English to Welsh Meaning :: criticize

beirniadu, feirniadu, meirniadubeirniades, beirniada’, beirniadaf, beirniadai, beirniadais, beirniadaist, beirniadan, beirniadant, beirniadasai, beirniadasant, beirniadasech, beirniadasem, beirniadont, beirniadasid, beirniadasit, beirniadasoch, beirniadasom, beirniadaswn, beirniadech, beirniaded, beirniadem, beirniaden, beirniadent, beirniader, beirniadwch, beirniadest, beirniadet, beirniadi, beirniadiff, beirniadith, beirniado, beirniadoch, beirniadodd, beirniadom, beirniadon, beirniada, beirniadasent, beirniadwn, beirniadwyd, beirniadwyf, beirniedais, beirniedaist, beirniedi, beirniedid, beirniedir, beirniedwch, beirniedych, feirniades, feirniada’, feirniadaf, feirniadai, feirniadais, feirniadaist, feirniadan, feirniadant, feirniadasai, feirniadasant, feirniadasech, feirniadasem, feirniadont, feirniadasid, feirniadasit, feirniadasoch, feirniadasom, feirniadaswn, feirniadech, feirniaded, feirniadem, feirniaden, feirniadent, feirniader, feirniadwch, feirniadest, feirniadet, feirniadi, feirniadiff, feirniadith, feirniado, feirniadoch, feirniadodd, feirniadom, feirniadon, feirniada, feirniadasent, feirniadwn, feirniadwyd, feirniadwyf, feirniedais, feirniedaist, feirniedi, feirniedid, feirniedir, feirniedwch, feirniedych
Criticize :
- beirniadubeirniadubeirniadubeirniadu

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Verb(1) find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws(2) act as a critic

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(1) You shouldn't just focus on the faults or difficulties and criticize the country.(2) In his later school years his close friends were a group of boys who met on a regular basis to exchange and criticize each other's literary work.(3) She quickly became a chronic shouter and criticizer of her husband.(4) Such policies are frequently criticized for being unnecessarily confrontational.(5) We were criticized for taking what was deemed to be an unduly apocalyptic view of the industry.(6) During his latter Presidency he was criticized for spending too much time golfing and trout fishing.(7) In addition, both writers were admired and criticized by artistic women of the day.(8) It seems to me that philosophers are often criticized for always demanding rational explanations.(9) The opposition is criticizing the handouts while not promising to reverse them.(10) It will be inevitable that they are severely criticized for betraying their country.(11) You are one of my faithful reviewers and constructive criticizers .(12) I am not persuaded that, although it could have been made quicker, the period of time was in fact so long as to constitute criticisable delay.(13) They build a player up, knock him down and then start criticising personalities.(14) Thus, among many other consequences, theories should aim at being very clear and criticisable so that they can, if need be, be proven wrong.(15) In this case a criticizable attitude is indicated by your act.(16) Many people cowered from criticising him, not least because of his readiness to confront his critics in the libel courts.
Related Words
1. find fault with ::
dod o hyd i fai gyda
2. censure ::
3. denounce ::
Gyfrannog ymwrthod
4. condemn ::
5. attack ::
6. lambaste ::
7. pillory ::
8. rail against ::
rheilffyrdd yn erbyn
9. inveigh against ::
inveigh yn erbyn
10. arraign ::
11. cast aspersions on ::
bwrw lladd ar
12. pour scorn on ::
arllwys dirmyg ar
13. disparage ::
14. denigrate ::
15. give bad press to ::
rhoi sylw gwael i
17. knock ::
18. pan ::
19. maul ::
20. slam ::
21. roast ::
22. hammer ::
23. lay into ::
lleyg i mewn
24. lace into ::
les i mewn
26. crucify ::
27. take apart ::
cymryd rhan
28. pull to pieces ::
tynnu i ddarnau
29. pick holes in ::
ddewis tyllau yn
30. pummel ::
31. trash ::
32. nitpick ::
bigo beiau
33. excoriate ::
1. laud ::
2. praise ::
Different Forms
criticize, criticized, criticizes, criticizing
English to Welsh Dictionary: criticize

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