English to Welsh Meaning :: considering

ystyried, ystyriwch, hystyried, bwyllasit, bwylla’, bwyllasid, bwyllasent, bwyllasem, bwyllasech, bwyllasant, bwyllasai, bwyllant, bwyllan, bwyllaist, bwyllais, bwyllai, bwyllaf, bwylliff, bwyllir, bwyllasom, bwyllaswn, bwyllech, bwylled, bwyllem, bwyllen, bwyllent, bwyller, bwylles, bwyllest, bwyllet, bwylli, bwyllid, bwyllith, cyfrifa’, cysidra, bwyllo, bwylloch, bwyllodd, bwyllom, bwyllon, bwyllont, bwyllwch, bwyllwn, bwyllwyd, bwyllwyf, bwyllych, cyfrif, cysidrith, cyfrifa, cyfrifaf, cyfrifai, cyfrifais, cyfrifaist, cyfrifan, cyfrifant, cyfrifasai, cyfrifasant, cyfrifasech, cyfrifasem, cyfrifasent, cyfrifasid, cyfrifasit, cysidraf, cyfrifasom, cyfrifaswn, cyfrifech, cyfrifed, cyfrifem, cyfrifen, cyfrifent, cyfrifer, cyfrifes, cyfrifest, cyfrifet, cyfrifi, cyfrifid, cyfrififf, cysidrasom, cyfrifith, cyfrifo, cyfrifoch, cyfrifodd, cyfrifom, cyfrifon, cyfrifont, cyfrifwch, cyfrifwn, cyfrifwyd, cyfrifwyf, cyfrifych, chyfrifed, cysidraswn, cysidrai, cysidrais, cysidraist, cysidran, cysidrant, cysidrasai, cysidrasant, cysidrasech, cysidrasem, cysidrasent, cysidrasid, cysidrasit, cysidrasoch, cyfrifasoch, bwyllasoch, cysidrech, cysidred, cysidrem, cysidren, cysidrent, cysidrer, cysidres, cysidrest, cysidret, cysidri, cysidrid, cysidriff, cysidrir, chyfrifais, cysidroch, cysidrodd, cysidrom, cysidron, cysidront, cysidrwch, cysidrwn, cysidrwyd, cysidrwyf, cysidrych, chyfrifa, chyfrifa’, chyfrifaf, chyfrifech, cysidro, chyfrifaist, chyfrifan, chyfrifant, chyfrifasai, chyfrifasant, chyfrifasech, chyfrifasem, chyfrifasent, chyfrifasid, chyfrifasit, chyfrifasoch, chyfrifasom, chyfrifaswn, chyfrifai, chyfrifodd, chyfrifem, chyfrifen, chyfrifent, chyfrifer, chyfrifes, chyfrifest, chyfrifet, chyfrifi, chyfrifid, chyfrififf, chyfrifir, chyfrifith, bwylla, chyfrifoch, chysidron, chyfrifom, chyfrifont, chyfrifwch, chyfrifwn, chyfrifwyd, chyfrifwyf, chyfrifych, chysidra, chysidra’, chysidraf, chysidrai, chysidrais, chyfrifo, chysidren, chysidrant, chysidrasai, chysidrasant, chysidrasech, chysidrasem, chysidrasent, chysidrasid, chysidrasit, chysidrasoch, chysidrasom, chysidraswn, chysidrech, chysidred, chysidrom, chysidran, chysidrent, chysidrer, chysidres, chysidrest, chysidret, chysidri, chysidrid, chysidriff, chysidrir, chysidrith, chysidro, chysidroch, chysidrodd, gyfrifasai, chysidront, chysidrwch, chysidrwn, chysidrwyd, chysidrwyf, chysidrych, gyfrifa, gyfrifa’, gyfrifaf, gyfrifai, gyfrifais, gyfrifaist, chysidraist, gyfrifant, chysidrem, gyfrifasant, gyfrifasech, gyfrifasem, gyfrifasent, gyfrifasid, gyfrifasit, gyfrifasoch, gyfrifasom, gyfrifaswn, gyfrifech, gyfrifed, gyfrifem, gyfrifan, gysidrasai, gysidrent, gyfrifent, gyfrifer, gyfrifes, gyfrifest, gyfrifet, gyfrifi, gyfrifid, gyfrififf, gyfrifir, gyfrifith, gyfrifo, gyfrifoch, gyfrifodd, pwyllasem, gyfrifont, gyfrifwch, gyfrifwn, gyfrifwyd, gyfrifwyf, gyfrifych, gysidra, gysidra’, gysidraf, gysidrai, gysidrais, gysidraist, gysidran, gysidrant, gysidront, phwyllwyd, gysidrasant, gysidrasech, gysidrasem, gysidrasent, gysidrasid, gysidrasit, gysidrasoch, gysidrasom, gysidraswn, gysidrech, gysidred, gysidrem, gysidren, gyfrifom, gysidrer, gysidres, gysidrest, gysidret, gysidri, gysidrid, gysidriff, gysidrir, gysidrith, gysidro, gysidroch, gysidrodd, gysidrom, hystyrier, gysidrwch, gysidrwn, gysidrwyd, gysidrwyf, gysidrych, hystyri, hystyria, hystyria’, hystyriaf, hystyriai, hystyriais, hystyriaist, hystyrian, hystyriant, hystyriwch, hystyrien, hystyriem, hystyriech, hystyrid, hystyriaswn, hystyriasai, hystyriasoch, hystyriasit, hystyriasid, hystyriasent, hystyriasem, hystyriasech, hystyriasant, hystyriasom, hystyriwn, gysidron, hystyries, hystyriest, hystyriet, hystyriff, hystyrio, hystyrioch, hystyriodd, hystyriom, hystyrion, hystyriont, hystyrir, hystyrith, hystyrient, ystyriasech, hystyriwyd, hystyriwyf, hystyriych, pwylla, pwylla’, pwyllaf, pwyllai, pwyllais, pwyllaist, pwyllan, pwyllant, pwyllasai, pwyllasant, pwyllwn, phwyllasech, gyfrifen, pwyllasent, pwyllasid, pwyllasit, pwyllasoch, pwyllasom, pwyllaswn, pwyllech, pwylled, pwyllem, pwyllen, pwyllent, pwyller, phwylles, pwyllest, pwyllet, pwylli, pwyllid, pwylliff, pwyllir, pwyllith, pwyllo, pwylloch, pwyllodd, pwyllom, pwyllon, pwyllont, pwyllwch, pwyllasech, cyfrifir, pwyllwyd, pwyllwyf, pwyllych, phwylla, phwylla’, phwyllaf, phwyllai, phwyllais, phwyllaist, phwyllan, phwyllant, phwyllasai, phwyllasant, pwylles, phwyllasem, phwyllasent, phwyllasid, phwyllasit, phwyllasoch, phwyllasom, phwyllaswn, phwyllech, phwylled, phwyllem, phwyllen, phwyllent, phwyller, ystyriasem, phwyllet, phwylli, phwyllid, phwylliff, phwyllir, phwyllith, phwyllo, phwylloch, phwyllodd, phwyllom, phwyllon, phwyllont, phwyllwch, phwyllwn, ystyriest, phwyllwyf, phwyllych, ystyri, ystyria, ystyria’, ystyriaf, ystyriai, ystyriais, ystyriaist, ystyrian, ystyriant, ystyriasai, ystyriasant, ystyriet, ystyriasent, ystyriasid, ystyriasit, ystyriasoch, ystyriasom, ystyriaswn, ystyrid, ystyriech, ystyriem, ystyrien, ystyrient, ystyrier, ystyries, phwyllest, cysidra’, ystyriff, ystyrio, ystyrioch, ystyriodd, ystyriom, ystyrion, ystyriont, ystyrir, ystyrith, ystyriwn, ystyriwyd, ystyriwyf, ystyriych
Considering :
- ystyried

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Adverb(1) taking everything into account.
Preposition(1) taking into consideration.
Verb(1) think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision.

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(1) However, considering that there were only two student positions on the board, it's questionable how influential the positions really were.(2) they weren't feeling too bad, considering(3) But considering that's where he is, he's holding up the best he can.(4) He'll be asked for ID - but, considering that an ID is not required to vote in Minnesota, he may not have it with him.(5) Admittedly, my expectations were pretty high, considering that even the bathroom at the media center has a security guard in front of it.(6) considering the circumstances, Simon was remarkably phlegmatic(7) considering that he was the youngest on the field he played well(8) Metro authorities also believe the metro name switch would be hard to pull off, considering that virtually all stations are named after nearby streets.(9) Three, the alternative's not so bad considering .(10) It makes me angry that I even care, considering that nothing much is going to change in my life after this election, and that our election result was just as big a shambles.(11) Such a large sample certainly looks impressive, considering that a lot of social science and market research draws conclusions on the basis of samples of only a few hundred people.(12) She did a pretty OK job, I guess, considering that most of her dorm-mates didn't even start packing until after the ceremony.(13) And considering that the furniture itself may swallow a large portion of your budget, keeping expenditure tight on the rest of the space may become necessary.(14) Anyway, they phoned up, which is really smart considering that there are public exams today; so all the poor girls doing their French and German orals were all messed up.(15) I woke up Saturday, feeling a little rough, but not too bad considering - and the sight of bright sunlight had certainly cheered me up, I was raring to go.(16) The potential in the UK alone is huge, considering that computer crime is estimated to cost British industry at least Ôö¼├║500 million a year.
Related Words
(1) consider ::
1. all things considered ::
pob peth yn ystyried
2. bearing in mind ::
gan gofio
3. think about ::
meddyliwch am
4. deem ::
yn eu hystyried
5. look at ::
edrych arno
6. take into consideration ::
cymryd i ystyriaeth
7. study ::
8. take ::
9. regard ::
10. view ::
11. think ::
12. moot ::
13. count ::
Different Forms
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

You\'re not really considering
working for him, are you?

You're not really CONSIDERING working for him, are you?

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 22

So Leonard\'s
really considering this?

So Leonard's really CONSIDERING this?

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 12

- You guys are seriously considering this?
- Yes.

- You guys are seriously CONSIDERING this? - Yes.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 23

...and now you\'re considering
having a baby?

...and now you're CONSIDERING having a baby?

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 1

Considering you got your face up
on buses and billboards all over town,

Considering you got your face up on buses and billboards all over town,

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 15

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