English to Welsh Meaning :: complicate

gymhlethu, cymhlethu, chymhlethu, nghymhlethucymhlethet, cymhletha’, cymhlethaf, cymhlethai, cymhlethais, cymhlethaist, cymhlethan, cymhlethant, cymhlethech, cymhlethed, cymhlethem, cymhlethen, cymhlethent, cymhlether, cymhlethes, cymhlethwyf, chymhlethais, cymhlethi, cymhlethid, cymhlethiff, cymhlethir, cymhlethith, cymhletho, cymhlethoch, cymhlethodd, cymhlethom, cymhlethon, cymhlethont, cymhlethwch, cymhlethwn, cymhlethwyd, cymhlethest, chymhlethaist, cymhlethych, cymlethasai, cymlethasant, cymlethasech, cymlethasem, cymlethasent, cymlethasid, cymlethasit, cymlethasoch, cymlethasom, cymlethaswn, chymhletha, chymhletha’, chymhlethai, cymhletha, gymhlether, chymhlethan, chymhlethant, chymhlethech, chymhlethem, chymhlethen, chymhlethent, chymhlether, chymhlethes, chymhlethest, chymhlethet, chymhlethi, chymhlethid, chymhlethiff, chymhlethir, chymlethasid, chymhlethoch, chymhlethodd, chymhlethom, chymhlethon, chymhlethont, chymhlethwch, chymhlethwn, chymhlethwyd, chymhlethwyf, chymhlethych, chymlethasai, chymlethasant, chymlethasech, chymlethasem, gymhlethent, chymhletho, chymlethasit, chymlethasoch, chymlethasom, chymlethaswn, gymhletha, gymhletha’, gymhlethai, gymhlethais, gymhlethaist, gymhlethan, gymhlethant, gymhlethech, gymhlethem, gymhlethen, gymhlethwn, gymhlethes, gymhlethest, gymhlethet, gymhlethi, gymhlethid, gymhlethiff, gymhlethir, gymhlethith, gymhletho, gymhlethoch, gymhlethodd, gymhlethom, gymhlethon, chymhlethith, gymhlethwch, chymlethasent, gymhlethwyd, gymhlethwyf, gymhlethych, gymlethasai, gymlethasant, gymlethasech, gymlethasem, gymlethasent, gymlethasid, gymlethasit, gymlethasoch, gymlethasom, gymlethaswn, gymhlethont
Complicate :
- cymhlethucymhlethcymhlethugymhlethu

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Verb(1) make more complicated(2) make more complex, intricate, or richer

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(1) increased choice will complicate matters for the consumer(2) He needs a friend, not a girlfriend who will just complicate what's really important.(3) There are wide-ranging social and economic factors which complicate things.(4) Trends in the number of patients colonised on admission may also complicate interpretation of outcomes.(5) As I can see it, there are two factors that start to complicate the game, somewhat affecting its gameplay.(6) There are a number of factors which complicate choices about smallpox either for governments or for individuals.(7) Sometimes I feel we try to complicate what's actually very simple.(8) smoking may complicate pregnancy(9) middlemen can complicate the process(10) Other factors can also complicate the interpretation of estimates of percentage change.(11) Further complicating matters are factors such as range-wide variability in habitat conditions that can affect survival.(12) Today the situation is complicated by the fact that there's just so much out there.(13) The first factor complicating the fight against doping, he said, is the imperfect art of testing.(14) More frequent visits will be necessary for patients with stage 2 hypertension or with complicating comorbid conditions.(15) Stroke may be complicated by several conditions that can alter outcome adversely.(16) The constant shift in mental posture greatly complicates things for the average soldier.
Related Words
2. perplex ::
1. plain ::
2. simple ::
Different Forms
complicate, complicated, complicates, complicating
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