English to Welsh Meaning :: crumble

crymbl, chrymbl, grymbl, nghrymblchwalu, briwsioni, briwio, briwo, friwo, malurio, mriwio, mriwo, mriwsionibriwsioni, briwsionwch, briwia’, briwiasai, briwiaf, briwiai, briwiais, briwiaist, briwian, briwiant, briwid, briwiasant, briwiasech, briwiasem, briwiasent, briwiasid, briwiasit, briwiasoch, briwiasom, briwiaswn, briwied, briwio, briwsionais, briwiem, briwien, briwient, briwier, briwies, briwiest, briwsionodd, briwiff, briwia, briwioch, briwiodd, briwiom, briwion, briwiont, briwir, briwith, briwiet, briwsionan, briwiwyd, briwiwyf, briwiych, briwsiona, briwsiona’, briwsionaf, briwsionai, briwsionasit, briwsionaist, briwiwn, briwsionant, briwsionasai, briwsionasant, briwsionasech, briwsionasem, briwsionasent, briwsionasid, chwalasem, briwsionest, briwsionasom, briwsionaswn, briwsionech, briwsioned, briwsionem, briwsionen, briwsionent, briwiwch, briwsiones, briwsionasoch, briwsionet, briwsionid, briwsioniff, briwsionir, briwsionith, briwsiono, briwsionoch, briwsioner, chwalaf, briwsionon, briwsionont, briwsionwn, briwsionwyd, briwsionwyf, briwsionych, chwâl, chwalasech, chwala’, briwsionom, chwalai, chwalais, chwalaist, chwalan, chwalant, chwalasai, chwalasant, chwala, chwalen, chwalasent, chwalasid, chwalasit, chwalasoch, chwalasom, chwalaswn, chwalech, faluriech, chwalem, faluria’, chwalent, chwaler, chwales, chwalest, chwalet, chwali, chwaliff, chwaled, chwelais, chwaloch, chwalodd, chwalom, chwalon, chwalont, chwalwch, chwalwn, faluria, chwalwyf, chwalo, chwelaist, chweli, chwelid, chwelir, chwelwch, chwelych, faluri, chwalwyd, faluriasem, faluriaf, faluriai, faluriais, faluriaist, falurian, faluriant, faluriasai, chwalith, faluriasech, briwiech, faluriasent, faluriasid, faluriasit, faluriasoch, faluriasom, faluriaswn, briwi, faluriasant, falurioch, faluriem, falurien, falurient, falurier, faluries, faluriest, faluriet, faluriff, faluriwyd, faluried, faluriodd, faluriom, falurion, faluriont, falurir, falurith, faluriwch, faluriwn, friwiant, faluriych, friwi, friwia, friwia’, friwiaf, friwiai, friwiais, friwsionasech, friwian, falurio, friwiasai, friwiasant, friwiasech, friwiasem, friwiasent, friwiasid, friwiasit, friwiaist, friwiest, friwiaswn, friwid, friwiech, friwied, friwiem, friwien, friwir, friwier, friwies, friwiasom, friwiet, friwiff, friwio, friwioch, friwiodd, friwiom, friwion, friwient, friwsionaf, friwiasoch, friwith, friwiwch, friwiwn, friwiwyd, friwiwyf, friwiych, friwsiona, friwiont, faluriwyf, friwsionai, friwsionais, friwsionaist, friwsionan, friwsionant, friwsionasai, friwsionasant, friwsiona’, friwsionen, friwsionasent, friwsionasid, friwsionasit, friwsionasoch, friwsionasom, friwsionaswn, friwsionech, friwsioniff, friwsionem, friwsionasem, friwsionent, friwsioner, friwsiones, friwsionest, friwsionet, friwsioni, friwsionid, friwsioned, friwsionwyd, friwsionith, friwsiono, friwsionoch, friwsionodd, friwsionom, friwsionon, friwsionont, falurid, friwsionwn, malurier, friwsionwyf, friwsionych, maluri, maluria, maluria’, maluriaf, maluriai, friwsionwch, maluriasoch, malurian, maluriant, maluriasai, maluriasant, maluriasech, maluriasem, maluriasent, malurient, maluriasit, maluriaist, maluriasom, maluriaswn, malurid, maluriech, maluried, maluriem, malurien, maluriasid, maluriont, maluries, maluriest, maluriet, maluriff, malurio, malurioch, maluriodd, maluriais, malurion, friwsionir, malurir, malurith, maluriwch, maluriwn, maluriwyd, maluriwyf, maluriych, maluriom
Crumble :
- crymblfriwsionicrymbldadfeilio

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Verb(1) fall apart(2) break or fall apart into fragments(3) fall into decay or ruin

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(1) the party's fragile unity began to crumble(2) Sprinkle a thick layer of the crumble mixture on top of the fruit.(3) the easiest way to crumble blue cheese(4) In this splendidly moist cake, a layer of cooked rhubarb lurks beneath a sweetly spiced crumble topping.(5) His cool character gradually starts to crumble , however, as his precious writing quills are taken away.(6) To make the crumble , put the flour, oatmeal, oat cereal and sugar into a food processor and blend for 30 seconds.(7) rhubarb crumble(8) sprinkle the crumble over the rhubarb(9) Finger-sized pieces of rhubarb sat enticingly in a shortbread-like pastry case, with a sprinkling of almond crumble on top.(10) Or just crumble blue cheese, bacon or mushroom over the top.(11) The ingredients of a modern crumble are flour, butter, and sugar; a little spice is sometimes added.(12) Tip on top of the fruit and bake till the fruit is bubbling under the pale, golden crumble .(13) Sprinkle this crumble mixture over the fruit, patting down gently - don't pack it down too firmly.(14) apple crumble(15) Then I creamed a largish lump of butter into the flour and sugar mixture, worked it in with a spoon until it was all absorbed, and then poured the crumble mixture over the fruit.(16) Distribute the crumble mixture evenly on top, and place a parsley leave in the center.
Related Words
(1) to crumble ::
1. disintegrate ::
2. fall apart ::
disgyn ar wahân
3. decay ::
4. break down ::
torri lawr
1. ameliorate ::
2. improve ::
3. meliorate ::
Different Forms
crumble, crumbled, crumbles, crumbling
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