English to Welsh Meaning :: crave

erfyniant, erfyniont, erfyniasit, erfyniasid, erfyniasent, erfyniasem, erfyniasech, erfyniasant, erfyniasai, erfynion, erfynian, erfyniaist, erfyniais, erfyniai, erfyniaf, erfynia’, erfynia, hysaist, erfyniom, erfyniodd, erfynioch, erfynio, erfyniet, erfyniest, erfyniasoch, erfynier, erfynient, erfynien, erfyniem, erfynied, erfyniech, erfyniaswn, erfyniasom, erfyn, erfyniwch, erfyniwn, erfyniwyd, erfyniwyf, erfyniych, erfynni, erfynnid, erfynniff, erfynnir, erfynnith, hysa, hysa’, hysaf, hysai, hysais, erfynies, hysan, hysant, hysasai, hysasant, hysasech, hysasem, hysasent, hysasid, hysasit, hysasoch, hysasom, hysaswn, hysech, hysed, hysem, hysiff, ysasem, hyson, hysom, hysodd, hysoch, hyso, hysith, hysir, ysasech, hysid, hysi, hyset, hysest, hyses, hyser, hysent, ysi, ysasant, ysasai, ysant, ysan, ysaist, ysais, hysont, ysaf, ysa’, ysa, hysych, hyswyf, hyswyd, hyswn, hyswch, hysen, ysasent, ysasid, ysasit, ysasoch, ysasom, ysaswn, ysech, ysed, ysem, ysen, ysent, yser, yses, ysest, yset, ysai, ysid, ysiff, ysir, ysith, yso, ysoch, ysodd, ysom, yson, ysont, yswch, yswn, yswyd, yswyf, ysycherfyn, hysu, ysu
Crave :
- cravecravedcraveschwant

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Verb(1) have a craving, appetite, or great desire for(2) plead or ask for earnestly

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(1) I must crave your indulgence(2) I mean any girlfriend would crave the attention and touch of their boyfriend, right?(3) There is hope at last for all those poor souls who desperately crave some winter sunshine.(4) They need love and crave intimacy yet often feel cornered, pressured.(5) We crave originality, we demand credibility and we hope for something that sets the heart racing and the mind working overtime.(6) Of course, there are people out there who like spam, who love and crave it.(7) They're human beings like you and me; they crave love, acceptance and security.(8) a program to give the infants the human touch they crave(9) Kendall loves it, craves it and can put up with almost anything if there's a chance she's going to experience it.(10) Aside from a shared love of ice cream, however, men and women craved different foods.(11) I do not subscribe to the view that there is something innate in human beings that craves the thrill of violence.(12) Despite her love of the estate, Iris craved intellectual outlets, and until the war she travelled constantly, usually alone.(13) One minute I was fighting off psychotic gossip cravers and the next thing I knew, I was here sobbing.(14) One study found that when chocolate cravers were given milk chocolate, white chocolate or capsules of cocoa powder, their cravings were curbed only by eating the milk chocolate.(15) Some critics have pointed to this as the key to unlock his psychology; he lost his mother, the thinking goes, and so craves the love of an audience.(16) I've also been craving different foods each day.
Related Words
(1) to crave ::
i crave
1. long for ::
hir ar gyfer
2. yearn for ::
dyheu am
3. desire ::
4. want ::
5. wish for ::
yn dymuno
6. hunger for ::
newyn am
7. thirst for ::
syched am
8. sigh for ::
ochneidio am
9. pine for ::
pinwydd am
10. hanker after ::
hiraethu ar ôl
11. covet ::
12. lust after ::
chwant ar ôl
13. ache for ::
boen am
14. set one's heart on ::
gosod un o galon ar
15. dream of ::
breuddwydio am
16. be bent on ::
cael eu plygu ar
17. have a yen for ::
gael yen am
18. have a jones for ::
gael jones am
19. itch for ::
cosi am
20. be dying for ::
yn marw am
Different Forms
crave, craved, craves, craving, cravings
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