English to Welsh Meaning :: confirm

gadarnhau, cadarnhau, chadarnhau, ategu, conffirmio, nghadarnhau, nghonffirmio, hategucadarnhewch, ategaf, ategasem, ategai, ategais, ategaist, ategan, ategant, ategasai, ategasant, ategasech, ategent, ategasent, ategasid, ategasit, ategasoch, ategasom, ategaswn, ategech, ateged, ategem, ategen, ateges, ategodd, ateger, ategest, ateget, ategi, ategid, ategiff, ategir, ategith, conffirmia, ategoch, atega’, ategom, ategon, ategont, ategwch, ategwn, ategwyd, ategwyf, ategych, atego, cadarnhasech, cadarnha’, cadarnhaech, cadarnhaed, cadarnhaem, cadarnhaen, cadarnhaent, cadarnhaer, cadarnhaet, cadarnhaf, cadarnhâi, cadarnheais, cadarnhaith, cadarnhân, cadarnhânt, cadarnhao, cadarnhaoch, cadarnhaodd, cadarnhaom, cadarnhaont, cadarnhasai, cadarnhasant, cadarnheaist, cadarnhasent, cadarnhasid, cadarnhasit, cadarnhasoch, cadarnhasom, cadarnhaswn, cadarnhawn, cadarnhawyd, cadarnhawyf, cadarnha, cadarnhasem, cadarnhei, cadarnheid, cadarnheies, cadarnheiest, cadarnheir, cadarnheuoch, cadarnheuon, cadarnheych, conffirmi, conffirmiasent, conffirmiaf, conffirmiai, conffirmiais, conffirmiaist, conffirmian, conffirmiant, conffirmiasai, conffirmiasant, conffirmiasech, conffirmien, conffirmia’, conffirmiasid, conffirmiasit, conffirmiasoch, conffirmiasom, conffirmiaswn, conffirmid, conffirmiech, conffirmied, conffirmiem, conffirmiasem, conffirmion, conffirmient, conffirmier, conffirmies, conffirmiest, conffirmiet, conffirmiff, conffirmio, conffirmioch, conffirmiodd, chonffirmi, chadarnhasent, conffirmiont, conffirmir, conffirmith, conffirmiwch, conffirmiwn, conffirmiwyd, conffirmiwyf, conffirmiych, chadarnha, conffirmiom, chadarnhân, chadarnhaed, chadarnhaem, chadarnhaen, chadarnhaent, chadarnhaer, chadarnhaet, chadarnhaf, chadarnhâi, chadarnhaiff, chadarnhasem, chadarnhaech, chadarnhânt, chadarnhao, chadarnhaoch, chadarnhaodd, chadarnhaom, chadarnhaont, chadarnhasai, chadarnhasant, chadarnhasech, chadarnhaith, chadarnhei, chadarnhasid, chadarnhasit, chadarnhasoch, chadarnhasom, chadarnhaswn, chadarnhawn, chadarnhawyd, chadarnhawyf, chadarnha’, chadarnheaist, gonffirmien, chadarnheid, chadarnheies, chadarnheiest, chadarnheir, chadarnheuoch, chadarnheuon, chadarnhewch, atega, chadarnheais, chonffirmiasem, chonffirmia’, chonffirmiaf, chonffirmiai, chonffirmiais, chonffirmiaist, chonffirmian, chonffirmiant, chonffirmiasai, chonffirmiasant, chonffirmiem, chonffirmia, chonffirmiasent, chonffirmiasid, chonffirmiasit, chonffirmiasoch, chonffirmiasom, chonffirmiaswn, chonffirmid, chonffirmiech, chonffirmied, chonffirmiasech, chonffirmion, chonffirmient, chonffirmier, chonffirmies, chonffirmiest, chonffirmiet, chonffirmiff, chonffirmio, chonffirmioch, chonffirmiodd, gonffirmi, gadarnhasent, chonffirmiont, chonffirmir, chonffirmith, chonffirmiwch, chonffirmiwn, chonffirmiwyd, chonffirmiwyf, chonffirmiych, gadarnha, chonffirmiom, gadarnhân, gadarnhaed, gadarnhaem, gadarnhaen, gadarnhaent, gadarnhaer, gadarnhaet, gadarnhaf, gadarnhâi, gadarnhasem, gadarnhaith, gadarnhaech, gadarnhânt, gadarnhao, gadarnhaoch, gadarnhaodd, gadarnhaom, gadarnhaont, gadarnhasai, gadarnhasant, gadarnhasech, gadarnhaiff, gadarnhei, gadarnhasid, gadarnhasit, gadarnhasoch, gadarnhasom, gadarnhaswn, gadarnhawn, gadarnhawyd, gadarnhawyf, gadarnha’, gadarnheaist, chonffirmien, gadarnheid, gadarnheies, gadarnheiest, gadarnheir, gadarnheuoch, gadarnheuon, gadarnhewch, gadarnheych, gadarnheais, gonffirmiasem, gonffirmia’, gonffirmiaf, gonffirmiai, gonffirmiais, gonffirmiaist, gonffirmian, gonffirmiant, gonffirmiasai, gonffirmiasant, gonffirmiem, gonffirmia, gonffirmiasent, gonffirmiasid, gonffirmiasit, gonffirmiasoch, gonffirmiasom, gonffirmiaswn, gonffirmid, gonffirmiech, gonffirmied, gonffirmiasech, gonffirmion, gonffirmient, gonffirmier, gonffirmies, gonffirmiest, gonffirmiet, gonffirmiff, gonffirmio, gonffirmioch, chadarnheych, gonffirmiom, hateger, gonffirmiont, gonffirmir, gonffirmith, gonffirmiwch, gonffirmiwn, gonffirmiwyd, gonffirmiwyf, gonffirmiych, gonffirmiodd, hategasent, hategaf, hategai, hategais, hategaist, hategan, hategant, hategasai, hategasant, hategasech, hategent, hatega’, hategasid, hategasit, hategasoch, hategasom, hategaswn, hategech, hateged, hategem, hategen, hategasem, hategodd, hateges, hategest, hateget, hategi, hategid, hategiff, hategir, hategith, hatega, hategoch, cadarnhaiff, hategom, hategon, hategont, hategwch, hategwn, hategwyd, hategwyf, hategych, hatego
Confirm :
- cadarnhaugadarnhaucadarnhaucadarnhau

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Verb(1) establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts(2) strengthen or make more firm(3) make more firm(4) support a person for a position(5) administer the rite of confirmation to

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(1) He said he'd been sent to Australia by the leaders in Malaysia and that they had later come to Sydney to confirm his appointment as a leader of the local group.(2) As for the manipulation of final salary pension, I can confirm that is true.(3) In fact, as my colleagues will confirm , whatever I do, I tend to do it obsessively.(4) Fingerprints will only be taken with the person's written consent - but failure to provide them may lead to further checks to confirm a suspect's identity.(5) A special meeting of the full council scheduled for Monday to confirm the new appointment has subsequently been cancelled.(6) Reporters covering the story were quick to confirm that her performance would include bikinis, but no actually topless scenes.(7) The Anglican Church in America has voted to confirm the appointment of an openly gay bishop.(8) I enter the surgery, confirm my appointment at the desk, and take a seat.(9) Can someone out there confirm that this is true?(10) Two of the six had already found other jobs due to the long wait to confirm their appointments.(11) This time, a female officer wanted to confirm the intruder had left the premises and asked for a description of him.(12) It will also confirm her as the person who cheerfully keeps the group on an even keel, more comfortable than otherwise might be the case with a level of emotional solidarity.(13) he didn't confirm the reports(14) It is a good idea to check this with the receptionist when you confirm your appointment.(15) I invite the Minister to take a call to confirm whether it is true that the requirement for consultation under this amendment bill will be long and arduous.(16) Passengers who have already made bookings have now been told to confirm their arrangements - or risk losing them.
Related Words
(1) confirm the truth of ::
cadarnhau y gwirionedd
1. corroborate ::
2. affirm ::
3. ratify ::
1. disprove ::
2. rebut ::
3. refute ::
Different Forms
confirm, confirmed, confirming, confirms
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

Wow. That would confirm
my father\'s suspicions

Wow. That would CONFIRM my father's suspicions

Westworld Season 2, Episode 9

Our scouts confirm
it\'s even larger than the Kingslayer\'s.

Our scouts CONFIRM it's even larger than the Kingslayer's.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 8

six to eight hours to confirm.

six to eight hours to CONFIRM.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 23

Okay. I\'ll confirm the travel arrangements
in the morning.

Okay. I'll CONFIRM the travel arrangements in the morning.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 24

I love it, as soon as I confirm
there are no hobos aboard.

I love it, as soon as I CONFIRM there are no hobos aboard.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 15

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