English to Welsh Meaning :: convalesce

ymadfer, cryfhau, chryfhau, gryfhau, nghryfhau, hymadfercryfhâi, cryfhaiff, cryfha’, cryfhaech, cryfhaed, cryfhaem, cryfhaen, cryfhaent, cryfhaer, cryfhaet, cryfhaf, cryfheych, chryfha, cryfhaith, cryfhân, cryfhânt, cryfhao, cryfhaoch, cryfhaodd, cryfhaom, cryfhaont, cryfhasai, cryfhawyf, cryfheais, cryfhasem, cryfhasent, cryfhasid, cryfhasit, cryfhasoch, cryfhasom, cryfhaswn, cryfhawn, cryfhawyd, cryfhasant, cryfhasech, cryfheaist, cryfhei, cryfheid, cryfheies, cryfheiest, cryfheir, cryfheuoch, cryfheuon, cryfhewch, chryfhâi, chryfhaiff, chryfha’, chryfhaech, chryfhaed, chryfhaem, chryfhaen, chryfhaent, chryfhaer, chryfhaet, chryfhaf, chryfhewch, cryfha, chryfhaith, chryfhân, chryfhânt, chryfhao, chryfhaoch, chryfhaodd, chryfhaom, chryfhaont, chryfhasai, chryfhawyd, chryfhawyf, chryfhasech, chryfhasem, chryfhasent, chryfhasid, chryfhasit, chryfhasoch, chryfhasom, chryfhaswn, chryfhawn, ymadferem, chryfhasant, chryfheais, chryfheaist, chryfhei, chryfheid, chryfheies, chryfheiest, chryfheir, chryfheuoch, chryfheuon, gryfheych, gryfha, gryfha’, gryfhaech, gryfhaed, gryfhaem, gryfhaen, gryfhaent, gryfhaer, gryfhaet, gryfhaf, gryfhâi, gryfhaiff, gryfhaith, gryfhân, gryfhânt, gryfhao, gryfhaoch, gryfhaodd, gryfhaom, gryfhaont, gryfhasai, gryfhasant, gryfhasech, gryfhasem, gryfhasent, gryfhasid, gryfhasit, gryfhasoch, gryfhasom, gryfhaswn, gryfhawn, gryfhawyd, ymadfero, gryfheais, gryfheaist, gryfhei, gryfheid, gryfheies, gryfheiest, gryfheir, gryfheuoch, gryfheuon, gryfhewch, ymadferasant, ymadferasech, ymadfera, ymadfera’, ymadferaf, ymadferai, ymadferais, ymadferaist, ymadferan, ymadferant, ymadferasai, ymadferych, chryfheych, ymadferasem, ymadferasent, ymadferasid, ymadferasit, ymadferasoch, ymadferasom, ymadferaswn, ymadferech, ymadfered, ymadferen, ymadferent, ymadferer, ymadferes, ymadferest, ymadferet, ymadferi, ymadferid, ymadferiff, ymadferir, ymadferith, gryfhawyf, ymadferoch, ymadferodd, ymadferom, ymadferon, ymadferont, ymadferwch, ymadferwn, ymadferwyd, ymadferwyf
Convalesce :
- ymadferconvalescedconvalescestreulio cyfnod adferol yno

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Verb(1) get over an illness or shock

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(1) By 7.30 pm that day, he was out of theatre after a six-hour operation and last month he left hospital to convalesce .(2) But he was highly sensitive, easily discouraged by setbacks; and in 1915 resigned from his union post to convalesce from alcoholism.(3) The Home Secretary is recovering well and is in contact with the office, although he will use the Christmas period to convalesce fully.(4) Women are encouraged to leave hospital within hours of delivery, with home support provided by visiting midwives; women with private health insurance usually choose to convalesce in private hospitals.(5) Swann spends nine months convalescing morosely, only snapping out of it when his housekeeper, played with tight-lipped understatement by Sarah Lancashire, buys him a camera.(6) Good wishes were extended to Mrs Margaret Kelly-White who is convalescing in a nursing home after a recent illness.(7) As her father convalesced and improved, Cavell was convinced that nursing was her destiny.(8) Robert Robinson, who is convalescing after an illness, is said to have been flattered the show was coming back and looking forward to watching it.(9) Billy Martin once called plays by phone, from his hospital bed, while convalescing from a punctured lung.(10) My friend's daughter is convalescing well and on vacation in Florida.(11) During house jobs, she contracted pulmonary tuberculosis, and while convalescing she spent a few months in South Africa, where her father was working as a medical missionary.(12) While convalescing he met his wife, Phyllis, a nurse.(13) While she convalesced from her serious illness, she watched the world-famous Whitbread Race on television and was transfixed by the entire event.(14) I really got down to writing him a letter only when he was convalescing at a Boston clinic, after a stroke.(15) It was while she was convalescing that she decided on a career in medicine, entering the all-woman Royal Free Medical School in London when she was 17.(16) He underwent nine hours of surgery then convalesced for months.
1. recuperate ::
adfer ei iechyd
2. get better ::
3. recover ::
4. get well ::
5. get back on one's feet ::
fynd yn ôl ar draed un o
Different Forms
convalesce, convalesced, convalesces, convalescing
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