English to Welsh Meaning :: couple

cwpl, cwpwl, gwpwl, chwpwl, deuddyn, ddeuddyn, nghwpwl, neuddynddau, dau, nau, cyplu, cyplysu, chyplu, chyplysu, gyplu, gyplysu, nghyplu, nghyplysu, mhriodi, priodibriodasit, briodaf, briodai, briodais, briodaist, briodan, briodant, briodasai, briodasant, briodasech, briodasem, briodes, briodasid, brioda’, briodasoch, briodasom, briodaswn, briodech, brioded, briodem, brioden, briodent, brioder, briodasent, cyplith, briodont, briodet, briodi, briodid, briodiff, briodir, briodith, briodo, briodoch, briododd, briodom, cyplysasem, cyplo, briodwch, briodwn, briodwyd, briodwyf, briodych, cypla, cypla’, cyplaf, cyplai, cyplais, briodon, cypled, cyplasai, cyplasant, cyplasech, cyplasem, cyplasent, cyplasid, cyplasit, cyplasoch, cyplasom, cyplir, cyplech, cyplant, cyplem, cyplen, cyplent, cypler, cyples, cyplest, cyplet, cypli, cyplid, cypliff, cyplaswn, cyplysa’, cyploch, cyplodd, cyplom, cyplon, cyplont, cyplwch, cyplwn, cyplwyd, cyplwyf, cyplaist, cyplysa, briodest, cyplysaf, cyplysai, cyplysais, cyplysaist, cyplysan, cyplysant, cyplysasai, cyplysasant, cyplysasech, cyplych, cyplan, cyplyses, cyplysasent, cyplysasid, cyplysasit, cyplysasoch, cyplysasom, cyplysaswn, cyplysech, cyplysed, cyplysem, cyplysen, cyplysent, cyplysom, chyplais, cyplysest, cyplyset, cyplysi, cyplysid, cyplysiff, cyplysir, cyplysith, cyplyso, cyplysoch, cyplysodd, cyplyser, brioda, cyplyson, cyplysont, cyplyswch, cyplyswn, cyplyswyd, cyplyswyf, cyplysych, chypla, chypla’, chyplaf, chyplai, chyplwyf, chyplaist, chyplan, chyplant, chyplasai, chyplasant, chyplasech, chyplasem, chyplasent, chyplasid, chyplasit, chyplasoch, chypliff, chyplech, chypled, chyplem, chyplen, chyplent, chypler, chyples, chyplest, chyplet, chypli, chyplwyd, chyplaswn, chyplir, chyplith, chyplo, chyploch, chyplodd, chyplom, chyplon, chyplont, chyplwch, chyplwn, chyplid, chyplysasech, chyplych, chyplysa, chyplysa’, chyplysaf, chyplysai, chyplysais, chyplysaist, chyplysan, chyplysant, chyplysasai, chyplasom, priodasit, chyplysasem, chyplysasent, chyplysasid, chyplysasit, chyplysasoch, chyplysasom, chyplysaswn, chyplysech, chyplysed, chyplysem, chyplysasant, chyplysodd, chyplysent, chyplyser, chyplyses, chyplysest, chyplyset, chyplysi, chyplysid, chyplysiff, chyplysir, chyplysith, chyplyso, gyplaf, gyplasit, chyplysom, chyplyson, chyplysont, chyplyswch, chyplyswn, chyplyswyd, chyplyswyf, chyplysych, gypla, gypla’, chyplysoch, gyplyso, gyplai, gyplais, gyplaist, gyplan, gyplant, gyplasai, gyplasant, gyplasech, gyplasem, gyplasent, gyplasid, gyplysasant, gyplasoch, gyplasom, gyplaswn, gyplech, gypled, gyplem, gyplen, gyplent, gypler, gyples, gyplest, gyplwn, gyplid, gypliff, gyplir, gyplith, gyplo, gyploch, gyplodd, gyplom, gyplon, gyplont, gyplysasai, gypli, gyplwyd, gyplwyf, gyplych, gyplysa, gyplysa’, gyplysaf, gyplysai, gyplysais, gyplysaist, gyplysan, gyplysant, gyplysen, gyplysasech, gyplysasem, gyplysasent, gyplysasid, gyplysasit, gyplysasoch, gyplysasom, gyplysaswn, gyplysech, gyplysed, gyplet, phriodan, gyplysent, gyplyser, gyplyses, gyplysest, gyplyset, gyplysi, gyplysid, gyplysiff, gyplysir, gyplysith, gyplysem, priodaf, gyplysodd, gyplysom, gyplyson, gyplysont, gyplyswch, gyplyswn, gyplyswyd, gyplyswyf, gyplysych, prioda, priodasid, gyplysoch, priodai, priodais, priodaist, priodan, priodant, priodasai, priodasant, priodasech, priodasem, priodasent, prioda’, priodet, priodasoch, priodasom, priodaswn, priodech, prioded, priodem, prioden, priodent, prioder, priodes, chyplysen, phriodem, priodi, priodid, priodiff, priodir, priodith, priodo, priodoch, priododd, priodom, priodon, priodest, phriodant, priodwn, priodwyd, priodwyf, priodych, phrioda, phrioda’, phriodaf, phriodai, phriodais, phriodaist, phrioded, priodwch, phriodasai, phriodasant, phriodasech, phriodasem, phriodasent, phriodasid, phriodasit, phriodasoch, phriodasom, phriodaswn, phriodech, phriodo, phrioden, phriodent, phrioder, phriodes, phriodest, phriodet, phriodi, phriodid, phriodiff, phriodir, priodont, gyplwch, phriodoch, phriododd, phriodom, phriodon, phriodont, phriodwch, phriodwn, phriodwyd, phriodwyf, phriodych, phriodith
Couple :
- cwplynghydcyplaudatgysylltu'r

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Noun(1) a pair who associate with one another(2) a pair of people who live together(3) a small indefinite number(4) two items of the same kind(5) (physics
Verb(1) bring two objects, ideas, or people together(2) link together(3) form a pair or pairs(4) engage in sexual intercourse

Show Examples

(1) a honeymoon couple(2) the beetles may couple up to form a pair(3) Congratulations are extended to the newly married couple and their families.(4) A new couple whirled onto the dance floor and snatched her attention.(5) just a couple more questions(6) we got some eggs├ö├ç├Âwould you like a couple?(7) But you seem to have asked the question a couple of times, and I am a bit puzzled by that.(8) My guard had been increased and it was a small army of a couple of dozen soldiers who rattled around with me.(9) a couple of girls were playing marbles(10) a married couple(11) So Jesse and I just went into the kitchen to get a couple of chicken sandwiches.(12) clean the stains with a couple squirts dishwashing liquid(13) as middle-class youth grew more tolerant of sex, they started to couple more often(14) Locate the marking tool on the door or jamb, and strike it sharply with a hammer a couple times.(15) Jim gave his regulator a couple of squirts on the purge button to reassure himself that his air was turned on.(16) Most households consist of a married or unmarried couple and their children.
Related Words
(1) a couple ::
1. pair ::
2. husband and wife ::
gŵr a gwraig
3. some ::
5. twosome ::
6. duad ::
7. combine with ::
cyfuno gyda
8. connect ::
9. pair ::
10. mate ::
11. couple up ::
cwpl i fyny
12. twin ::
1. army ::
2. crowd ::
3. flock ::
4. horde ::
5. host ::
6. legion ::
7. many ::
8. mountain ::
9. multitude ::
Different Forms
couple, coupled, couples, decouple, decouples
Word Example from TV Shows

The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs.

are a couple of physicists--
don\'t turn the channel.

are a COUPLE of physicists-- don't turn the channel.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 18

What\'s that? A barrel?
Couple barrels?

What's that? A barrel? Couple barrels?

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 14

You\'ll get a Christmas card for a couple
of years and then you\'re dead to me.

You'll get a Christmas card for a COUPLE of years and then you're dead to me.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 4

It should go better now.
I watched a couple of YouTube videos.

It should go better now. I watched a COUPLE of YouTube videos.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 15

Pasadena\'s favorite
power couple, Shamy.

Pasadena's favorite power COUPLE, Shamy.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 12

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