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gyfansoddi, cyfansoddi, chyfansoddi, cyfansoddasoch, cyfansodda’, cyfansoddasit, cyfansoddasid, cyfansoddasent, cyfansoddasem, cyfansoddasech, cyfansoddasant, cyfansoddasai, cyfansoddant, cyfansoddan, cyfansoddaist, cyfansoddais, cyfansoddai, cyfansoddaf, cyfansoddo, chyfansoddent, cyfansoddaswn, cyfansoddech, cyfansodded, cyfansoddem, cyfansodden, cyfansoddent, cyfansodder, cyfansoddes, cyfansoddest, cyfansoddet, cyfansoddid, cyfansoddiff, cyfansoddir, cyfansoddith, cyfansoddodd, cyfansoddoch, eiliasech, cyfansoddom, cyfansoddon, cyfansoddont, cyfansoddwch, cyfansoddwn, cyfansoddwyd, cyfansoddwyf, cyfansoddych, chyfansodda, chyfansodda’, chyfansoddaf, chyfansoddai, chyfansoddais, chyfansoddaist, cyfansoddasom, chyfansoddant, chyfansoddasai, chyfansoddasant, chyfansoddasech, chyfansoddasem, chyfansoddasent, chyfansoddasid, chyfansoddasit, chyfansoddasoch, chyfansoddasom, chyfansoddaswn, chyfansoddech, chyfansodded, chyfansoddem, chyfansodden, chyfansoddwch, chyfansoddwn, chyfansodder, chyfansoddes, chyfansoddest, chyfansoddet, chyfansoddid, chyfansoddiff, chyfansoddir, chyfansoddith, chyfansoddo, chyfansoddoch, chyfansoddodd, chyfansoddom, chyfansoddon, chyfansoddont, cyfansodda, gweithia, chyfansoddwyd, chyfansoddwyf, chyfansoddych, eili, eilia, eilia’, eiliaf, eiliai, eiliais, eiliaist, eilian, eiliant, eiliasai, eiliasant, eiliasem, eiliasent, eiliasid, eiliasit, eiliasoch, eiliasom, eiliaswn, eilid, eiliech, eilied, eiliem, eilien, eilient, eilier, eilies, eiliest, eiliet, eiliff, eilio, eilioch, eiliodd, eiliom, eilion, eiliont, eilir, eilith, eiliwch, eiliwn, eiliwyd, eiliwyf, eiliych, gyfansoddent, gweithia’, gweithiaf, gweithiai, gweithiais, gweithiaist, gweithian, gweithiant, gweithiasai, gweithiasant, gweithiasech, gweithiasem, gweithiasent, gweithiasid, gweithiasit, gweithiasoch, gweithiasom, gweithiaswn, gweithid, gweithiech, gweithied, gweithiem, gweithien, gweithient, gweithier, gweithies, gweithiest, gweithiet, gweithiff, gweithio, gweithioch, gweithiodd, gyfansoddaist, gyfansoddais, gyfansoddan, gyfansoddai, gyfansoddaf, gyfansodda’, gyfansodda, gweithiych, gweithiwyf, gweithiwyd, gweithiwn, gweithiwch, gweithith, gweithir, gweithiont, gweithion, weithiest, gweithiom, gyfansoddant, gyfansoddasai, gyfansoddasant, gyfansoddasech, gyfansoddasem, gyfansoddasent, gyfansoddasid, gyfansoddasit, gyfansoddasoch, gyfansoddasom, gyfansoddaswn, gyfansoddech, gyfansodded, gyfansoddem, gyfansodden, gweithi, gyfansodder, gyfansoddes, gyfansoddest, gyfansoddet, gyfansoddid, gyfansoddiff, gyfansoddir, gyfansoddith, gyfansoddo, gyfansoddoch, gyfansoddodd, gyfansoddom, gyfansoddon, gyfansoddont, gyfansoddwch, gyfansoddwn, gyfansoddwyd, gyfansoddwyf, gyfansoddych, weithi, weithia, weithia’, weithiaf, weithiai, weithiais, weithiaist, weithian, weithiant, weithiasai, weithiasant, weithiasech, weithiasem, weithiasent, weithiasid, weithiasit, weithiasoch, weithiasom, weithiaswn, weithid, weithiech, weithied, weithiem, weithien, weithient, weithier, weithies, chyfansoddan, weithiet, weithiff, weithio, weithioch, weithiodd, weithiom, weithion, weithiont, weithir, weithith, weithiwch, weithiwn, weithiwyd, weithiwyf, weithiychcyfansoddi, eilio, gweithio, nghyfansoddi, ngweithio
Compose :
- cyfansoddiCyfansoddoddcyfansoddicyfansoddi

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Verb(1) form the substance of(2) write music(3) produce a literary work(4) put together out of existing material(5) calm (someone, especially oneself(6) make up plans or basic details for

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(1) But he did manage to compose himself long enough to welcome everyone who had come to the opening and to thank his staff without whom his business would not be the success it is.(2) And that is what led them to compose songs on the World Cup theme.(3) Why not wait until all of the crew members have had a chance to get home and rested and compose themselves a bit?(4) make an attempt to compose your images(5) she tried to compose herself(6) Of these, a corresponding plan and faÔö£┬║ade together compose an experiment to reshape the streets and buildings to either side of the portico.(7) They tend to organise and compose a subject then use the camera to record it.(8) women compose 49 percent of that group(9) Christians compose 40 per cent of the state's population(10) None of them looked as if they were itching to hurry home and compose a letter of outrage to the Evening Press.(11) After his initial input the children went on to compose their own poems.(12) The Prince took a deep breath as he tried to compose himself before speaking in a tone all too calm.(13) I awoke this morning with a need to compose the letter I've attached below.(14) You have to arrange the items and compose the shot to make the subject the hero.(15) compose and draw a still life(16) The Chinese artists rather compose the final design from several blocks.
Related Words
(1) to compose ::
i gyfansoddi
1. write ::
2. organize ::
4. compile ::
5. frame ::
1. agitate ::
2. discompose ::
3. disquiet ::
4. disturb ::
5. perturb ::
6. upset ::
7. vex ::
Different Forms
compose, composed, composes, composing
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