English to Welsh Meaning :: conquer

goncro, oresgyn, goresgyn, concra’, concrasent, concraf, concrai, concrais, concraist, concran, concrant, concrasai, concrasant, concrasech, concrasem, concres, concrasid, concrasit, concrasoch, concrasom, concraswn, concrech, concred, concrem, concren, concrent, concrer, concrest, faeddasem, choncriff, concret, concri, concrid, concriff, concrir, concrith, concro, concroch, concrodd, concrom, concron, concront, concrwch, concrwn, concrwyd, concrwyf, concrych, choncra, choncra’, choncraf, choncrai, choncrais, choncrech, choncrant, choncrasai, choncrasant, choncrasech, choncrasem, choncrasent, choncrasid, choncrasit, choncrasoch, choncrasom, choncrir, choncran, choncred, choncrem, choncren, choncrent, choncrer, choncres, choncrest, choncret, choncri, choncrid, faeddon, faedda, choncro, choncroch, choncrodd, choncrom, choncron, choncront, choncrwch, choncrwn, choncrwyd, choncrwyf, choncraist, choncrith, faedda’, faeddaf, faeddai, faeddais, faeddaist, faeddan, faeddant, faeddasai, faeddasant, faeddasech, choncrych, faeddes, faeddasid, faeddasit, faeddasoch, faeddasom, faeddaswn, faeddech, faedded, faeddem, faedden, faeddent, faeddom, faeddasent, faeddest, faeddet, faeddi, faeddid, faeddiff, faeddir, faeddith, faeddo, faeddoch, faeddodd, faedder, goncraist, faeddont, faeddwch, faeddwn, faeddwyd, faeddwyf, faeddych, goncra, goncra’, goncraf, goncrai, gorchfyger, gorchfyga, goncran, goncrant, goncrasai, goncrasant, goncrasech, goncrasem, goncrasent, goncrasid, goncrasit, goncrasoch, goncrais, goncriff, goncrech, goncred, goncrem, goncren, goncrent, goncrer, goncres, goncrest, goncret, goncri, goncrych, goncraswn, goncrir, goncrith, goncroch, goncrodd, goncrom, goncron, goncront, goncrwch, goncrwn, goncrwyd, goncrwyf, gorchfygasent, gorchfyga’, gorchfygaf, gorchfygai, gorchfygais, gorchfygaist, gorchfygan, gorchfygant, gorchfygasai, gorchfygasant, gorchfygasech, goncrasom, goncrid, gorchfygasid, gorchfygasit, gorchfygasoch, gorchfygasom, gorchfygaswn, gorchfygech, gorchfyged, gorchfygem, gorchfygen, concra, gorchfygasem, gorchfygon, gorchfyges, gorchfygest, gorchfyget, gorchfygi, gorchfygid, gorchfygiff, gorchfygir, gorchfygith, gorchfygo, gorchfygoch, gorchfygodd, goresgynasent, goresgynnaist, gorchfygont, gorchfygwch, gorchfygwn, gorchfygwyd, gorchfygwyf, gorchfygych, goresgynasai, goresgynasant, goresgynasech, goresgynasem, gorchfygom, goresgynni, oresgynasit, goresgynasid, goresgynasit, goresgynasoch, goresgynasom, goresgynaswn, goresgynna, goresgynna’, goresgynnaf, goresgynnai, goresgynnais, goresgynnet, goresgynnan, goresgynnant, goresgynnech, goresgynned, goresgynnem, goresgynnen, goresgynnent, goresgynner, goresgynnes, goresgynnest, maeddoch, maeddasai, goresgynnid, goresgynniff, goresgynnir, goresgynnith, goresgynno, goresgynnoch, goresgynnodd, goresgynnom, goresgynnon, goresgynnont, goresgynnwch, maedded, goresgynnwyd, goresgynnwyf, goresgynnych, maedda, maedda’, maeddaf, maeddai, maeddais, maeddaist, maeddan, goresgynnwn, maeddem, maeddasant, maeddasech, maeddasem, maeddasent, maeddasid, maeddasit, maeddasoch, maeddasom, maeddaswn, maeddech, maeddant, oresgynnech, maedden, maeddent, maedder, maeddes, maeddest, maeddet, maeddi, maeddid, maeddiff, maeddir, maeddith, orchfygasid, gorchfygent, maeddodd, maeddom, maeddon, maeddont, maeddwch, maeddwn, maeddwyd, maeddwyf, maeddych, orchfyga, orchfygest, orchfygaf, orchfygai, orchfygais, orchfygaist, orchfygan, orchfygant, orchfygasai, orchfygasant, orchfygasech, orchfygasem, orchfygasent, maeddo, orchfygasit, orchfygasoch, orchfygasom, orchfygaswn, orchfygech, orchfyged, orchfygem, orchfygen, orchfygent, orchfyger, orchfyges, orchfyga’, orchfyget, orchfygi, orchfygid, orchfygiff, orchfygir, orchfygith, orchfygo, orchfygoch, orchfygodd, orchfygom, orchfygon, oresgynned, orchfygwch, orchfygwn, orchfygwyd, orchfygwyf, orchfygych, oresgynasai, oresgynasant, oresgynasech, oresgynasem, oresgynasent, oresgynasid, oresgynnith, oresgynasoch, oresgynasom, oresgynaswn, oresgynna, oresgynna’, oresgynnaf, oresgynnai, oresgynnais, oresgynnaist, oresgynnan, oresgynnant, orchfygont, oresgynnem, oresgynnen, oresgynnent, oresgynner, oresgynnes, oresgynnest, oresgynnet, oresgynni, oresgynnid, oresgynniff, oresgynnir, choncraswn, oresgynno, oresgynnoch, oresgynnodd, oresgynnom, oresgynnon, oresgynnont, oresgynnwch, oresgynnwn, oresgynnwyd, oresgynnwyf, oresgynnychgorchfygu, orchfygu, goresgyn, concro, faeddu, nghoncro, ngorchfygu, ngoresgyn, maeddu
Conquer :
- goncroconquerablechoncroconcroconcwerwr

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Verb(1) bring under control by force or authority(2) take possession of by force, as after an invasion(3) overcome by conquest

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(1) the Beatles were to leave Liverpool and conquer the world(2) To conquer this peak one has to climb on rock and ice.(3) Here is the one who could unite interests and conquer problems, and yet, he isn't really a choice at all.(4) a fear she never managed to conquer(5) It took a week to conquer the summit from base camp during a two-month expedition.(6) He doesn't have to wrestle a bear, conquer a mountain or solve the theory of relativity.(7) To conquer mold, you must also conquer moisture problems.(8) Another Dark Lord has risen to conquer the world.(9) Learning to conquer setbacks with a smile on one's face is in itself a great achievement.(10) Many attempt to climb this mountain but the climb is steep and on loose scree; to be physically fit and have a real desire to climb is essential to conquer this small mountain.(11) The expedition, that was flagged off on Thursday, will start the climb this week-end and have 15 days to conquer the peak.(12) Traditional Chinese medicine is destined to conquer the world.(13) The events of the last night she remembered flashed before her eyes as she tried to conquer the weakness she was feeling all over her body.(14) The ego's perverted version of this noble drive is the desire for power and control, the urge to conquer the world.(15) You begin with a starbase and a couple of other structures and ships, and must collect resources to build massive strike forces to conquer an area of space.(16) To conquer this problem, we used a second beamsplitter to introduce integrated in-line illumination in the system.
Related Words
(1) to conquer ::
i goncro
1. defeat ::
2. seize ::
3. climb ::
4. overcome ::
5. suppress ::
6. capture ::
Different Forms
conquer, conquerable, conquered, conquering, conqueror, conquerors, conquers
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

could you conquer
the Seven Kingdoms?

could you CONQUER the Seven Kingdoms?

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 4

You thought he would conquer the
world with you at his side.

You thought he would CONQUER the world with you at his side.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3

Perhaps we should
divide and conquer.

Perhaps we should divide and CONQUER.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 9

You didn\'t conquer them.
You liberated them.

You didn't CONQUER them. You liberated them.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 10

Divide and conquer, that’s the motto.\0

Divide and CONQUER, that’s the motto.

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 11

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