14) Women's teams have been competing for the past five years or so in Australia.(15) Since Zhang had previously competed with a dash team in Shanghai, she was able to quickly adjust to the grueling exercise routine.(16) All of the girls on the team are my friends that I competed with when I was at home, so they were looking forward to seeing me.
Related Words
(1) to compete ::
i gystadlu
1. take part ::
cymryd rhan
2. contend with ::
ymgodymu â
3. rival ::
4. contend ::
Different Forms
compete, competed, competes, competing
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Maybe we could come up with a business plan
to compete with this place.

Maybe we could come up with a business plan to COMPETE with this place.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 4

You can\'t compete with me
on an intellectual level...

You can't COMPETE with me on an intellectual level...

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 6

there\'s something\\Nin which they can\'t compete with:\0

there's something
in which they can't COMPETE with:

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 4

People compete for jobs and trophies,
why not me?

People COMPETE for jobs and trophies, why not me?

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 8

I can\'t compete with that, bye.

I can't COMPETE with that, bye.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 23

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