English to Welsh Meaning :: cudgel

pastwn, phastwn, bastwn, bastynau, clwpa, cnwpa, chlwpa, chnwpa, glwpa, gnwpa, nghlwpa, nghnwpa, mhastwn, mhastynau, pastynau, phastynaubastynu, mhastynu, pastynu, phastynubastynasai, bastyno, bastynasoch, bastynasit, bastynasid, bastynasent, bastynasem, bastynasech, bastynasant, bastynaswn, bastynant, bastynan, bastynaist, bastynais, bastynai, bastynaf, bastyna’, pastynaist, bastynech, bastyned, bastynem, bastynen, bastynent, bastyner, bastynes, bastynest, bastynet, bastyni, bastynid, bastyniff, bastynir, bastynith, bastynasom, bastyna, bastynoch, bastynodd, bastynom, bastynon, bastynont, bastynwch, bastynwn, bastynwyd, bastynwyf, bastynych, pastyna, pastyna’, pastynaf, pastynai, pastynais, phastynasent, pastynan, pastynant, pastynasai, pastynasant, pastynasech, pastynasem, pastynasent, pastynasid, pastynasit, pastynasoch, pastynasom, pastynaswn, pastynech, pastyned, pastynem, phastynasech, pastyner, pastynes, pastynest, pastynet, pastyni, pastynid, pastyniff, pastynir, pastynith, pastyno, pastynoch, pastynodd, pastynom, pastynon, phastynasem, pastynent, phastynasant, phastynasai, phastynant, phastynan, phastynaist, phastynais, pastynont, phastynaf, phastyna’, phastyna, pastynych, pastynwyf, pastynwyd, pastynwn, pastynwch, phastynid, phastynasid, phastynasit, phastynasoch, phastynasom, phastynaswn, phastynech, phastyned, phastynem, phastynen, phastynent, phastyner, phastynes, phastynest, phastynet, pastynen, phastynai, phastyniff, phastynir, phastynith, phastyno, phastynoch, phastynodd, phastynom, phastynon, phastynont, phastynwch, phastynwn, phastynwyd, phastynwyf, phastynych, phastyni
Cudgel :
- pastwncudgeledcudgelingcudgellingpastynau

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Noun(1) a club that is used as a weapon
Verb(1) strike with a cudgel

Show Examples

(1) they would lie in wait and cudgel her to death(2) Just as noise trumps silence and rage trumps courtesy, the cudgel of lawsuits to silence or cower the opposition trumps free debate.(3) As a pundit, he usually favored the shiv over the cudgel .(4) Instead of a burglar with a bag and maybe a cudgel or shotgun, they saw a small mound under the bedclothes.(5) The vicious movement had caused him to drop his makeshift cudgel in fear a moment before his life was taken.(6) They cudgel him and force him to confess to his iniquities.(7) He started to his feet and grasped his cudgel ; but the next moment he fell back into his seat, trembling violently, and with the countenance of death itself.(8) He changed from the cudgel to the rapier, and achieved a rare mastery at it.(9) The Government was wielding a rapier, not a cudgel , and wanted to concentrate on the clear and pressing dangers.(10) In 1974, Jimmy Connors, a strutting young braggart who used his racket like a cudgel , bludgeoned his way to the final of Wimbledon.(11) But the cudgel was wielded to get me back in line; it worked.(12) If a patent has been primarily a shield - to protect an inventor's discovery from exploitation by others - lately it has become just as much a cudgel .(13) The temple guards cudgel him even before he has been judged.(14) A gang of men - armed with hockey sticks and cudgels - rammed a white Transit van through the shutters of a warehouse on the outskirts of Heathrow Airport, said a Scotland Yard spokesman.(15) Stones were attached to walking sticks to form cudgels .(16) He first declared a state of rebellion in May 2001 after his opponent's supporters, armed with cudgels and sticks, attempted to come close to the presidential palace.
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clwb bwch
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Different Forms
cudgel, cudgeled, cudgeling, cudgelings, cudgelling, cudgellings, cudgels
English to Welsh Dictionary: cudgel

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