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cyfrwys, gyfrwys, chyfrwys, cyfrwysach, cyfrwysaf, cyfrwysed, chyfrwysach, chyfrwysaf, chyfrwysed, gyfrwysach, gyfrwysaf, gyfrwysed, nghyfrwys, nghyfrwysach, nghyfrwysaf, nghyfrwysedchyfrwystra, gyfrwystra, cyfrwyster, cyfrwystra, chyfrwyster, gyfrwyster, nghyfrwyster, nghyfrwystra
Cunning :
- cyfrwyscunningercunningestcunningly

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Noun(1) shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception(2) crafty artfulness (especially in deception
Adjective(1) attractive especially by means of smallness or prettiness or quaintness(2) marked by skill in deception(3) showing inventiveness and skill

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(1) There was no doubt that they would be able to intercept the fugitives, but it would take skill and cunning and not a little luck to close the jaws and trap the prey between them.(2) Observations suggest they try a cunning psychological ploy to prevent their partner fleeing the nest.(3) I listened intently, for he was right, his plans were very cunning .(4) But the longer the half wore on the sense a tad more craft, guile or cunning was needed to break through the formidable and sizeable Shrewsbury defence grew and grew.(5) In fact, Houdini relied on great skill, low cunning , and keeping tiny metal picklocks concealed about his person.(6) Here he personifies folk cunning , good humour and common sense.(7) The directness of the message, which is somewhat bluntly conveyed, is a somewhat disappointing end to an extraordinary novel that is full of subtlety and cunning .(8) Rommel was supposed to have gained victory over the British through his superior military skills and cunning .(9) The latter confronts Wilde with the logic and cunning of his profession.(10) He is a very ingenious and cunning writer and it's fun to see him skewer the targets he aims for with acerbic wit and intelligence.(11) He raised Ôö¼├║10 million in less than a month, thanks to a particularly cunning manoeuvre: he invented a deadline.(12) Thus far, she had failed to show him either skill or cunning .(13) This was their big chance, so why not employ a bit of cunning to achieve it?(14) First, it has to be said that the game scenario is a very cunning one, cleverly designed to lead the unsuspecting player astray.(15) They are very cunning and very devious.(16) They had to endear themselves both to the other people in the house and to the nation at large, and so we became voyeurs into their most cunning manipulations and most private moments.
Related Words
(1) cun ::
1. crafty ::
2. clever ::
3. foxy ::
4. cute ::
5. guile ::
1. artless ::
2. ingenuous ::
unplyg yr ydoedd
3. innocent ::
Different Forms
cunning, cunninger, cunningest, cunningly
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